Trukai pays K65,000 in incentives for weightlifters

first_imgTrukai announced on the eve of the Games as an incentive that 5000 kina would be given to every PNG weightlifter that won gold. 13 gold medals were won in weightlifting. 15 000 of the 65 000 kina went to Thelma Mea Toua who snared three gold medals.Trukai general manager of sales and marketing Andrew Daubney said Trukai had no doubt in PNG’s weightlifters during the Games and would continue this support into the future.“13 gold medals is outstanding. Providing incentives for athletes pushes them to train harder and come out triumphant,” said Daubney.PNG Weightlifting Federation President John Dawanincura thanked Trukai for their support of weightlifting since 1995 and said a lot of weightlifters had benefited immensely.Female weightlifter Guba Hale voiced  her gratitude saying without the support of Trukai as well as the government, her achievements in winning two gold medals at the Games would not have been possible.last_img read more

Sörloth discards Madrid, at least for now

first_imgThe Norwegian has not taken long to stand out in Turkeyscoring 24 points and distributing 6 assists in 35 games. He could be seen in the first leg of the Europa League before him Getafe, for example. Alexander Sörloth is a 24-year-old Norwegian striker who has been linked to Real Madrid in recent days. Plays in the Trabzonspor Turkish, although it is there as a loan from the Crystal Palace, its owner. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 3, 2020center_img Le10Sport ensures that in addition to Real Madrid, Newcastle, Aston Villa Y Sheffield United they have shown interest in getting their services, although it seems that the intention of the Norwegian international (which coincides with Odeegard in his selection) is to return to the London club to continue developing his career: “I have seen the rumors. There are so many … I have read them and I continue to receive information about the interested teams. However, I only focus on Trabzonspor. Here there is a great team spirit and we want to win. It would be irresponsible and inconvenient to talk about a transfer at this time. “Last week, when he learned about white interest, he was very motivated about it and even his father, Goran, he joked that “Real Madrid needs you to beat Barcelona”.last_img read more

“They criticize Guti, but he came at a very difficult time and competes for promotion”

first_imgMohamed El Assy does not pull topics when he speaks. “The sporting objective is to grow this club to be a respectable team in the first division and fight in European tournaments. In the economic one, like any investor, he wants the time to make a profit. We think in the long term, to achieve it in three years, but, if the promotion was signed, it could be much faster, “explains the director general of the UD Almería from Egypt in an interview with ‘El Mundo’, acknowledging that the Sheikh is happy from Riyadh. “We are about to achieve in one year what we thought would take us three: promotion to First. In a season without good preparation or transfers we have been able to compete for the top positions “, affirms about it.The Assy defends Gutiérrez and denies that they planned to take the players to Egyptian or Saudi lands to exercise there. “They are pure speculation and they are not true. If the competition resumes, the borders will also be opened and it will not be necessary to send any personal aircraft. In case it was essential to use private jets, the club can rent one or two without the need for use that of the minister. It is ridiculous information, “confesses the sports director of the rojiblanca entity. “I know they criticize him a lot, but nobody talks about Guti arriving at a very difficult time for the team and has led him to compete for promotion.” points to the former Real Madrid. The rojiblanco sports director explains that the 1,200,000 euros donated to the city of Almería is from the entity’s budget. “The money comes directly from the club’s budget, but as the owner of 99% of the entity, it is their money. It did not come directly from their checking account. We have wanted to do this because since we arrived in Almería, the welcome they gave us was great . We witnessed enormous hospitality and excellent treatment, “he asserts, giving the reasons that motivated him to do so.” The idea of ​​giving this money was from Turki. He is a pure Arab who knows that in these moments of crisis we have to be together and help if we can. The more you have, the greater your responsibility. The city was in a very difficult situation and he wanted to contribute that amount. It’s a lot of money but it was an emotional decision, “he says.Despite the fact that the first stone of the Sports City has not yet been laid, the Egyptian says in the interview with ‘El Mundo’ that relations with the consistory are good. “We have a very good relationship with the authorities, with the mayor and other political and government representatives. They are great people. Since we landed, they have helped us in any way they can. We have developed a very close and solid relationship, “he stresses, making it clear that no more vehicles will be raffled.” It has been a profitable idea if you take into account what we have achieved with ticket sales and marketing. The cars cost around 400,000 euros because they were purchased at a good price. We are not going to do it anymore for a reason. At the moment, the stadium’s capacity is almost complete. We have almost 12,000 members. Almería did not have these numbers even when it was in the first division. The sales of the store have also registered an increase “, expires Mohamed El Assy.last_img read more

