first_imgThis week’s guruLondon teachers get help with lifestyleWestminster Council is considering offering teachers lifestyle managers forfree in a bid to attract them to work in one of the UK’s most expensive areas. Personal helpers will drop the car at the garage, find a plumber, takedelivery of a new washing machine or even book a restaurant table. But the proposals, that have yet to be approved, have come under fire fromthe National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers, which hascalled on the council to put any spare cash into teachers’ wage packets to helpthem afford to live in the area. A spokesperson for the union said: “The only thing that does not seemto be on offer is the service of an escort agency.” If Guru were a teacher he would welcome the idea and ask his lifestylemanager to spend a few hours babysitting his boisterous kids each weekday. Cruel employers ban Backus from imbibingGuru was fascinated to read about thecase of a US publisher who is claiming he was ordered to sleep with his wifeevery night by his employer after he started experiencing marital difficulties.Marty Backus Jr is suing Lancasters Newspapers Inc overwrongful dismissal after 21 years’ service. He claims he was fired after bossesbegan to question his loyalty.He alleges that company representatives told him they would notemploy a publisher who had marital problems. As well as confining him to theconjugal bed and banning him from touching alcohol, they said he must havedinner with his family five times a week.Guru is all in favour of a strict moral code and is thinkingabout imposing a similar regime at home after Mrs Guru banished him to thespare room over his (alleged) snoring and other questionable bedtime habits.Womb with a view defenceThe next time Guru is shouted at by his boss after being caughtslumped in his chair gazing out the window he will have a good comeback .Researchers in New Zealand have found that slacking in adultscan be traced back to the foetal stages.An Auckland University study shows under-nourishment in thewomb results in a resistance to a hormone called leptin, leading toover-eating, obesity and sedentary behaviour in adults.Guru will be able to inform his employer that he shows allsigns of having suffered from foetal malnutrition and thus cannot help beingworkshy.Of course Guru is fibbing, he was a very  well nourished infant – 8lbs 12oz at birth. Output is up – at least at the barA West Midlands firm claims profits soared 200 per cent afterstaff were encouraged to hug each other every day.Farrelly Facilities and Engineering, Sutton Coldfield, alsoplays soothing music, bans overtime and gives employees expenses to socialisetogether.Owner Jerry Farrelly, 44, got the idea from a management coursebased on the Chinese philosophies of Tao Te Ching.The 44-year-old said: “Staff respond by giving their all.There is a lot of love in the office so people do not fall out.”Guru would be more concerned about love outside the office –you’re asking for trouble if you encourage staff to hug, then give them moneyto go and get drunk together. GuruOn 16 Apr 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. last_img

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