New masters for Pforzheimer House

first_imgHaving spent their careers focused on teaching and learning, and community building, Anne Harrington and her husband, John Durant, say they are excited about the opportunities that lie before them as the new master and co-master of Pforzheimer House.Today, Harvard College Dean Evelynn M. Hammonds announced the appointment of Harrington ’82 and Durant.“I am very pleased that Anne and John have agreed to take on these important roles. Anne and John are tremendous scholars, passionate not only about science, but also deeply committed to teaching and learning,” said Hammonds, the Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science and of African and African American Studies. “But in addition to their scholarship, they are wonderful people committed to mentoring students and fostering community in Pforzheimer. The Houses are such an enriching part of the Harvard College experience, and having a family like Anne and John’s join the Pfoho family will help strengthen that tradition.”Harrington is a professor of the history of science, as well as director of undergraduate studies for the department, while Durant is the MIT Museum director and an adjunct professor in MIT’s Science, Technology & Society Program.“I am very excited,” Harrington said. “We spoke to a lot of masters as a part of this process, and through those discussions we got a sense of the real joy that this kind of position can bring and also what a wonderful opportunity for service this can be.”They will take over as House masters in the fall, bringing with them their 8-year-old son, Jamie.Harrington said having their young child living in the House atmosphere is part of what drew them to the masters’ roles.“Jamie will be 9 when we take over as masters, so we decided as a family that if we were going to do it, this is the time to do it,” Harrington said. “We like the idea of him growing up in an aspirational community, one that is full of creativity, and talent and diversity.”Durant added, “I see this as enormously enriching for the family. To be surrounded by smart, energized, talented young people, why would that not just be the greatest opportunity for a young child?”Harrington received her A.B. summa cum laude from Harvard and Ph.D. in the history of science from Oxford University. After completing postdoctoral work at the University of Freiburg in Germany, Harrington returned to teach at Harvard in 1988. The author of three books, Harrington specializes in the history of psychiatry, neuroscience, and the other mind and behavioral sciences.“My career has also been marked by a sustained commitment to teaching, especially undergraduate teaching,” Harrington said.In 2004, she was appointed to a five-year term as a Harvard College Professor, winning the Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Iota Prize for excellence in teaching.Durant earned his B.A. in natural sciences and a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science from Queens’ College, Cambridge. In addition to his current day job as a museum director, Durant has worked to introduce science to a broader spectrum of people through the creation of the Cambridge Science Festival, and his efforts to launch similar festivals around the world.“A lot of my career has been about community. I have spent a large part of my career in trying to engage the research community with the wider community outside of the university walls,” Durant said. “So there is something about community that I am drawn to, and now with Anne, I find myself drawn to a community within the university. I am hoping this will be exhilarating, I expect to learn a lot, I expect to be challenged and to also be stimulated immensely.”The husband-and-wife team have also been teaching study abroad programs in England for the past five years. They will continue to do so this summer at the University of Cambridge with an eight-week program, titled “Science, Medicine, and Religion in an Age of Skepticism,” encompassing classroom study, extensive travel, and independent projects.Durant and Harrington will be taking over for Nicholas and Erika Christakis, who have been House masters at Pforzheimer since 2009.“I wish to extend to Nicholas and Erika Christakis my thanks for their service to our students during their time at Pforzheimer,” said Hammonds. “They have worked to foster a tight-knit House community and brought creativity and vibrancy to Pforzheimer. The College was fortunate to have them in these roles.”Both Harrington and Durant said they look forward to fostering the tight-knit house community and traditions that currently exist at Pfoho, while introducing some new programs and events.“There is a tremendous amount of enrichment and learning that happens just by virtue of living in a vibrant community with people with distinct talents,” Harrington said. “How can we leverage that into something greater than the sum of its parts? This is an opportunity and a challenge we take very seriously and one we are very much looking forward to.”last_img read more

Learn from the lending innovators

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Adjust loan products and approaches to seize on disruptors’ Bill VogeneyAs the payments revolution plays out, it’s clear the same advances in technology are attacking the status quo in consumer, mortgage, and commercial lending.Credit unions can either use proprietary member data to voluntarily disrupt their own loan processes, or risk being disrupted by an existing competitor or a new, nontraditional competitor.Credit unions will continue to rely on lending to produce earnings. But that becomes more challenging every day, with the projected losses of noninterest income from lower debit card interchange and the growing use and acceptance of Apple Pay, for example.If you can’t build a loan-to-share ratio of 80% or more, you might put your credit union at a serious disadvantage. Can you make up for the loss of interchange through “nuisance fees?” And would that mean you risk losing one of your key credit union differentiators? continue reading »last_img read more

Chelsea ‘will reject offer from Aston Villa for left-back”

