UK: HMS Campbeltown Marks 69th Anniversary of World War II Battle with Royal Navy Veterans

first_img View post tag: Anniversary View post tag: Naval UK: HMS Campbeltown Marks 69th Anniversary of World War II Battle with Royal Navy Veterans April 8, 2011 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy View post tag: 69th View post tag: Campbeltown View post tag: Battle The Plymouth-based Royal Naval frigate HMS Campbeltown has marked the 69th anniversary of a World War Two battle with two Royal Navy veterans. The ship sailed from Falmouth to St Nazaire, in western France, scene of the ship’s main battle honour, at the end of March with veterans Bill “Tiger” Watson (MC) and Stephen Barney on board.Also present were a contingent from 131 Independent Commando Royal Engineers and 29 Commando Royal Artillery whose units share the battle honour for the St Nazaire Raid, also known as Operation Chariot.The raid involved the former obsolete destroyer HMS Campbeltown packed with delayed-action explosives and rammed into the Normandie dock gates on 28 March 1942. The action put the dock out of service for the Nazis for the rest of the war. At the same time a force of commandos landed to destroy machinery and other structures. Authorities Share this article View post tag: with The current ship’s commanding officer, Commander Keri Harris, said:”It is humbling to think that St Nazaire was very heavily bombed by the Allies and had to be rebuilt after the war but they still venerate the memory of the first HMS Campbeltown and the audacity of Operation Chariot.”“This turned the tide in the Battle of the Atlantic and gave the French hope in 1942. Their remarkable gratitude and bonhomie is still evident today.”The name of HMS Campbeltown has a distinguished record of Royal Navy service during World War Two, with honours for the Battle of the Atlantic 1941-1942 and Operation Chariot at St Nazaire 1942.The ship conducted a seven-gun salute on her departure from St Nazaire. The town was HMS Campbeltown’s final port of call under the White Ensign before she decommissions in Devonport tomorrow afternoon.[mappress]Source: royalnavy, April 8, 2011 View post tag: UK View post tag: II View post tag: world View post tag: HMS View post tag: Veterans View post tag: War View post tag: Marks View post tag: Royal Back to overview,Home naval-today UK: HMS Campbeltown Marks 69th Anniversary of World War II Battle with Royal Navy Veterans last_img read more

Amphibious Transport Dock Ship USS New Orleans Prepares for Deployment

first_img View post tag: prepares Amphibious Transport Dock Ship USS New Orleans Prepares for Deployment View post tag: Orleans Training & Education July 21, 2011 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy View post tag: Dock View post tag: Naval View post tag: Amphibiouscenter_img View post tag: New View post tag: ship View post tag: USS Sailors aboard the amphibious transport dock ship USS New Orleans (LPD 18) departed Naval Base Point Loma July 20 following a six-day deperming evolution in preparation for the ship’s scheduled deployment.Deperming a ship reduces the ship’s magnetic signature. Naval Base Point Loma is the only station on the West Coast with magnetic silencing support capability. Lt. j.g. Ryan Haught, New Orleans assistant combat systems officer and Pittsburgh native, served as New Orleans’ deperming coordinator.“We wrapped cables around the ship, sent a lot of power through them, and unwrapped the cables to reduce our signature. From here, we will go on 14 range runs on the degaussing range to see how they did,” Haught explained.The deperming process is a key element in preparation for New Orleans’ future taskings.“We need to reduce the magnetic signature to be ready for deployment and decrease the undersea warfare threat so we can be good to go when we go into hostile waters,” said Haught. “After the degaussing runs, we have a couple of short underways before deploying.”Haught praised the crew’s effort during the complex process, and said the endeavor would not have been possible without all hands contributing.“The crew worked extremely hard. This was an all hands effort, and it went smoothly because they came together to get this done,” Haught emphasized. “One way or another, everyone contributed. We spent about four days wrapping the ship up in the cables and two days unwrapping them, starting at 7:15 in the morning and ending at around 3:30 in the afternoon every day.”New Orleans is the first San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock ship to undergo the deperming process at Point Loma. Haught said the planning and execution phases were influenced by the past.“We looked at what other LPDs had done on the East Coast, and we took a lot of lessons learned from other ships [that] have already gone through it,” said Haught. “We looked at the processes they did, and we tried to make ours better.”[mappress]Source: navy, July 21, 2011; View post tag: Transport Back to overview,Home naval-today Amphibious Transport Dock Ship USS New Orleans Prepares for Deployment View post tag: Deployment Share this articlelast_img read more


