EDITORIAL: Lack Of Ethics Of Hillary Rodham Clinton

first_imgThe City-County Observer wish to preface this editorial with the disclosure that it is not to be construed as an endorsement for any other presidential candidates in either the primary or general election. It is meant only to convey our concerns about the lack of ethics of the candidate who is the subject of this editorial, Hillary Rodham Clinton.We have been stunned by the hypocrisy displayed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as it relates to her defense of the $625,000 fee she received for a speech given by her by the Wall Street firm, Goldman Sachs. Her first reaction to questions about why she accepted more money for a one-hour speech than some Americans earn in their entire working lives was very telling. Her reply to the question was a rather exasperated, “Well, that’s what they offered!”  She apparently would have accepted a million dollars or more with a clear conscience if it had been offered. That reaction sends an elitist message to people who are working two jobs to just scrape by, to displaced workers who lost their homes in the Great Recession, and to Seniors Citizens who are now forced to choose between paying for utilities or needed medicine.We find it hard to believe that Secretary Clinton is genuinely surprised to see that her acceptance of such a huge speaking fee raises questions about where her loyalties would lie if she were President after she accepted the $625,000 speaking fee from Goldman Sachs a one hour speech.While saying such a thing was politically unwise, we think it is only the tip of the iceberg when we examine the former Secretary of State’s financial history.  According to Mrs. Clinton’s most recent book she left the White House, “broke.”   She claimed  they were $5 million in debt, when they left the White House because of legal expenses they incurred during Bill Clinton’s presidency?  We also find it extremely interesting that the $1.7 million house in Chappaqua, NY. the Clinton’s live in was generously financed for them by their friend, Terry MacAiliffe, who is now the governor of Virginia.It is amusing to see the Clinton campaign’s flustered attempts to change the conversation from her speaking fees and some of the questions about the riches accumulated by her husband not-for-profit foundation to other issues. She has now trotted out former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to attempt to shame women into supporting her just because she is a woman. We doubt that doing that is going to turn the tide in her favor, and it seems that she fails to recognize the hypocrisy of that argument, as well. Gender loyalty should not enter into the decision to vote for the person that a voter chooses to lead this country.It was expected that the primary election would amount to a “coronation” and she would be meeting Jeb Bush in the general election. Such a match-up would have made big donors a non-issue, as both candidates would have them in equal amounts. The reality is very different from what it was expected to be, so now she is very justifiably on the defensive on this issue, and not handling it at all well.Finally,  we wonder how much Hillary campaign committee have received for helping with the Bill Clintons multi-million not-for-profit charitable Foundation?  Our guess is that she has received many million of dollars over the years for helping this Foundation.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Max out your snacks

first_imgWorking, commuting, exercising or hobbies whatever the activity, it all takes energy. So how and where do customers find a much-needed boost? The first part of the answer can be found in a ’snack’ a food portion that is smaller than a regular meal, eaten between main meals and often on-the-go. If the right snack is eaten at the right time it can even out hunger spikes, give a boost between meals, and provide nutrition.So how much do we snack in the UK? Mintel’s consumer research, Consumer Snacking UK (June 2010), found that nine out of 10 Brits eat snacks between meals; half of us have a snack at least once a day. Women are more prone to grab a snack when hunger strikes, with nearly three-quarters of women (73%) reaching for a snack compared to just over half of men (59%). Likewise, over two-thirds (68%) of manual workers reach for a snack when hunger hits, compared to 59% of retail workers. Half of us admit to feeling guilt after eating a between-meal snack, and women have far guiltier consciences than men at 61% versus 38%.Considering choicesAre you capitalising on these sales opportunities? When asked how much thought is given to the sort of food snacked on between meals, 67% of people answered ’a little’. Most people like to first assess what is available and then decide if they want to eat it.If asked, ’what do you snack on most often?’, the top answer is often chocolate at 36% for men and 32% for women, who also rate fruit at 32%. Is this because chocolate is easier to find on the high street?What are the latest trends in the snack market and what format do customers look for? Snacks mean different things to different people and come in various forms, ranging from fresh products to packaged and processed foods.As well as freshly baked products, packaged snacks such as crisps can mean significant business and complement the core range. What do you have in your selection? Snack foods need to be portable, quick and satisfying. Your customers might come in looking for snacks ranging from a sausage roll to a piece of fruit to a muffin. Do you cater for their snacking needs?It is important not to forget there is an ever-growing demand for healthier eating options. As customers are shifting more and more to healthier foods, there is a need to focus more on the premium ingredients and nutritional benefits of your product range. Make sure to include some form of snack that is low-fat, low-salt, rich in fibre or a natural product.Consider expanding the range with some top-selling healthier snacks: dried fruit, mixed raisins and seeds, grapes, granola, low-fat crisps or skinny muffins to name just a few.Liquid assetsWhat about soup? It meets both needs. With the current demand for healthier options driving a decline in some traditional snacks, soup is an ideal choice. Soup is perceived as a healthier and lower-calorie solution that can be eaten as a top-up in either summer or winter.According to Mintel’s Soup UK (May 2010) report, fresh soups account for a quarter of all soup sales, from which a fifth of consumers consider that fresh soups are better quality than tinned ones. But how do you provide soup to customers as a snack on the move? It is vital to provide customers with suitable packaging specially designed for on-the-go consumption, such as cups.Remember that snacks are not meant to be entire meals. So it is fundamental that you offer snack items that are both convenient and portable snacks to your customers.last_img read more