first_imgChelsea will an reject an offer from Aston Villa for left-back Ryan Bertrand, according to the Sunday Mirror.It is claimed that Villa manager Paul Lambert is keen to sign Bertrand either permanently or on a season-long loan, but Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo is believed to want him to stay at Stamford Bridge and sign a new contract.The People report that relegated Bolton want to sign Oriol Romeu on loan from Chelsea, while the Mail on Sunday say Chelsea are vying with Tottenham for the signature of £20m-rated Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski.And The Sun on Sunday say Chelsea have beaten off a host of Premier League rivals to sign 15-year-old George Brady – nephew of West Ham vice-chair Karren Brady – from French club AS Cannes.They are said to have paid £250,000 in compensation to land the 6ft 4in defender, who it is suggested was also wanted by Arsenal, Tottenham and both Manchester clubs.The Sun also have an interview with Frank Lampard, who denies speculation linking him with a move to LA Galaxy.“There’s nothing in that at all. I’m really looking forward to getting back to Chelsea,” he said.Meanwhile, Liverpool want to sign Clint Dempsey from Fulham for £6m, according to The People.The American is believed to be keen on a move to Anfield and it is claimed that Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers will table a formal bid for him.Swansea’s Scott Sinclair and Luciano Narsingh of Dutch club Heerenveen are touted as possible replacements for Dempsey, while Bristol City have apparently refused to give winger Albert Adomah permission to speak to Fulham.The People also say QPR are close to agreeing a deal to sign Wolves winger Matt Jarvis.Jarvis, 26, is keen to return to the Premier League and has apparently been spotted house-hunting in the west London area.Fulham are said to also want the England international, but it is claimed they are not prepared to meet Wolves’ asking price.The paper suggests that Fulham have enquired about Wolves striker Steven Fletcher, but again are unwilling to pay the required transfer fee.This page is regularly updated.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Warriors’ Klay Thompson out vs. Celtics

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!OAKLAND — Klay Thompson will sit out when the Warriors (44-19) host the Boston Celtics (38-26) on Tuesday at Oracle Arena, marking the second consecutive game he will miss because of a sore right knee.Warriors forward Kevon Looney will also sit for a consecutive game because of right pelvic soreness. Though he participated at the end of Tuesday’s morning …last_img