first_imgYet, with all these accomplishments, Shoulders remains remain humble, always shares the credit, always has time to give back to the community while going above and beyond to serve the people and always remains prioritized on faith, family and friends at all times. Keep up the great work, Commissioner Shoulders.Frank Patton, Jr.Evansville, INFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Most people who run for political office for the first time use their first year in public office as a learning experience; or maybe a time to observe, grow or follow the lead of their colleagues.  But not Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders.Through the 2017 calendar year, and even as recent as the county Bicentennial celebration, Shoulders has been nothing short of impressive. From sponsoring an anti-discrimination ordinance to voting no to raising county income taxes to helping bring new employers (such as Polyram Plastics) to Vanderburgh County, while working alongside the Health Department in helping to streamline regulations for restaurant owners, and assisting in bringing in a local healthcare clinic provider to the county; which saves the county hundreds of thousands of dollars, Shoulders continues to stay the course with confidence and optimism. Ben Shoulders Has Been Impressive by Frank Patton, Jr.last_img read more

Not child’s play: Chucky doll featured in errant Amber Alert

first_imgSAN ANTONIO (AP) — The Texas Department of Public Safety is apologizing after accidentally sending out an Amber Alert about Chucky, the killer doll featured in the 1980s horror film “Child’s Play.” The alert was meant to be an internal test, but it was instead sent out three times last week in Texas. The alert identified Chucky as the suspect in the kidnapping of 5-year-old Glen Ray, who was Chucky’s son in the film “Seed of Chucky.” The alert described Chucky as a doll wearing “blue denim overalls with multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt wielding a huge kitchen knife.”last_img

FTT hosts 27th annual student film festival

first_imgEvery year, the Notre Dame Student Film Festival gives students the opportunity to showcase their creativity through the big screen. This year’s festival, which will be held at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center this weekend, features 11 short films directed and produced by undergraduates, and culminates with an audience choice award that will be presented after the Sunday night screening.Junior Liza Connor is one of the students whose film was chosen to screen at the festival. She said her film, “Ambiguous Encounter,” was a result of an entire semester’s worth of work and time.Janice Chung | The Observer “When we found out that we made the film festival we were so excited,” Connor said. “We had to develop our idea quickly, but it kind of came together really nicely.”Ted Mandell, an associate professorial specialist in the department of film, television and theatre (FTT), said that he has been involved with the film festival every year since its inception.“This is the 27th time I’ve done this, so like anything you do for 27 times, you kind of have a process in place that you’re comfortable with,” he said in an email. “My main focus is putting together the flow of the show from film to film, balancing sound, other technical things. It takes a lot less time today than it did back in 1990.”Mandell said the process of choosing films to show at the festival can be difficult due to an abundance of qualified films.“We look at all the films produced in our FTT film production courses over the past year and try and choose the ones which are both creative and technically accomplished. … and we stop when we get to two hours,” Mandell said. “Certainly other films are worthy, but for a public screening I try and keep it in that two-hour total run time.”Connor said the films at the festival are relatable and packed with creativity and passion. She said she thinks when someone is so passionate about something it makes it more fun to watch, which is exactly why she believes the Notre Dame community will enjoy the film festival.“It’s exciting to see everyone so pumped up and proud of each other,” Connor said. “It’s a small kind of niche of us … and it’s fun to see everyone succeeding.”Mandell said he believes students should go for the same reason they go to any other movie in the theaters.“You want to be entertained. You want to be touched emotionally either through laughter, or fear, or provocation, or any other emotional connection that you make with a film,” he said. “It’s no different with the student film fest … and there’s that added element that you just might recognize the star of the film from your dorm.”Mandell said the arts are essential to life and he hopes the student film festival induces an “emotional change and urge to discuss what you’ve just seen with someone else.”“Ask yourself how much visual storytelling you’ve consumed today,” he said. “I tell my students they’ve been studying for our film production courses for the first 17 years of their lives. They just didn’t know it.”Tags: FTT, Student Film Festivallast_img read more

