Royal Air Maroc Honored for Serving Liberia During Ebola Epidemic

Rabat – The Liberia Airport Authority honored last Thursday at the Firestone Staff Club in Harbel Royal Air Maroc and Brussels Airlines for continuing service to Liberia during the Ebola outbreak.During the height of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia and other West African countries, nearly all airlines cancelled their flights to those affected countries except for Royal Air Maroc and Brussels Airlines, Belgium’s national carrier.Gbehzohngar Findley, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberia Airport Authority, said, “Because of the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic, Liberia was nearly isolated from the international community for fear that the country could further spread the virus.” “The two airlines remained faithful to continue their services in the midst of the challenges,” he added.The chairman expressed his government’s gratitude and thanked for the airlines’ services during the Ebola period, “when the country needed to bring in specialists, drugs, and the necessary equipment that were needed.”Wil Bako Freeman, the Liberia Airport Authority Managing Director, said, “Royal Air Maroc has been a reliable partner since it started servicing Roberts International Airport and through the Ebola outbreak.”Loudyi Mohammed Amine, the Country Manager for Royal Air Maroc, thanked the government and the people of Liberia for the recognition, promising that the airlines would increase its services to the country in the coming years.In an exclusive interview with the magazine Jeune Afrique last month, Driss Benhima, CEO of Royal Air Morocco, unveiled plans for the national airline’s expansion by first setting up in West Africa. read more