BWI Alumni Association Celebrates KYB’s 80th

first_imgMr. and Mrs. Kenneth Y. Best (middle) with family, friends, and BWI Alumni who came to celebrate his 80th birth anniversaryThe Alumni Association of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI) recently assembled at the home of Liberian Observer Publisher, Kenneth Yarkpawolo Best and honored him for what he has done and continues to do for his alma mater and the country.The event, which was in continuation of celebrations of KYB’s 80th birth anniversary celebrations since October 28, brought together Best’s classmates of 1959, which included Professor Eric P. Eastman, and a host of other alumni, including former Foreign Affairs Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuahn (1989), Jesse Mongrue (1981) and former Ambassador Charles A. Minor, among others.In his remarks, former Foreign Minister Ngafuan said Mr. Best lives a respectable life and his career in journalism has transcended mere media operations.“I have learned and understood that longevity does not necessarily mean productivity but in my mind, Mr. Best, a ‘super tiger’ of BWI, has elevated himself to a statesman status,” he said. He said KYB, in as much as it is true that BWI prepared KYB, is bigger than the institution.According to him, every Liberian should be proud of the country not merely on the basis of citizenship or through naturalization or whatever other means but in the context that Best, among several other great and productive men and women, has originated for the country and has done his best to let the light shine over the nation, even in times of terrible circumstances.“Your editorials enlighten minds and I know for sure that Liberia will continue to be proud of you. He has been a rock of Gibraltar, as we proceed on our path of evolution,” Ngafuan said. “And thank you for all the contributions you have made to this country. You have been consistent in terms of your values. It is that consistency that we serve. Continue because Liberia needs you even more.”KYB’s only classmate of 1959 present at the occasion was Professor Eric Eastman.In his remarks, Eastman said Mr. Best continues to live beyond the Biblical threescore and ten, due to his honesty.“Kenneth’s prosperous advancement in age and productivity is from God. He deserves every good because he has and continues to use his wisdom for the betterment of society,” Eastman said.He pointed out that he has not been active with and at activities organized and executed by the BWI Alumni Association because of his teaching career at the University of Liberia for over fifty years.“With all said, however, I remain hopeful that my turn to give back to my alma mater is at hand and, to begin with, I recommend that during the final exams this year we, the alumni, can sponsor an exhibition on campus.“At the exhibition, things made by BWI students should be brought forward to the public not only for viewing but funds generation in order to help our great and noble institution,” he said.Eastman said at of BWI, students were able over the years to make pistols and (weapons) and other utensils commonly used in homes.“Education is not always about looking in books to solve problems. We need to be practical in terms of applying what we have learned and it is obvious that Liberia can rise if we think and act in this regard,” he said.According to him, the West or white people are thinking too much for Africans, including Liberians. As such, it will be very difficult for the continent to advance and succeed in its quest for improved and better conditions, including the elimination of extreme poverty, reduction of terrible diseases, among others.The president of the BWI Alumni Association, Koffa Tenbroh said his association’s decision to celebrate KYB did not spring from a mere wish but on the basis that Mr. Best’s contributions to BWI are enormous.In response to all the remarks made by his fellow alumni and others who did not even attend BWI but found it befitting to honor him as he turned 80 years old, Mr. Best said he was grateful to have received all of the attention from his friends who know him and appreciate what he does in his private life, as well as in the public through his media work.“I started going to BWI before I enrolled as a student in the school. It was a difficult moment staying at BWI for four years without any comfort but the good Lord did everything beyond my imagination. I am grateful to every one of you for what you have said and done for me and my family,” he said.His journalism life started when he was still a student at BWI. Although he was a student of agriculture, he did not miss the opportunity to form part of the campus newsletter. KYB later became editor of the BWI newsletter and, even at Cuttington, he focused on journalism. “The good Lord brought me to journalism,” he said.KYB said his father, George S. Best, died in 1945 after a protracted illness and left his mother without anything to look after him and his sisters; but his mother was firm and courageous.“Even though my mother was poor, she was not a selfish person. She sacrificed to the highest degree always by sharing with whoever came her way any little thing she had that could take care of us. Her kindness is also another factor responsible for the good times in the existence of my family,” he said.The veteran journalist said one of the reasons responsible for his success at BWI and his rise to greatness today is that he did not rush into the social aspects of his life since he knew that he had a dream.“One thing I didn’t do at BWI was to chase after women. I was very careful with that part of my life for a long time until when I was at the age of 38. I was nick-named the ‘Virgin Best’ but that did not deter me at any point in time,” he said.KYB added that he married at the age of 38 and he is proud of his life because God has given him a caring wife whose mission has never been to bring him down but support him always in his efforts to overcome difficult circumstances.About how he got to BWI, the veteran journalist said after he graduated from the seventh grade at St. Patricks in 1955, he got a job at City Hotel (no more) as the first elevator boy and his six months of work at the hotel provided him the money to buy clothes and pay fees for his education at BWI.KYB said going forward he had to stay on campus every vacation period in order to work for money so as to pay his tuition.“A friend of mine one time accused me that I didn’t like my mother because I was never concerned about traveling to Monrovia to see her during vacation. All I told him was that coming to Monrovia was of no importance then because my mother could not even afford to pay for my transportation back on campus. So he understood me and that is how my campus life was,” he said.Best announced the revival of the Porte-Best Educational Fund, which was established in the late 1980s to support less fortunate children in school.“Albert Porte (deceased) and I had a fund rally several times in an effort to educate children. The account at the International Bank (IB) has been recovered. All I am asking of you is to contribute towards this fund so we can help Liberian children go to school,” Best appealed.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