Creationism’s Debt to Phillip Johnson

first_imgPhillip E. Johnson (1940-2019) was a unifying figure, but not a compromiser. A unique and wise influencer, his strategy will continue.Op-ed by David CoppedgeWhen I heard yesterday that Dr Phillip Johnson had passed away November 2, I was saddened, but I was comforted to reflect that his influence is alive and well. As “godfather” of the intelligent design movement (not “father” since design arguments go back to antiquity, and the phrase “intelligent design” predates him1), Johnson’s influence was indubitably profound for ID. But how about for creationism? There have been a few creationists who have been critical of his approach, thinking he did not go far enough to support the Bible or to identify the nebulous “Designer” as God. Most creation leaders I know, however, are highly indebted to him, as shown by their frequent use of design arguments. Was Johnson’s influence good for Biblical creationism? I argue that it was—profoundly so.Johnson had been working behind the scenes for years since his strokes limited his physical capacity, yet his mind remained sharp. He made a brief appearance four years ago to eulogize his atheist opponent William Provine of Cornell (Evolution News), illustrating his gentlemanly manner with opponents. Most of his recent influence has been to personally encourage other leaders of the intelligent design movement (IDM). Johnson’s public influence began in 1991 with publication of his book Darwin on Trial, which caught the notice of secular scholars and theists that a new sheriff was in town: a clear-thinking legal scholar able to cut through the fog and make the main thing the main thing. Casey Luskin explained that main thing in a post on Evolution News today, “Remembering Phillip E. Johnson (1940-2019): The Man Who Lit the Match” —With the mind of a law professor, Johnson was a master at spotting issues. And the key issue he saw in the origins debate was not the age of the earth or the differing interpretations of Genesis by Christians. It was a more fundamental question of interest to theists and non-theists alike: Is life the result of blind, undirected natural causes, or is it the result of purposeful design? By focusing on this question, Johnson transformed the entire origins debate.Did Johnson Go Far Enough?Biblical creationists, understandably, are impatient to get to the gospel. To them (myself included), they want for people to get saved. Additionally, they have been burned by Christian groups that deny the Bible’s teaching on the age of the earth, or engage in compromising interpretations of Scripture (the day-age theory, progressive creation, or even theistic evolution). They feel that such wishy-washy presentations actually do more harm than good. It makes perfect sense: if one doubts the plain teaching of Genesis, how can the person trust the New Testament when it presents Christ as the Savior of the world?To make matters worse, Biblical creationists have suffered vitriolic opposition by some of the proponents of compromise positions – sometimes more than from atheists! In response to the growing IDM in the 1990s and early 2000’s, several prominent creation leaders (and here I will not name names, which would be a distraction from my point), have written critical articles about intelligent design. It’s understandable that they would be suspicious of any new idea coming around that, while skeptical of Darwinism, omits any reference to God, Genesis or the Bible at all.I’d like to argue that ID is different. Johnson’s approach was not confrontational to Biblical creationists, but rather supportive. This is indicated by the ironic fact that you can watch some of the same creationists who criticize ID using ID arguments in their own presentations of creation. They freely borrow terms like irreducible complexity, undirected natural causes, and intelligent design.My ExperienceIn his heyday, Phillip Johnson was a popular speaker in churches and Christian meetings, as well as at secular events. I am glad I got to hear him speak live on two occasions. After the first occasion, I asked him a question at the book table where he was signing books and talking to folks. I don’t recall my words, but it concerned whether we need to get people back to the Bible, and I think I came across a little arrogant. Rather curtly, without looking at me, he responded, “We must fight one battle at a time.” His point struck me, and left me speechless. The second occasion, on a more friendly note, I told him about CEH and how I was reporting on ID and creation. More cheerfully (and this was after his first stroke), he was glad to hear about it and was encouraged that many were doing their part. I think he felt that it’s going to take a lot of individuals to defeat Darwinism.I have read each of Johnson’s books as they came out. I never found him demeaning Biblical creation, or ridiculing those who teach a young earth. It was clear to me, also, that Phillip Johnson’s Biblical faith was genuine, and was not opposed to questioning the consensus age of the earth. This became most clear in his last book, The Right Questions. Johnson did a favor to the cause of creation by sticking to one fundamental question: Design, or not design? He opened up the discussion where it was having a hard time gaining traction.2With his astute legal mind, Johnson knew that unless we settle that question, creationists and evolutionists will talk past one another in a perennial standoff. Dr Johnson found the creationism of the late 1980s so focused on the age of the earth and the interpretation of Genesis, groups were fighting each other rather than affecting the culture. Screwtape would have loved it. Secularists could just laugh at the internecine battles and carry on, propagandizing students and everyone else in the courts, textbooks and science classrooms. Johnson’s question promised a better strategy to make the creation movement more effective: Unite the divided, and divide the united. Creationists needed an issue they could unite on, one that would act as a “wedge of truth” to divide the tough log of Darwinism, and to release the Darwinians’ stranglehold on education and the law.Johnson basically told creationists to back up a step. He did not say that the age of the earth is an unimportant question, or that the identity of the “designer” doesn’t matter. He just advised, like he told me, “We must fight one battle at a time.” Nobody could disagree that “Design or not design?” is the fundamental question, so let’s focus on that question, he advised.Effective StrategyBecause “Design or not design?” is a question that can be addressed through scientific arguments, this caught the secularists off guard. They were used to dismissing the YECs as ignoramuses and Bible thumpers. At school board meetings, evolutionists with their lackeys in the press could trot out the usual boilerplate about the religious right wanting to push the Bible in public schools, which (in their mistaken belief) violated the separation of church and state. Knocking over this strawman was one of their sports. They were completely unprepared when Johnson and ID scientists limited themselves to scientific evidences for undeniable instances of design in nature, while simultaneously undermining the materialist philosophy of evolutionists who relied on blind, unguided natural processes to account for them. If you can listen to one of Johnson’s debates with William Provine or with Eugenie Scott, you can sense the frustration they had with this new sheriff in town, who couldn’t be knocked off topic. He was dividing the united with the Wedge of Truth.Phillip Johnson also worked hard to unite the divided, and largely succeeded. He brought together scholars like Dembski, Behe, Nelson, and others who, while not prepared to argue the meaning of the Genesis days, saw the wisdom in the ID strategy. In my experience, it has been rare to see the most prominent ID leaders attack young-earth creationists, even if they think the earth is old. This is very different from the OECs and progressive creationists who often resorted to ridicule in their attacks. Johnson kept his followers focused on the main thing. I personally know many of them as friends, and can affirm that arguments about the age of the earth or the meaning of Genesis do not interfere in our friendship. We have very productive discussions about evidence for design. Some of them actually agree with Biblical creationism; it is just not the first item of business. “We must fight one battle at a time,” they would agree. Just as C.S. Lewis tried to get back to basics with Mere Christianity, IDM has tried to focus on Mere Creation: the argument for design.If you read our Site Map, you see an orderly presentation of the gospel as a series of trail junctions where one must decide which way to go. “Design or not design” is the deciding question at the peak that determines which side of the mountain you travel down. Not for a moment would I understate the importance of the follow-up questions. If anything, they become more important as you work down the decision tree. But if our listeners go down the wrong side of the mountain, they won’t be able to hear us.FootnotesIn fact, my father used the phrase “intelligent design” and equivalent phrases multiple times in his 1973 book, Evolution: Possible or Impossible? Though he unabashedly presented Biblical creation, the most influential and memorable parts of his book were the scientific arguments about proteins and DNA, and the mathematical probability calculations.In their famous debates against evolutionists in the 1970s and 1980s, ICR founders Henry Morris and Duane Gish stuck to scientific arguments: primarily, the fossil record and thermodynamics. Ironically, their opponents were the ones who brought up religious arguments! Nevertheless, their outspoken positions off the debate stage about the Bible, a young earth and a worldwide flood, while very effective for churches, appear to have had little influence in academia. ID scientists who do not make the age of the earth an issue appear to get more traction in academic circles. Some may disagree with this impression.Another point I like to make is that it takes a lot of different players with different roles to win a war. You need an army, a navy, and an air force. You need foot soldiers as well as office workers and suppliers. And, you need ambassadors: those who can go behind enemy lines and represent the policies of the administration. We should not demean those who don’t play the same roles we do. Even if ID doesn’t get people to pray the sinner’s prayer, it plays an important role; it gives people stepping stones over issues that otherwise would prevent them from even considering the truth. If your role is tactics, don’t demean the ones who deal in strategy. Some well-known Biblical creationists, in fact, stress the value of clearing the field before planting the seed.There are some listeners who will be ready to believe God with no design or scientific evidence at all; that’s great. There are some who have hangups with some creationist claims. Let them become convinced of design, and maybe their thinking will start to flow. Hardened atheists who attack us on Twitter often engage in the splattergun tactic, listing all their favorite attacks on the Bible in mocking tones. Better to take away their weapon than dodge bullets. That’s what ID can do: disarm the very premise of their unbelief.Those are some of my thoughts on the value of ID. I expect this op-ed could generate some discussion, so let us know how you feel. Better than reading about my feelings, read Johnson for yourself: buy his books or look for his speeches or debates online. Johnson appears briefly in Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a film by Illustra Media that remains one of the finest presentations of intelligent design ever made.(Visited 564 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享13last_img read more

