SCHOOL children at the Whittle Cup got the opportu

first_imgSCHOOL children at the Whittle Cup got the opportunity to see the World Cup yesterday and ask questions about the upcoming international extravaganza at the end of the year.More than 150 kids took part in the tournament and had the opportunity to view the famous trophy up close. In just over 130 days, England and Wales will be celebrating the exciting Rugby League World Cup 2013 tournament as it kicks off with ‘the greatest show rugby league has ever seen.’ The Opening Ceremony Double Header, taking place in the iconic Millennium Stadium, Cardiff will be one to watch and will undoubtedly set the tone for the tournament on October 26. Aside from the thousands of fans and players that will be there to watch the drama unfold as England and Australia go head to head in the opening match, there will be one special guest in particular; The Rugby League World Cup Trophy. Since the precious piece of silverware landed safely on our shores in autumn last year, it’s been on one continuous exciting journey around the UK, France and Ireland and been seen by more than two million people. Armed, simply with silent charm and an elegant stance, it’s been steadily inspiring a generation of existing fans and helping bring new admirers into our sport by going where no trophy has ever gone before. From high profile outings to 10 Downing Street to visit Prime Minister David Cameron, to the all-important visits to local primary and secondary schools engaging with RLWC2013 Education Programme across the UK, the tour is extensive and varied and will not stop until the day it is rightfully claimed by the winning nation on the day of RLWC2013 Final. Other tour highlights so far include a sneak peek into BBC’s Radio 2 breakfast show with leading DJ Chris Evans and the Radio 2 team and behind the scenes moments unveiling the Rugby League fan in Manchester United stars Rooney, Ferdinand and Giggs. “The Trophy is extremely special and attracts attention everywhere we go. From small children to grandparents, celebrities from other sports and notable personalities, we’re extremely privileged to accompany such a masterpiece on its tour leading up unto RLWC2013,” said Trophy Tour Manager Graham Clay. “We’re seeing the excitement for the tournament build along the way too which is pretty exciting for everyone.” Highlighting one of the values of the tournament was Union Fan Adam Peel, Cambridge; “I still can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to stand next to something so precious to such a high profile tournament. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it again and when it culminates its tour on the pitch at Old Trafford, it’ll be amazing to know that– I’ve had my photo with it and I was there.” Aside from the ‘A list’ glamour, it’s transcended generations by visiting schools and community clubs across the four nations that play a part in the tournament, been at the home of every Super League club and with plenty more exciting events to come make sure you don’t miss your chance to see it. All the trophy tour dates are available on the trophy tour site, so make sure you and your family don’t miss out, after all it’s not every day you get to see and touch a World Cup Trophy. With it being the only one of its kind and the one that the winning nations before have taken home to celebrate their victory, you’ll be touching a piece of valuable history. Rugby League World Cup 2013 is taking place from 26 October – 30 November and all tickets for the fixtures are available to buy now from With 55% of tickets priced £20 or less, it’s a great opportunity to invite your friends and family along to witness history being made right here on your door step. Don’t miss your opportunity to be there for the next biggest sporting event in the UK.last_img read more

Former Rice Physicist Available to Talk on Atomic Bomb

first_imgAddThis Share MEDIA ADVISORY CONTACT: Lia Unrau PHONE: (713) 831-4793 FORMER RICE PHYSICIST AVAILABLE TO TALK ON ATOMIC BOMB A developer of the atomic bomb, Hugh T. Richards, former physicist from Rice University, is available to comment on the 50th anniversary of the first explosion of the atomicbomb, which he witnessed on July 16, 1945, in New Mexico. Richards, author of Through Los Alamos, 1945: Memoirs of a Nuclear Physicist, (Arlington Place Press, 1993) began nuclear research on the bomb while at Rice from 1939-1942 and went on to work with physicists Richard Feynman, Enrico Fermi and Hans Bethe on the development of the bomb while at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico from 1943-45. Richards, a research associate in the physics department at Rice, undertook a government contract in 1942 to measure energy spectra of fast neutrons. Richards used his photographic emulsion method to measure the spectra of neurons from the fission of uranium-235. Richards’ work at Los Alamos included studies of fast neutron fission cross sections and measuring the number of neutrons emitted per fission. By 1945, his work shifted to preparing for the first atomic bomb test, code named “Trinity.” Richards was in charge of the group assigned to measure the space and time relations of theslow moving neutrons emitted. The group created a cellophane “catcher camera,” which successfullymeasured the neutrons emitted.“Every day was a challenge,” Richards said of his work at Los Alamos. “Some hoped it [making the bomb] wasn’t possible (I was probably among those), but we didn’t have much time for reflection,it was full-steam ahead.” Richards writes in his memoirs, “Euphoria was my first reaction after the years of hard work and increasing tension: The long war would soon be over. I realized that the explosion signaled irreversible changes in the world. …Over the past scores of years I believe a case can be made that the explosion has made world waran obsolete way of settling disputes.” Richards can be reached for comment at (608) 262-3092, office,or (608) 238-1914, home. ###last_img read more