New masters for Pforzheimer House

first_imgHaving spent their careers focused on teaching and learning, and community building, Anne Harrington and her husband, John Durant, say they are excited about the opportunities that lie before them as the new master and co-master of Pforzheimer House.Today, Harvard College Dean Evelynn M. Hammonds announced the appointment of Harrington ’82 and Durant.“I am very pleased that Anne and John have agreed to take on these important roles. Anne and John are tremendous scholars, passionate not only about science, but also deeply committed to teaching and learning,” said Hammonds, the Barbara Gutmann Rosenkrantz Professor of the History of Science and of African and African American Studies. “But in addition to their scholarship, they are wonderful people committed to mentoring students and fostering community in Pforzheimer. The Houses are such an enriching part of the Harvard College experience, and having a family like Anne and John’s join the Pfoho family will help strengthen that tradition.”Harrington is a professor of the history of science, as well as director of undergraduate studies for the department, while Durant is the MIT Museum director and an adjunct professor in MIT’s Science, Technology & Society Program.“I am very excited,” Harrington said. “We spoke to a lot of masters as a part of this process, and through those discussions we got a sense of the real joy that this kind of position can bring and also what a wonderful opportunity for service this can be.”They will take over as House masters in the fall, bringing with them their 8-year-old son, Jamie.Harrington said having their young child living in the House atmosphere is part of what drew them to the masters’ roles.“Jamie will be 9 when we take over as masters, so we decided as a family that if we were going to do it, this is the time to do it,” Harrington said. “We like the idea of him growing up in an aspirational community, one that is full of creativity, and talent and diversity.”Durant added, “I see this as enormously enriching for the family. To be surrounded by smart, energized, talented young people, why would that not just be the greatest opportunity for a young child?”Harrington received her A.B. summa cum laude from Harvard and Ph.D. in the history of science from Oxford University. After completing postdoctoral work at the University of Freiburg in Germany, Harrington returned to teach at Harvard in 1988. The author of three books, Harrington specializes in the history of psychiatry, neuroscience, and the other mind and behavioral sciences.“My career has also been marked by a sustained commitment to teaching, especially undergraduate teaching,” Harrington said.In 2004, she was appointed to a five-year term as a Harvard College Professor, winning the Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Iota Prize for excellence in teaching.Durant earned his B.A. in natural sciences and a Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science from Queens’ College, Cambridge. In addition to his current day job as a museum director, Durant has worked to introduce science to a broader spectrum of people through the creation of the Cambridge Science Festival, and his efforts to launch similar festivals around the world.“A lot of my career has been about community. I have spent a large part of my career in trying to engage the research community with the wider community outside of the university walls,” Durant said. “So there is something about community that I am drawn to, and now with Anne, I find myself drawn to a community within the university. I am hoping this will be exhilarating, I expect to learn a lot, I expect to be challenged and to also be stimulated immensely.”The husband-and-wife team have also been teaching study abroad programs in England for the past five years. They will continue to do so this summer at the University of Cambridge with an eight-week program, titled “Science, Medicine, and Religion in an Age of Skepticism,” encompassing classroom study, extensive travel, and independent projects.Durant and Harrington will be taking over for Nicholas and Erika Christakis, who have been House masters at Pforzheimer since 2009.“I wish to extend to Nicholas and Erika Christakis my thanks for their service to our students during their time at Pforzheimer,” said Hammonds. “They have worked to foster a tight-knit House community and brought creativity and vibrancy to Pforzheimer. The College was fortunate to have them in these roles.”Both Harrington and Durant said they look forward to fostering the tight-knit house community and traditions that currently exist at Pfoho, while introducing some new programs and events.“There is a tremendous amount of enrichment and learning that happens just by virtue of living in a vibrant community with people with distinct talents,” Harrington said. “How can we leverage that into something greater than the sum of its parts? This is an opportunity and a challenge we take very seriously and one we are very much looking forward to.”last_img read more