Paul Alexander Nolan on His New Once Gal & Those Crazy Socks

first_img You told us last year you really wanted to play on the Broadway Show League. How has that been going? Oh yeah. We have much a more competitive team with Once than we did with the Superstar company. We’re in the playoffs now. We go to the semi-finals next week and if we get through those we will play Rock of Ages for the final—who are a very good team. [Note: Sadly, after the interview, Rock of Ages beat Once in the final.] Eight months into playing Guy in the Tony-winning musical Once, Paul Alexander Nolan can’t recommend a good Irish pub in Manhattan. He’s too busy being a “Broadway monk” to imbibe much. Besides, sake is the crooning Canadian’s current drink of choice. But being a Broadway monk is a fair trade-off when your face is all over Times Square and your fans have given you a lifetime supply of crazy socks to wear. caught up with Nolan to chat about his new onstage love interest, playing Broadway ball and rocking out on the guitar. Have you seen anything on Broadway? I saw A Gentlemen’s Guide when they did a Thursday matinee in January. I saw Matilda on a Sunday night in February. I saw Atomic the other night, which is off-Broadway. A good friend of mine, Jeremy Kushnier, is doing that. I saw Beautiful. See Nolan in Once at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. Your chemistry with Jessie Fisher is terrific. How does her take on Girl differ from Joanna Christie’s? Jessie is great. She’s a really excellent actor and an excellent musician, a great company member. We really enjoy working off each other. I kind of show up to work every night and we go on a ride together that could be much different than it was yesterday. That’s really fun for us. If you take painting as an example, if you’ve got two Impressionists painting the same scene they’re going to be much different paintings. But both painters are excellent. That’s how I think about Jessie and Jo. That’s awesome. You didn’t have to sing for them, did you? I actually did. I wrote a song for them. We had a big surprise party for them. At the party, I sang them the song. Is there a dream pair? No, I don’t spend my time sweeping the Internet looking for my dream socks. I don’t buy a lot of clothes. I’m not a fashion guy. The one thing I do grant myself is fun, colorful socks. I’m looking in my sock drawer right now. When you started Once, you told us that playing guitar in front of a crowd was a “great mountain to climb” because you hadn’t done it before. Has that gotten easier? Much easier. Usually the things you’re most proud of in life are the things that were the hardest to achieve. And I’m really proud of where I’ve come. It’s really fun. It took a few months and a lot of effort, and it still takes a lot more effort than someone playing the guitar in front of people for 10 years, but now I’m relaxed and with it I feel like I’m not lying when I’m playing this character. View Comments Have you caught Les Miz, the show that inspired you to become an actor? No, I haven’t seen it. We run pretty much the same schedule so I don’t get a chance to see a lot of things. I’m friends with Melissa O’Neil and the cast so I see her every once in a while. I’ve become a Broadway monk, basically. If I do too much socializing I get run down, but if I do too little of it then I start feeling lonely. It’s an interesting experiment on how to balance your life to do your job to your best ability but to also not go nuts by only doing your job. This is getting interesting. How many pairs do you have? Let me do a quick count…I’d say there are about 30 pairs of socks in there. You haven’t been too monk-like. Have you got away this summer? I just got back from vacation. I went to Vancouver Island in Canada. Did you see family? I was out there for my parents’ 50th anniversary. Paul Alexander Nolan You’re prominently featured in the new ad campaign for Once. Are you getting recognized more? Funny enough, no. I’ve had as many people stop me on the street saying, “I saw you as Jesus [in Jesus Christ Superstar]” as I have people who are in this city right now seeing the massive amount of press. I’m more interested in being an artist than a celebrity. It’s fine by me if people walk past. I like to people-watch and be anonymous. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was kind of neat. When I was a kid, can you imagine if you told me when I’m 35, I’d be all over New York, all over Broadway, a poster in Times Square? No, that would have tickled me silly. Now, I look at it and chuckle to myself. Star Files On Twitter, it looks like your sock collection is getting out of control. Are you getting socks at stage door? [Laughs.] Yeah, I’ve been sent a few pairs lately. It’s not like a giant influx, being overwhelmed with socks or anything. That’s good, because I certainly wouldn’t want the world’s sock population to be decreasing because I own them all.last_img read more

Chilled peaches, blueberries

first_imgGeorgia’s recent abnormally cold weather has been good for its developing peach and blueberry crops. But a warm spell now could cause blooms to emerge too soon. Because of the extended cold spell, chill hours, or hours below 45 degrees, have accumulated rapidly across the state. Peaches and blueberries, two major crops for the state, need a certain amount of these hours during their dormancy in winter to perform well during the growing season.Chill hours are in excess of 800 across much of middle and south Georgia. This means that many varieties of peaches and blueberries have reached or are near the number of chill hours needed to break their dormancy. Any extended period of temperatures in the 70s now could result in blueberries and peaches flowering. If early flowering occurs, peaches and blueberries will be very susceptible to a damaging late winter or spring freeze. Producers are encouraged to take appropriate action to protect their crops from a possible freeze.Agricultural fields are expected to remain near saturation through March. Late winter and spring field work is expected to be delayed. The wet soils mean that flood risk is enhanced statewide. The current El Niño winter pattern is expected to continue with below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation through March.It is not unusual for an extended dry period to follow an El Niño winter, with the dryness beginning mid-spring. Up-to-date weather information, including chill hours, may be found at read more