NGT seeks report on steps for gharial conservation

first_imgThe National Green Tribunal has directed the Madhya Pradesh government to submit within three weeks separate progress report of the departments concerned on the steps taken according to an action plan to conserve gharial habitat along the Son river.Stating that the government had filed an additional status report instead of a progress report as directed by it, the NGT held that the status report didn’t make clear the action taken so far or what remained to be done. In an order dated July 31, 2018, the NGT had constituted a committee to prepare an action plan to check illegal mining, conserve gharials and turtles, and maintain a minimum ecological flow downstream the Ban Sagar Dam. While it was asked to frame a plan within a month of its constitution, it had to submit a report within three months. However, it submitted the report only in February this year. The petition, filed by Nityanand Mishra, flagged the declining population of gharials along a 200-km stretch of the river due to illegal sand mining. Contending that even the Forest Department and the police were unable to check it, Mr. Mishra said that according to the IUCN, their population has declined by 96-98% since 1946, despite the Centre declaring it a protected species under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.Intense fishing“The increasing intensity of fishing using gill nets, and large-scale illegal and impermissible mining activity in the protected area of the Son Gharial Sanctuary along the Son river is rapidly killing many of the scarce adults and many sub-adults,” said Mr. Mishra. “Earlier there were between 400 and 600 gharials in the area and later their population went down to 18 in 2004. Now there are 45 gharials. Mafia kills gharials selectively and illegal sand mining worth ₹2 crore takes place on the riverbed every day,” Mr. Mishra told The Hindu. MCBT study The petitioner quoted a study by the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust which highlighted the excessive, irreversible loss of riverine habitat caused by the construction of the Ban Sagar Dam, changes in the river’s course, artificial embankments and large-scale illegal sand mining.last_img read more

IPL 2011: Senior players protest fee cut if teams fail to end in Top 3

first_imgTop Indian cricketers, who have been part of different teams of Indian Premier League (IPL), have objected to a clause in their contract with the respective franchises that denies them 20 per cent of their fees in case their team fails to finish among the top three.Gautam Gambhir was bought by Kolkata IPL team for Rs 11.04 cr. APThe clause has been introduced for season IV. As per the rule, if the teams fail to qualify for the Champions League (top three IPL teams make it to the international league), the players would get only 80 per cent of their fees.The players of the 10 IPL teams read the newly-introduced fine print in their contracts only after the January 8-9 auction. They collectively approached Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Shashank Manohar with their complaint last week.At the meeting, the players said that the clause was unfair, and a breach of their trust. Manohar assured them that the matter would be discussed at the IPL governing council meeting on February 4.However, the team owners insisted there was nothing unfair in the clause as the players’ payment was meant to be for both the IPL and the Champions League.The clause was part of the contract of only those players whose names figured during the auction. Uncapped players would get full payment regardless of how their teams do.last_img read more

