Suchetna celebrates World Environment Day

first_imgDue to Eid falling on June 5 this year, NGO Suchetna celebrated World Environment Day on June 9 in Howrah. Local residents, students, and the youth participated in large numbers to carry out plantation of several native species of perennial trees with large crown cover to help arrest pollutants on maturity. A procession was taken out in the early morning from Parvati cinema hall to the stadium located in Dumurjala. The commissioner of Howrah municipality and many forest officials and other senior govt officials also participated in this noble cause and planted trees. Also Read – Pollution makes you more aggressiveIn keeping with the UN mandate to protect the Environment, Suchetna mainly focused on spreading awareness to help protect our environment. SMT Anushree Mukherjee, the founder of Suchetna, who has been working relentlessly to save the mother earth from environmental damages emphasised on six simple yet important steps to save the environment and preserve the ecological balance. She said that due to rapid afforestation, there is a cycle of adverse effect on the environment worldwide. There is a rise in temperature and due to that extreme heat conduction is prevalent throughout the continents. Drought and flood situations are on the rise and due to that, there is a fall in crop production. Which in turn is giving rise to poverty. Also Read – Physical therapy better for low back painHigh temperature is also melting the ice reserve in the Himalayas and the north and south poles. Due to this, the water level of the seas are bound to rise and that, in turn, will displace lacks of people across the globe. To stop all these ill effects, we need to plant more trees and protect them. She said that per capita trees in India is lowest in the world. It’s 28 here against 8000 in Canada. She has appealed to all citizens mainly the youth to reduce the use of plastics, use bicycles to commute, unplug all electronic and electrical appliances when not in work, and consume less meat. All such small steps to reduce the usage of water will bring a great change.last_img read more