Hillbilly Environmentalist: Like Them or Not, Regulations Protect your Health

first_imgOn February 24, 2017, President Trump issued Executive Order 13777, “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda,” a federal policy “to alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens” on the American people. The EO directs federal agencies—e.g., Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—to establish a task force to identify any regulations that eliminate jobs, are outdated or ineffective, that impose costs that exceed benefits, or interfere with regulatory reform initiatives and policies. One section of the EO calls on the task force to “seek input and other assistance, as permitted by law, from entities significantly affected by Federal regulations, including State, local, and tribal governments, small businesses, consumers, non-governmental organizations, and trade associations…”One may reasonably ask—a colleague and I had this very discussion a few weeks ago—if excessive or unnecessary EPA regulations exist. We may assume that surely such regulations do exist, but it does not take long to see that these regulations exist for one purpose and one purpose only: To PROTECT Americans and our incredible natural resources.EPA lists on its website the laws and executive orders for which it creates and enforces environmental regulations. The list is surprisingly short. On the list are such landmark environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and Endangered Species Act. There’s the Toxic Substances Control Act, which “addresses the production, importation, use, and disposal of specific chemicals including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos, radon and lead-based paint.” How about the Ocean Dumping Act, Nuclear Waste Policy Act, Noise Control Act, Food Quality Protection Act, EO 13045: Protection of Children from Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks, and the Safe Drinking Water Act? See anything superfluous there?A lot of press has been given to President Trump’s negative stance on EPA’s (and DOT’s) corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards of 2011, which would require car manufacturers to reach the equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon for the average new vehicle in 2025. President Trump says that these regulations are killing American jobs by placing undue regulations on the car industry, but some reports predict that these standards will actually create jobs, all the while leading to significantly reduced emissions of harmful/planet-warming gases.Clearly, the Trump Administration issued EO 13777 to eliminate some, or many, of the regulations written and enforced by EPA—remember that these regulations are based upon laws passed by Congress and signed by Presidents, including both Bushes and President Nixon, or are based upon just a few Executive Orders. But EPA and Scott Pruitt are required to solicit public input, and this is where we can use our democratic, nature-loving voices to be heard.The public input page went live on April 13, 2017, and EPA will take comments until May 15, 2017. In the first week, there were only just over 3,000 comments made, and at the time I am writing this—the wee hours of Thursday, April 20—the anonymous comments shown are all pro-regulation, pro-environmental protection.I’m old enough to remember orange skies and burning rivers. The regulations that cleaned our air and water need to be strengthened if anything.The idea behind EO 13777, that the United States is burdened by massive amounts of unnecessary environmental regulations, is ridiculous. The existing regulations are necessary for ensuring human health and protecting the environment. I am adamantly opposed to any and all rollbacks.I appeal to you to follow these simple steps to make a positive statement for environmental and human protection:Follow this link and make a comment (“Comment Now!” button, top right): Please write something heart-felt and personal—EPA will eliminate any comments that clearly stem from mass-mail attempts to jam the process.Post a link to this article and/or the link to the comments page on all your social media sites and ask everyone you know to make a comment.Let’s not let a few corporations or an anti-environment Administration run the show, to the detriment of us all, in terms of destroying our hard-fought environmental and human protections—not 3,000 comments but 300,000 or 3,000,000 comments for environmental and human health!last_img read more