VSAC Announces Board, Staff Appointments

first_imgThe Vermont Student Assistance Corp Board of Directors hasre-elected three of its members to six-year terms. They are Joseph L.Boutin of Burlington, president of Merchants Bank; David W. Ginevan ofMiddlebury, executive vice president of Facilities Planning at MiddleburyCollege; and Dorothy R. Mitchell of Worcester, who is active in a varietyof higher education and community endeavors.Joining the VSAC staff as thenew director of Claims, Collections and Compliance is Gregg Mousley ofCornwall. Mousley previously worked for the Counseling Service of AddisonCounty in Middlebury. Among his responsibilities at VSAC, Mousley overseesdefault aversion and servicing of defaulted loans and ensures thatservices for students and families are in compliance with state andfederal regulations.Two Vermont Student Assistance Corp. executives have beennamed to leadership positions in the student loan industry. Don Vickers,VSAC’s president and CEO, on July 1 began a one-year term as chairman ofthe National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs (NCHELP). PatKaiser, VSAC’s vice president of Student Services, on August 1 will beginserving a one-year term as president of the Student Loan ServicingAlliance (SLSA).NCHELP represents a nationwide network of guarantyagencies, secondary markets, loan servicers, collectors, schools, andothers involved in the administration of the Federal Family Education LoanProgram (FFELP). SLSA represents loan servicers in FFELP, the largestsource of student loan credit in the world. A public nonprofit corporationcreated in 1965, VSAC guarantees, originates, and services FFELP loans forstudents and parents, as well as providing supplemental loans for medical,law, and other students.last_img read more

Find Your True North | June 6 – 9 | Snowshoe, WV

first_imgWanderlust’s mission is to help you find your true north, to live a healthy and inspired life. We’ve hand-selected world-renowned guides—teachers, experts, musicians, and creators—to light your path.  Learn More 3. Yoga Nidra and Manifesting your Best Life w/ Tracee Stanley (Meditation) Peak Wellness Go beyond your festival schedule and dive deep into wellness. Choose from one of three Immersions designed to provide you with a close look at the subjects that matter most, from yoga and meditation to fitness and nutrition to personal development and beyond. 2. Clarity, Courage, Truth, Power w/ Cheryl Strayed (Personal Development) Plunge Into Possibility 1. Kundalini and the Radiant Body w/ Kia Miller (Yoga) What’s a day at Wanderlust Snowshoe like? Start off at sunrise with stand-up paddle board yoga on Shavers Lake, nestled in the local Appalachian mountains. Dry off, then invigorate your mind with an inspiring Speakeasy talk, grab a bite from a delicious local food truck, or learn to fly in an acroyoga class. In the evening, come alive at Nahko & Medicine for the People’s mainstage performance, or lose yourself in the beats of three dueling DJs at our signature silent disco. And that’s just a taste. Surrounded by panoramic views of Appalachian hills and valleys, Snowshoe Mountain Resort is the highest point in the picturesque state of West Virginia. Revel in nearly 300 miles of stunning trails, verdant flora and fauna, and scenic Shavers Lake. Set in storied Pocahontas County, Snowshoe is an adventurer’s paradise, with bike trails, rock climbing, camping, and rafting all right at hand. Find the perfect combination of excitement and relaxation on this one-of-a-kind mountain. last_img read more

NegOcc has sufficient meat supply, says PVO

first_imgBACOLOD City – This province will havesufficient meat supply during the period of the 14-day enhanced communityquarantine (ECQ) due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak,according to the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO). This province will have sufficient supply of meat during the 14-day enhanced community quarantine, according to the Provincial Veterinary Office. PNA The move is to ensure that the movementof all cargoes, agriculture and fishery inputs, food products, and agribusinesspersonnel in the whole region during the community quarantine period will notbe hampered. (With a report from PNA/PN) On the other hand, this province has adeficit in eggs by almost 40 percent in commercial production. Fortunately, theNegrense backyard raisers augment supply using free-range chicken eggs. Earlier, the Department of Agriculturein Western Visayas issued food passes and food lane vehicle pass cards to thesuppliers and farm producers of Negros Occidental. Decena also added that this provincecontinues to maintain its African Swine fever-free status.center_img PVO head Dr. Renante Decena said onMarch 30 that they provided Gov. Eugenio Lacson a copy of the situationalanalysis on meat supply from March 30 until April 14. Negros Occidental has already banned theentry of swine, pork and other pork based products from Luzon and Mindanao in abid to protect its P6 billion industry from the dreaded swine disease. “In general, we have enough supply ofmeat products during the two-week ECQ,” he added. Negros Occidental has a stable supply ofpork, chicken and goat meat aside from carabao meat, which serves as analternative to beef.“In live sales during auction market, we have plenty of animals for sale,” thePVO chief said.last_img read more

