Creating magic and miracle on stage

first_imgReminiscing the story of Indian theatre from 1850s to 1990s, theatre veterans and enthusiasts gathered for the launch of Amal Allana’s book, The Act of Becoming- a century of Indian Theatre, on Friday evening. The book encapsulates the theatrical journey through the eyes of twenty-two critically acclaimed actors, who have talked about their lives, aspirations, their in-depth training and lasting stage careers.Celebrating the role of actors, Govind Nihalani, the director of films like Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Hazaar Chaurasi ki Maa and Ardhsatya, took the audience down the memory lane and shared his insights on actors he has worked with.’I love my actors’, declared Nihalani, in the first few minutes of his speech. But why? He explains, ‘With a natural bias, being a director, I was intrigued to know why is Allan’s book only about actors.’ Debating it on his own, he came to a conclusion. Though a director and a playwright have a significant role in an act. It’s the actor whom we all see on the stage. ‘An actor is the one who creates meaning, magic and miracle on stage’. He hailed Allan’s book for giving the center stage to the actor. In his perspective, ‘It is a history and biography rolled into one, to get into the soul of an actor.’ Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixWith an anecdote from his second film Ardhsatya, he shared how the climax was decided by an unprepared dialogue between Smita Patil and Om Puri during one of the rehearsals. The gesture with which Smita takes up her hand but doesn’t touch Puri was a defining moment towards the end of the movie. Nihalani cherishes that rehearsal that played on the instincts of a well trained theatre actor Om Puri and the untrained yet supremely talented Smita Patil. ‘What I wanted was a gesture, but I didn’t know how to end the scene, Smita’s gesture did it for me,’ added Nihalani. In the words of his viewers and critics, Nihalani’s work went through a shift from art cinema to mainstream with films like Dev and Thakshak. The director says that it’s too simplistic an approach towards his work. He doesn’t demarcate it that way. Even his first film Aakrosh, back in 90s had a song in it. How can a song and dance sequence change the genre of filmmaking?On the sidelines, we asked Nihalani about his current projects. ‘Going by the nature of my work, I have always been impacted by the social environment around me. That forms the base of my current project too. For now, this is all I can say about it,’ commented Nihalani. Allana elaborated on her decade old research into Indian theatre and its background to put forth the evolution of modern Indian theatre, putting actors at the forefront. The stalwarts of Indian theatre who will make the readers walk through the corridors of history include Binodini Dasi, Bal Gandharva, Fida Husain, Zohra Segal, Utpal Dutt, Manohar Singh, Uttara Baokar, Naseerudin Shah, Heisnam Sabitri, and Maya Krishna Rao, among many others. Through a slideshow, she talked about the changing faces of Indian theatre along with excerpts from her book.last_img read more

Man impaled with bamboo pole survives

first_imgA 33-year-old man pierced by a bamboo pole all the way from the groin area to his arm pit had a narrow escape as he suffered no major damage to his internal organs even as doctors had feared the worst. On October 2, Dashrath, a native of Kanpur landed up at the Safdarjung Hospital with an injury to his scrotal region and abdomen extending upto his chest. “When asked how he got it, he told us that he was working at a construction site in Gurgaon when he fell from a height of around 12 feet and landed on a blunt-ended bamboo pole, which penetrated all the way from his groin area and exited through the right arm pit,” said Dr Vimal Bhandari, consultant (Surgery) and Head of Kidney Transplant Department at Safdarjung Hospital. Also Read – Man arrested for making hoax call at IGI airportGiven the horrific nature of the incident, doctors suspected severe injury to his abdomen and other organs like liver, intestine, urinary bladder extending to his chest, injuring his lungs and ribs. Dashrath had carried with himself the five feet long bamboo pole, which was pulled out of his body by one of his colleagues. “The patient was bleeding from lower area, his abdomen was distended and he was restless. We performed an ultrasound which astonishingly revealed that there was no damage to his internal organs.  Also Read – Disqualified AAP MLA Kapil Mishra, women’s wing chief join BJPBut given the severity of the incident, we couldn’t be sure and thus we opened his abdomen to check if there was any damage,” said Dr Bhandari. “The bamboo had made a tract from the scrotal region upto the axilla. But fortunately none of his organs had suffered any injury as the pole had pierced through the fat of the patient’s body and the outer layer covering the organs,” said Dr Aman Chopra, Resident doctor at Surgery department of Safdarjung Hospital. After that Dashrath was treated for his wounds and was admitted in the hospital for 12 days and discharged. “Such cases are one in a thousand. Dashrath was lucky that his organs were not at all injured given the dreadful nature of the accident,” said Dr Ashish, Senior Resident (Surgery). “Such cases are one in a thousand. Dashrath was lucky that his organs were not at all injured given the dreadful nature of the accident,” said Dr Ashish, Senior Resident (Surgery).last_img read more

Woman gangraped at Khardah no arrests yet

first_imgKolkata: A 30-year-old woman was allegedly gang-raped by three miscreants at Khardah, North 24-Parganas, on Wednesday evening. The woman has been admitted to a hospital at Ghola in Sodepur.According to local sources, the woman, a resident of Patulia area, had gone to drop her son to his tuition. While returning home alone around 8 pm, a few miscreants stopped her near Shibmandir, close to her residence. They allegedly dragged her to an under-construction building nearby and gang-raped her. She lost consciousness due to torture and the miscreants fled. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAfter she regained consciousness, she tried to go out to seek help but fell unconscious again just outside the building. Some pedestrians noticed the woman lying on the road. They informed some locals. Immediately, locals rushed her to Ghola hospital and informed police. Sources informed that the lady mentioned about the presence four miscreants. Two were already inside the under construction building. The other two were on the road. On seeing her coming, they allegedly pulled her by her Saree. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedWhen she scream for help, her mouth was blocked by one of the miscreants and subsequently dragged inside the building. Later, all of them raped her. But she could not identify any of them as the miscreants covered their faces with pieces of black cloth. The sleuths suspect that the miscreants might be known to the woman because they were waiting for her at the incident spot. The accused person covered their faces to hide their identity. Police are checking on the local miscreants. Until Thursday night, no one was arrested. “The probe is on. We are trying to identify and nab the culprits soon,” said Ananda Roy, Deputy Commissioner of Police, (Belgharia) of Barrackpore Police.last_img read more