Sheriffs from around the country tell Congress the border wall must be

first_img Mike McKinnon III Sheriff’s from around the country tell Congress the border wall must be built Updated: 5:42 PM Posted: March 30, 2018 March 30, 2018 Sheriffs from around the country sent a letter to all Members of Congress outlining the need for congressional action on securing America’s border.Read the #PressRelease here:— National Sheriffs’ Association (@NationalSheriff) March 28, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsThe National Sheriffs’ Association wrote a letter to Congress urging their support for construction of the border wall. The letter says, “Without border security and immigration reform, more Americans will continue to be victims of crime. Now is the time to act!”380 sheriffs from 40 different states signed the letter publicly expressing their support for President Trump’s campaign promise to build a border wall. San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore was not one of the 380 sheriff’s who signed the letter. Sheriff Gore has not made any comments regarding this letter or potential support or opposition to building a wall along our southern border.The full letter reads:Dear Member of Congress:Congress must act to pass legislation to secure our borders through enforcing immigration laws,tightening border security, support the replacement and upgrades to current barriers and fencing andconstruction of barriers along the U.S. and Mexico international boundary as requested by thoseareas where it is needed, suspending and/or monitoring the issuance of visas to any place whereadequate vetting cannot occur, end criminal cooperation and shelter in cities, counties, and states,and have zero tolerance and increased repercussions for criminal aliens.I stand firm with my fellow Sheriffs throughout our nation to have our borders secured first, in fullcooperation and support of our promise and mission to uphold and enforce our nation’s laws, andwe expect nothing less from Congress.As elected Sheriffs, we have taken an oath to do everything in our power to keep our citizens andlegal residents, our communities, and our nation safe. Year after year, we have been warning theFederal government about detrimental increases in transnational drug trafficking, gang violence, sextrafficking, murder, and other escalating incidents of crime by illegal aliens entering our country.Because Congress has failed to enact the necessary reforms, our citizens and legal residents faceeven greater dangers, our national security is more vulnerable, and our enforcement efforts havebeen seriously compromised.Sadly, today some state and local officials have been enacting policies and giving lawbreakersshelter from being rightfully prosecuted and removed from our communities. In fact, these samelaws forbid law enforcement agencies from cooperating with one another, and go as far as forcingthe release of dangerous criminals into our communities exposing our citizens and legal residents tobe victimized once again.In a recent announcement a certain state has even stated that they will prosecute law-abiding, hardworkingbusiness owners if they cooperate with law enforcement to identify and removelawbreakers from the community drives our justice system to a new low. We cannot have lawabidingcitizens threatened with criminal prosecution for cooperating with the very people who theytrust to protect them.The Sheriffs of this nation and all our law enforcement partners understand that the oath we took touphold and enforce our laws is the guarantee that they can trust us to preserve their safety andprotect their well-being.The failure of Congress to create legitimate and comprehensive immigration reform for more than20 years has dramatically undermined our ability to keep our communities safe. This not only putsour law enforcement at serious risk for danger, but further puts them in an untenable situation ofviolating our oath and promise to enforce the law.Further delay and inaction on immigration reform will cost more innocent lives, more financialhardships, and an even greater decline in the public trust that is essential to the preservation of ourRepublic.Without border security and immigration reform, more Americans will continue to be victims ofcrime. Now is the time to act!Sincerely,Baldwin County, AL- Sheriff Huey “Hoss” MackJackson County, AL – Sheriff Chuck PhillipsColumbia County, AR – Sheriff Mike LoeLogan County, AR – Sheriff Boyd D. HicksApache County, AZ- Sheriff Joe DedmanCochise County, AZ- Sheriff Mark J. DannelsLa Paz County, AZ- Sheriff Bill RisenMohave County, AZ- Sheriff Doug ShusterPinal County, AZ- Sheriff Mark LambYuma County, AZ- Sheriff Leon WilmotGreenlee County, AZ – Sheriff Tim SumnerPima County, AZ – Sheriff Mark NapierKern County, CA- Sheriff Donny YoungbloodModoc County, CA- Sheriff Mike PoindexterNevada County, CA- Sheriff Keith RoyalSiskiyou County, CA- Sheriff John E. LopeyCuster County, CO- Sheriff Shannon K. ByerlyDelta County, CO- Sheriff Fred McKeeGarfield County, CO- Sheriff Lou VallarioHinsdale County, CO- Sheriff Ron BruceGilpin County, CO – Sheriff Bruce HartmanLarimer County, CO – Sheriff Justin SmithBanks County, GA- Sheriff Carlton SpeedDade County, GA- Sheriff