Laura L. Waggoner, of Brookville

first_imgLaura L. Waggoner of Brookville was born on June 16, 1942 in West Harrison, a daughter to Walter and Verna J. Fraizer Wolfe, Sr.  She had worked at U.S. Shoe in Harrison, Grippos in Cincinnati for many years, and part-time at Country Barrel in Okeana.  She loved reading, spending time with her family, and taking care of her horse.  On Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at the age of 77 she passed away unexpectedly at McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital in Oxford.Survivors include her children; daughter, Angela Davidson (Terry) of Laurel, sons, Robert Farmer and Mitchel Farmer, both of New Trenton, and Curtis Farmer of Brookville; three sisters, Norma Geis of West Harrison, Shirley Kinkead of Lawrenceburg, and Connie Hopper of Harrison; one brother, Walter Wolfe of Cedar Grove, and several grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great, great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by her parents and a grandson, Mitchel Farmer.Cremation was chosen and no public services will be held.  To sign the online guestbook or leave a personal memory please visit www.cookrosenberger.com.last_img read more

Golden Eaglets victory over Ecuador, vital lesson in resilience — Buhari

first_imgRelatedPosts Nigeria dying under Buhari’s jackboot, by Tunde Odesola Edo poll: APC supporters commend Buhari for providing level playing field Buhari holds closed-door meeting with Ghana’s President President Muhammadu Buhari has applauded the performance of the Golden Eaglets on Tuesday in their second game at the ongoing Under 17 FIFA World Cup competition in Brazil, which saw them winning 3-2 after they had trailed Ecuador by 1-2, with five minutes to the end of the match. The position of President Buhari was contained in a statement late on Tuesday by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina. According to the President: “The fact that the youngsters never gave up, and turned the table against their opponents, is a lesson in persistence and resilience.” President Buhari recommended the can-do spirit displayed by the young boys to Nigerians, urging them to display such in all areas of endeavour and in national development. While wishing the Eaglets well in their final group match against Australia, which may well be a formality, President Buhari pledged government’s support to the team as they strive to win the Under 17 World Cup yet again, thus confirming Nigeria’s position as a global power at that level.Tags: Femi AdesinaGolden EagletsMuhammadu Buharilast_img read more

Flemenstar ruled out of Punchestown

first_img Press Association Flemenstar has been ruled out of the Boylesports.com Champion Chase at the Punchestown on Tuesday after connections decided to give the eight-year-old a wind operation. Casey said: “He won’t be running in Punchestown. When he came home from Liverpool, he was all wrong. He had stuff coming out of his nose, it wasn’t blood but it was a bit like it, and the vet came to see him every day for a week. “He didn’t run his race at all in Liverpool. That’s as bad as I’ve ever seen him run. He’s going to have a little wind operation now. The jockey (Andrew Lynch) thinks he needs it and now is the right time to do it. “Hopefully the everything will be right for next season, it will be the same routine, and the next time you’ll see him will probably be at Navan in November (Fortria Chase).” center_img Peter Casey’s gelding looked set to take the season by storm after winning his first two starts of the campaign in impressive fashion, but things have not gone to plan since. Narrowly beaten in the Lexus Chase and Hennessy Gold Cup, he missed the Cheltenham Festival after it was discovered he was suffering from a lung infection and although he returned to action at Aintree, he appeared well below-par in finishing a distant third in the Melling Chase behind Sprinter Sacre. last_img read more

Convenience store clerk who told vacationers to “go back to their country” has been fired

first_imgManagers at a Bucky’s Mobil gas station in Naperville, Illinois are reporting that after conducting their own investigation, they have fired a clerk who was videotaped telling a group of customers visiting from Mexico to “go back to their own country.”Video of the incident was posted to Facebook Tuesday and has since been shared over a thousand times.In the video, the clerk is heard inquiring whether the customers where American. He then engages in a confrontation with the customers telling them that “ICE will come, you’re in the wrong country.”Carolina Buitron told the media that her family was visiting her from Mexico and stopped at the gas station for some food but once inside, the clerk began asking the group their legal status.Bucky’s has since released a public statement about the incident, reporting that they have fired the clerk involved:The Naperville Police Department also commented on the incident, reporting that they are conducting their own investigation.While Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico said “hate has no home” in Naperville.last_img read more