Brazil Will Build Nuclear Submarine in 2016 with Franco-Brazilian Technology

first_imgBy Dialogo August 31, 2009 BRASILIA, 27 August 2009 (AFP) – Brazil will begin building its first nuclear submarine in 2016 and complete it in 2021, the Brazilian Defense Minister announced on Thursday. The submarine will be an adaptation of the Scorpene conventional submarine purchased from France in a multi-million-dollar deal to be sealed in September with the visit of President Nicolas Sarkozy. “Brazil already has the capability to build a nuclear reactor and the complete uranium-enrichment cycle” to manufacture nuclear fuel, Nelson Jobim affirmed during a Senate appearance. What Brazil needed was the technology for manufacturing a modern submarine to which to adapt the nuclear components, technology that will be provided by France, he indicated. With this project, Brazil hopes to join the select group of nations with the capability to design, build, and operate nuclear-powered submarines, a group that now includes only the United States, Great Britain, France, China, and Russia. The agreement with France, for a total value of 6.69 billion euros, covers the purchase of five Scorpene submarines, four of which will be manufactured in a shipyard to be built in Rio de Janeiro and one in France. Jobim announced that the operation of the shipyard and the building and maintenance of the submarines will be turned over to a binational joint enterprise with the participation of the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht (50%), the French shipbuilder DCNS (49%), and the government (1%), which will have a “golden share” that will allow it to have key decision-making power. The agreement with France came about because “it was the only country that was willing to transfer the technology” for building the submarines, he explained. The minister specified that “the negotiation with the French” does not include the manufacture of the nuclear submarine, which will be a Brazilian adaptation of one of the conventional submarines. Brazil has been in the process of announcing a restructuring of its military apparatus and defense industry, accompanied by multi-million-dollar purchases from other countries in the region, such as Venezuela. The premise, according to Jobim, is that the selling countries accept the transfer of technology in order to develop the defense industry in the country. In this project the Navy will receive special attention for the defense of 3.5 million square kilometers of ocean, where Brazil’s three principal oil-producing areas are located and where the country has discovered new multi-million-dollar fields that could turn it into a giant producer and worldwide exporter. The agreement on the submarines, which needs only Senate approval for the financing, along with another agreement to purchase and build in Brazil fifty EC-725 transport helicopters, was announced in December and is to be ratified on 7September with the visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy. For its part, France is also interested in selling to Brazil its Rafalle airplane, one of the contenders in the final phase of the competition for a multi-million-dollar contract. In his turn, Jobim refuted criticism that has appeared in the Brazilian press about the decision not to buy submarines from Germany, as Brazil had done previously. In fact, the 1983 agreement to build five conventional submarines “did not entail the transfer of technology.” The Scorpene is a conventional attack submarine manufactured by the French shipbuilder DCNS, in cooperation with the Spanish firm Navantia. Work on the Brazilian contract will begin in 2011, and all the submarines should be ready in 2021, including the nuclear one, Jobim announced, giving details about the agreement and the deadlines for the first time. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva gave the green light in 2007 for the resumption of Brazil’s nuclear program and announced the budget that will enable the completion of the Navy’s nuclear program.last_img read more

Brazil Asks Panetta for More Military Technology

first_img The United States has granted around 4,000 technology export licenses in favor of Brazil in the last two years, the U.S. official affirmed. Brazil does not want only the fighters, but rather all the technology that accompanies them. “We stress the importance of defense trade” and recognize its impact on “jobs and opportunities” for Brazil, Panetta said. “I recognize the importance of these technologies to Brazil,” Panetta said for his part. There is another pending issue between the two countries: a contract with Brazilian aviation firm Embraer, worth 380 million dollars, that was cancelled by the Pentagon following complaints by a rival U.S. company. By Dialogo April 26, 2012 There is no news on that topic, Amorim said, affirming that he understood the impatience of all the competitors. Panetta arrived in Brasilia from Colombia, where he announced that he was authorizing the sale of ten helicopters to fight the insurgency, and he travelled to Santiago de Chile on April 26. “We have an opportunity to work even more closely (…) To that end (…) we discussed a number of priority areas (…) that I believe hold some great promise,” he added, mentioning cybersecurity and military research among them. The Brazilian demands are framed by a very concrete case: for almost half a decade, Brasilia has wanted to purchase around 36 fighter planes to modernize its Air Force, a huge contract worth up to 5 billion dollars, for which U.S. firm Boeing, French firm Dassault, and Swedish manufacturer Saab are competing. On his first trip to Latin America as defense secretary, Panetta met with his counterpart Celso Amorim in Brasilia, for a visit focused on technical matters and cooperation. “Brazil imports many things from the United States, but sometimes Brazil needs competition, exchange in the other direction, and given the entirely peaceful nature of all our projects, I expressed my expectations that this whole positive climate that is being created can be reflected in the acquisition of those assets,” Amorim said at a press conference with Panetta. The U.S. defense secretary traveled to Brasilia with the intention of convincing the South American giant of both countries’ mutual interest in intensifying their cooperation in the fight against organized crime and on other issues, such as cybersecurity. The Pentagon had to hurry to open another public competition in response to Brazilians’ anger. Brazil welcomed U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on April 24 with calls for more military technology to increase cooperation. “It’s not a matter of scientific research, but rather in order to really produce,” he added. last_img read more