Ray CrossHart County, GA- Sheriff Mike ClevelandStephens County, GA- Sheriff Randy ShirleyThomas County- Sheriff R. Carlton PowellTwiggs County, GA- Sheriff Darren MitchumUnion County, GA- Sheriff Mack MasonWhite County, GA- Sheriff Neal WaldenBenewah County, ID- Sheriff Dave ResserKootenai County, ID- Sheriff Ben WolfingerNez Perce County, ID- Sheriff Joe RodriguezBannock County, ID – Sheriff Lorin NielsenBrown County, IL- Sheriff Karl H. GroeschDeKalb County, IL- Sheriff Roger ScottFord County, IL- Sheriff Mark R. DoranKane County, IL- Sheriff Don KramerKnox County, IL- Sheriff Dave ClagueMcHenry County, IL- Sheriff Bill PrimMclean County, IL- Sheriff Jon SandageMarshall County, IL- Sheriff Rob RussellMercer County, IL- Sheriff David StaleyOgle County, IL- Sheriff Brian E. VanVicklePerry County, IL- Sheriff Steve E. BareisPiatt County, IL- Sheriff David HuntSt. Clair County, IL- Sheriff Richard WatsonStephenson County, IL- Sheriff David SnydersToulon, IL- Sheriff Steven SloanFloyd County, IN- Sheriff Frank LoopHancock County, IN- Sheriff Michael ShepherdJasper County, IN- Sheriff Terry J. RisnerLawrence County, IN- Sheriff Mike BranhamMarshall County, IN- Sheriff Matthew HasselMontgomery County, IN- Sheriff Mark CasteelOwen County, IN- Sheriff Leonard HobbsWarrick County, IN- Sheriff Brett KruseAdair County, IA- Sheriff Jeff VanderwaterAdel County, IA- Sheriff Chad W. LeonardCerro Gordo, IA- Sheriff Kevin PaisClay County, IA- Sheriff Chris RavelingIowa County, IA- Sheriff Robert A. RotterMills County, IA- Sheriff Eugene GoosPalo Alto County, IA- Sheriff Lynn J. SchultesPlymouth County, IA- Mike VanOtterlooSioux County, IA- Sheriff Dan AltenaBarton County, KS- Sheriff Brian J. BellendirJackson County, KS- Sheriff Tim MorseKearny County, KS- Sheriff David G. HornerFranklin County, KS-Sheriff Jeffrey O. RichardsWyandotte County, KS- Sheriff Donald AshGrayson County, KY- Sheriff Norman ChaffinsJefferson County, KY- Sheriff John AubreyKenton County, KY- Sheriff Pat MorganDaviess County, KY – Sheriff Keith CainFulton County, KY – Sheriff Robby WoodsBossier County, LA- Sheriff Julian C. WhittingtonOuachita Parish, LA- Sheriff Jay RussellIberia Parish, LA- Sheriff Louis AckelWashington Paris, LA – Sheriff Randy SealSt. Charles Paris, LA – Sheriff Greg ChampagneBarnstable County, MA- Sheriff James M. CummingsBristol County, MA- Sheriff Thomas M. HodgsonPlymouth County, MA- Sheriff Joseph D. McDonald, Jr.Frederick County, MD – Sheriff Charles a. JenkinsAlger County, MI- Sheriff Todd BrockBaraga County, MI- Sheriff Richard H. JohnsonBay County, MI- Sheriff Troy R. CunninghamBerrien County, MI- Sheriff l. Paul BaileyBranch County, MI- Sheriff C. John PollackCharlevoix County, MI- Sheriff Charles VondraChippewa County, MI – Sheriff Michael D. BitnarCrawford County, MI- Sheriff Kirk A. WakefieldDelta County, MI- Sheriff Edward L. OswaldEmmet County, MI- Sheriff Peter WalinGrand Traverse County, MI- Sheriff Thomas J. BensleyGratiot County, MI- Sheriff Douglas WrightHillsdale County, MI- Sheriff Timothy ParkerIron County, MI- Sheriff Mark ValesanoKent County, MI- Sheriff Larry StelmaKeweenaw County, MI- Sheriff William LuokkanenLeelanau County, MI- Sheriff Mike BorkovichLivingston County, MI- Sheriff Michael L. MurphyLuce County, MI- Sheriff John CischkeMackinac County, MI- Sheriff Scott A. StraitManistee County, MI- Sheriff John O’HaganMason County, MI- Sheriff Kim C. ColeMidland County, MI- Sheriff Scott StephensonMontcalm County, MI- Sheriff Michael WilliamsMontmorency County, MI- Sheriff Chad BrownMuskegon County, MI- Sheriff Michael PoulinNewaygo County, MI- Sheriff Bob MendhamOceana County, MI- Sheriff Craig MastOgemaw County, MI- Sheriff Howie S. HanftOsceola County, MI- Sheriff James A. CrawfordOscoda County, MI- Sheriff Kevin R. GraceOtsego County, MI- Matthew J. NowickiPresque Isle County, MI- Sheriff Robert W. PaschkeRoscommon County, MI- Sheriff Ed SternSanilac County, MI- Sheriff Garry M. BinieckiShiawassee County, MI- Sheriff Brian BeGoleSt. Clair County, MI- Sheriff Tim DonnellonTuscola County, MI- Sheriff Glen SkrentVan Buren County, MI- Sheriff Daniel E. AbbottWexford County, MI- Sheriff Trent TaylorAnoka County, MN – Sheriff James StuartBeltrami County, MN – Sheriff Phil HodappKandiyohi County,, MN – Sheriff Dan HartogKittson County, MN – Sheriff Steve PorterMeeker County, MN – Sheriff Brian CruzeSherburne County, MN – Sheriff Joel BrottTodd County, MN – Sheriff Don AsmusCedar County, MO- Sheriff James McCraryChristian County, MO- Sheriff Brad ColeClinton County, MO- Sheriff Larry FishNewton County, MO- Sheriff Chris JenningsOsage County, MO- Sheriff Mike BonhamJasper County, MS- Sheriff Randy JohnsonLawrence County, MS- Sheriff Lessie ButlerAnaconda-Deer Lodge County, MT- Sheriff Tim BarkellMadison County, MT- Sheriff Roger ThompsonMcCone County, MT- Sheriff Dave I. HarrisPowder River County, MT- Sheriff Allen E. Drane, Jr.Prairie County, MT- Sheriff Keifer D. LewisSweet Grass County, MT- Sheriff Dan TranrudHaywood County, NC – Sheriff Greg ChristopherHenderson County, NC – Sheriff Charlie McDonaldMoore County, NC- Sheriff Neil GodfreyOnslow County, NC- Sheriff Hans MillerRockingham County, NC – Sheriff Sam PageSwain County, NC – Sheriff Curtis A. CochranDixon County, NE- Sheriff Don TaylorDouglas County, NE- Sheriff Timothy DunningFairbury, NE- Sheriff Nels L. SorensenGage County, NE- Sheriff Millard “Gus” GustafsonHooker County, NE- Sheriff Wynn WiensKimball County, NE- Sheriff Harry J. GillwayNuckolls County, NE- Sheriff Brad BakerPerkins County, NE- Sheriff James BruggemanHumboldt County, NV- Sheriff Mike AllenLyon County, NV- Sheriff Alvin McNeilHunterdon County, NJ- Sheriff Fred W. BrownMonmouth County- Sheriff Shaun GoldenSomerset County- Sheriff Frank J. ProvenzanoChenango County, NY- Sheriff Ernest CuttingDelaware County, NY- Sheriff Craig S. DumondEssex County, NY- Sheriff Richard CuttingFranklin County, NY- Sheriff Kevin MulverhillHerkimer County, NY- Sheriff Christopher P. FarberYates County, NY – Sheriff Ronald SpikeCavalier County, ND- Sheriff Greg FetschEddy County, ND- Sheriff Paul LiesLaMoure County, ND- Sheriff Robert FernandesMcKenzie County, ND- Sheriff Gary SchwartzenbergerMercer County, ND- Sheriff Dean DanzeisenAdair County, OK- Sheriff Jason RitchieAlfalfa County, OK- Sheriff Rick WallaceAtoka County, OK- Sheriff Anthony HeadBeaver County, OK- Sheriff Reuben A. Parker, Jr.Beckham County, OK Derek ManningBlaine County, OK- Sheriff Tony AlmaguerBryan County, OK- Sheriff Johnny ChristianCaddo County, OK- Sheriff Lennis MillerCanadian County, OK- Sheriff Chris WestCarter County, OK- Sheriff Chris BryantCherokee County, OK- Sheriff Norman FisherChoctaw County, OK- Sheriff Terry ParkCimarron County, OK- Sheriff Leon AppleCleveland County, OK- Sheriff Joseph K. LesterCoal County, OK- Sheriff Bryan JumpComanche County, OK- Sheriff Kenny StradleyCotton County, OK- Sheriff Kent SimpsonCraig County, OK- Sheriff Heath C. WinfreyCreek County, OK- Sheriff Bret R. BowlingCuster County, OK- Sheriff Kenneth TidwellDelaware County, OK Harlan MooreDewey County, OK- Sheriff Clay SanderEllis County, OK- Sheriff Shane BoothGarfield County, OK- Sheriff Jerry NilesGarvin County, OK- Sheriff Larry K. RhodesGrady County, OK- Sheriff Jim WeirGrant County, OK- Sheriff Scott SterlingGreer County, OK- Sheriff Devin HuckabayHarmon County, OK- Sheriff Joe D. JohnsonHarper County, OK- Sheriff Tra SniderHaskell County, OK- Sheriff Tim TurnerHughes County, OK- Sheriff Marcia MaxwellJackson County, OK- Sheriff Roger C. LevickJefferson County, OK- Sheriff Jeremie WilsonJohnston County, OK- Sheriff Jon SmithKay County, OK- Sheriff Steve KelleyKingfisher County, OK- Sheriff Dennis BantherKiowa County, OK- Sheriff Jeff SmithLatimer County, OK- Sheriff Jesse JamesLeFlore County, OK- Sheriff Rob SealeLincoln County, OK- Sheriff Charlie DoughertyLogan County, OK- Sheriff Damon DevereauxLove County, OK- Sheriff Marty GrishamMajor County, OK- Sheriff Steven RandolphMarshall County, OK- Sheriff Danny CryerMayes County, OK- Sheriff Mike ReedMcClain County, OK- Sheriff Don L. HewettMcCurtain County, OK- Sheriff Kevin ClardyMcIntosh County, OK- Sheriff Kevin LedbetterMurray County, OK- Sheriff Darin RogersMuskogee County, OK- Sheriff Rob FrazierNoble County, OK- Sheriff Charlie HangerNowata County, OK- Sheriff Richard MillerOkfuskee County, OK- Sheriff R. Steven WorleyOklahoma County, OK- Sheriff Paul D. TaylorOkmulgee County, OK – Sheriff Eddy RiceOsage County, OK- Sheriff Eddie VirdenOttawa County, OK- Sheriff Jeremy E. FloydPawnee County, OK- Sheriff David M. WatersPayne County, OK- Sheriff R. B. HaufPittsburg County, OK- Sheriff Chris MorrisPontotoc County, OK- Sheriff John G. ChristianPottawatomie County, OK- Sheriff Mike BoothPushmataha County, OK- Sheriff BJ HedgecockRoger Mills County, OK- Sheriff Darren AthaRogers County, OK- Sheriff Clinton S. WaltonSeminole County, OK- Sheriff Shannon D. SmithSequoyah County, OK- Sheriff Larry LaneStephens County, OK- Sheriff C. Wayne McKinneyTexas County, OK- Sheriff Matt BoleyTillman County, OK- Sheriff Bobby WhittingtonTulsa County, OK- Sheriff Vic RegaladoWagoner County, OK- Sheriff Chris ElliottWashington County, OK- Sheriff Rick SilverWashita County, OK- Sheriff Roger L. ReeveWoods County, OK- Sheriff Rudy Briggs, Jr.Woodward County, OK- Sheriff Kevin MitchellAshland County, OH- Sheriff E. Wayne RisnerClermont County, OH Robert S. LeahyMercer County, OH- Sheriff Jeff GreyUnion County, OH- Sheriff Malcum J. “Jamie” PattonGilliam County, OR- Sheriff Gary BettencourtMorrow County, OR- Sheriff Kenneth W. MatlackAdams County, PA- Sheriff James W. MullerAllegheny County, PA- Sheriff William P. MullenArmstrong County, PA- Sheriff Bill RupertBeaver County, PA- Sheriff Tony GuyBedford County, PA- Sheriff Charwin ReichelderferBerks County, PA- Sheriff Eric J. WeaknechtBlair County, PA- Sheriff Samuel L. McClure, Jr.Bradford County, PA- Sheriff Clinton J. WaltersBucks County, PA- Sheriff Edward J. DonnellyButler County, PA- Sheriff Michael T. SlupeCambria County, PA- Sheriff Bob KolarCameron County, PA- Sheriff Allen H. NeymanCarbon County, PA- Sheriff Anthony C. HarvilleCentre County, PA- Sheriff Brian SampselChester County, PA- Sheriff Carolyn B. WelshClarion County, PA- Sheriff Rex MunseeClearfield County, PA- Sheriff Wesley ThurstonClinton County, PA- Sheriff Kerry StoverColumbia County, PA- Sheriff Timothy T. ChamberlainCrawford County, PA- Sheriff Walter C. HokeCumberland County, PA- Sheriff Ronny R. AndersonDauphin County, PA- Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti, Jr.Delaware County, PA- Sheriff Mary McFall HopperElk County, PA- Sheriff Todd CaltagaroneErie County, PA- Sheriff John T. LoomisFayette County, PA- Sheriff James CusterForest County, PA- Sheriff Robert L. WolfgangFranklin County, PA- Sheriff James W. BrownFulton County, PA- Sheriff Keith B. StainsGreene County, PA- Sheriff Brian A. TennantHuntington County, PA- Sheriff William G. WaltersIndiana County, PA- Sheriff Robert E. FyockJefferson County, PA- Sheriff Carl J. Gotwald, Sr.Juniata County, PA- Sheriff Thomas LyterLackawanna County, PA- Sheriff Mark P. McAndrewLancaster County, PA- Sheriff Mark S. ReeseLawrence County, PA- Sheriff Perry L. QuahlieroLebanon County, PA- Sheriff Bruce E. KlinglerLehigh County, PA- Sheriff Joe HannaLuzerne County, PA- Sheriff Brian M. SzumskiLycoming County, PA- Sheriff R. Mark LuskMcKean County, PA- Sheriff Daniel J. WoodsMercer County, PA- Sheriff Gary A. HartmanMifflin County, PA- Sheriff Christopher ShadeMonroe County, PA- Sheriff Todd A. MartinMontgomery County, PA- Sheriff Sean P. KilkennyMontour County, PA- Sheriff Ray C. GerringerNorthampton County, PA- Sheriff David J. DalrympleNorthumberland County, PA- Sheriff Robert J. WolfePerry County, PA- Sheriff Carl E. NacePhiladelphia County, PA- Sheriff Jewell X. WilliamsPike County, PA- Sheriff Philip BuekiPotter County, PA- Sheriff Glenn C. Drake, IISchuylkill County, PA- Sheriff Joseph G. GroodySnyder County, PA- Sheriff John A. ZechmanSomerset County, PA- Sheriff Brad CramerSullivan County, PA- Sheriff Robert D. MontgomerySusquehanna County, PA- Sheriff Lance BenedictTioga County, PA- Sheriff Thomas A. Young, IIUnion County, PA- Sheriff Ernest R. Ritter, IIIVenango County, PA- Sheriff Eric FoyWarren County, PA- Sheriff Kenneth L. KlakampWashington County, PA- Sheriff Samuel F. RomanoWayne County, PA- Sheriff Charles MorelliWestmoreland County, PA- Sheriff Jonathan HeldWyoming County, PA- Sheriff Edward ShermanYork County, PA- Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber, IIIBeaufort County, SC – Sheriff PJ TannerDewey County, SD- Sheriff Les MayerFaulk County, SD- Sheriff Hurt HallStanley County, SD- Sheriff Brad RathbunSully County, SD- Sheriff Bill StahlHughes County, SD – Sheriff Mike LeidholtDickson County, TN- Sheriff Jeff BledsoeMadison County, TN- Sheriff John R. MehrMcMinn County, TN- Sheriff Joe GuyAnderson County, TX- Sheriff Greg TaylorBorden County, TX- Sheriff Benny Ray AllisonBrazos County, TX – Sheriff Chris KirkCalhoun County, TX- Sheriff Bobbie BJ VickeryCochran County, TX- Sheriff Jorge De La CruzCollin County, TX- Sheriff Jim SkinnerDenton County, TX- Sheriff Tracy MurphreeGarza County, TX- Sheriff Terry MorganHill County, TX- Sheriff Rodney WatsonHood County, TX- Sheriff Roger DeedsJack County, TX- Sheriff Tom SpurlockJackson County, TX- Sheriff A.J. LouderbackJohnson County, TX- Sheriff Adam KingLamb County, TX- Sheriff Gary MaddoxLampasas County, TX- Sheriff Jesus G. RamosLavaca County, TX- Sheriff Micah C. HarmonMontague County, TX- Sheriff Marshall W. ThomasNolan County, TX- Sheriff David WarrenParker County, TX- Sheriff Larry FolwerParmer County, TX- Sheriff Randy S. GeriesRandall County, TX- Sheriff Joel W. RichardsonRobertson County, TX- Sheriff Gerald YezakRockwall County, TX – Sheriff Harold EavensonSan Jacinto County, TX- Sheriff Greg CapersSan Patricio County, TX- Sheriff Charles Leroy MoodyShackelford County, TX- Sheriff Edward A. MillerWheeler County, TX- Sheriff Wes CritesWise County, TX- Sheriff N. Lane AkinOchiltree County, TX – Terry L. BouchardUintah County, UT- Sheriff Vance NortonUtah County, UT- Sheriff James O. TracyWeber County, UT- Sheriff Terry L. ThompsonBland County, VA- Sheriff Thomas J. RoseberryBuckingham County, VA- Sheriff Billy KiddWise County, VA- Sheriff R.D. OakesYork-Poquoson County, VA- Sheriff J.D. DiggsBedford County, VA – Sheriff Mike BrownOrange County, VT – Sheriff William BohnyakKlickitat County, WA- Sheriff Bob SongerHancock County, WV- Sheriff Ralph A. FletcherJackson County, WV- Sheriff Tony J. BoggsBurnett County, WI- Sheriff Ronald WilhelmWashington County, WI- Sheriff Dale K. SchmidtWaupaca County, WI- Sheriff Bradley A. HardelWaukesha County, WI – Sheriff Eric SeversonLaramie County, WY – Sheriff Danny GlickThe Ohio Sheriffs’ Association Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Mike McKinnon III, last_img read more

Hacienda Casa Blanca hosts Winter Wonderland event to benefit St Madeleine Sophies

first_img Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter December 15, 2018 Hacienda Casa Blanca hosts Winter Wonderland event to benefit St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center KUSI Newsroom Posted: December 15, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s a chance to enjoy some holiday fun while helping a great cause.The Hacienda Casa Blanca restaurant is hosting a Winter Wonderland event today to benefit the St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center.Cindy Gomez, owner of Hacienda Casa Blanca, and the CEO of Saint Madeleine Debra Emerson joined us this live Saturday morning to talk about the event and how you can check it out. KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more