New oil and gas setbacks announced

first_imgBy Kimberley MolinaBC residents can look forward to new regulations governing how close oil and gas structures can be to residential homes and schools.Blair Lekstrom says there will be a one kilometre setback for all new oil and gas developments regulated by the BC Oil and Gas commission.- Advertisement -The BC Energy Minister says the regulations, which come into effect this fall, mean no wells can be drilled and no new production facilities can be built within that distance.They will also guarantee that a further one kilometre area will have a site assessment completed and an automated system to detect leaks and shutdown the plant if necessary.As well, the OGC will begin a program to guarantee residents receive information about a company’s practices and to monitor air quality.Advertisementlast_img read more

Joke could be on Google if YouTube doesn’t pay off

first_imgOne definition of an Internet URL is “Ubiquity first Revenue Later,” Schmidt joked at the Bear, Stearns conference. But the joke could end up being on Google, which paid $1.7billion for YouTube’s URL on the bet that it could turn reruns into revenue. Last week, Viacom, the New York-based entertainment conglomerate, filed a billion-dollar suit against Google for “massive copyright infringement.” Between lawsuits and drawn-out licensing negotiations, the site has become an increasingly expensive distraction for Schmidt and other top executives. Meanwhile, YouTube is still groping for an effective business model. User-generated content may be popular, but it is not easy to make money off of. And professional content is finding audiences elsewhere on the Internet. Google’s purchase of YouTube last fall seemed like a no-brainer to the search engine’s executives. Online video had exploded, and YouTube, the most popular video-sharing site, was streaming more than 100million clips a day featuring everything from pet tricks to pirated television. “We bought YouTube because of the traffic and because of the community,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt told investors in San Francisco this month. The site was losing gobs of money, but that didn’t bother Google. Traffic was climbing – and still is; since the deal, YouTube’s audience has grown 40percent. According to comScore Media Metrics, YouTube’s 136million monthly visitors made up about 18percent of the world’s Internet audience in January. Just before it filed the lawsuit against YouTube, Viacom announced a deal with Joost, which promises closer control of copyrighted material. “This was a very, very speculative bet,” said Paul Kedrosky, a venture capitalist who writes the blog Infectious Greed. While assuring investors the size of YouTube’s business is “very large,” Schmidt conceded “it’s unclear what the monetization looks like because it’s too early.” And he’s right; the deal is still only 4months old. But adding YouTube to Google has certainly had a rocky start. Last year, YouTube sold less than $15million in advertising, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission – not enough to cover the site’s bandwidth costs, as calculated by outside experts. By comparison, targeted links have been a gold mine for Google, which made $3.1billion in profit last year. Contrary to early assumptions, common forms of Internet advertising such as targeted links do not work well on the freewheeling site. YouTube’s video content is not so easily matched with relevant ads; it’s hard to know what an audience drawn to a free video of someone’s cat drinking from a toilet bowl might also want to buy. While the user-generated content can be tasteless, the professionally produced content is often posted without permission. That’s not an attractive environment for major brands concerned about their image. Ben Crain, vice president of media at Rapt, whose software is used to determine pricing for online advertising, compared placing advertising links alongside YouTube’s user-generated videos to buying unsold “remnant” inventory on other sites. It is, he said, “high volume, low value, distress inventory.” YouTube stopped featuring advertising links a few months ago and has been concentrating on offering home-page video ads, along with channels focused on specific brands and promotions. Advertisers ranging from Coca-Cola to Cadillac have embraced these, but it’s unclear how much money the ads are making for YouTube. The way brand channels work is that an advertiser who spends a certain amount of money on YouTube is given a page on the site, where it can upload clips at no cost and control the appearance of the area. Promotions vary. One example is a New Year’s Eve special that was designed to create interest in Chevrolet’s Silverado truck. The event was put together by Campbell-Ewald, a Detroit-area advertising agency that is a unit of Interpublic Group. To draw attention, Chevrolet sponsored a New Year’s Eve countdown with Warner Bros Artists such as Crime Mob, Johnny Hallyday, Kid Rock, Lil Scrappy and My Chemical Romance. Users were encouraged to upload their own video resolutions. Meanwhile, Chevrolet posted an informational video about the Silverado. This was the test, said Ed Dilworth, chief contact officer of Campbell-Ewald. He wasn’t at all sure users would take a break from holiday revelry to research a truck. The result: hundreds of thousands of views of the Silverado video. “It was like, holy cow!” Dilworth said. The benefit of YouTube, Dilworth said, is that unlike traditional forms of advertising, YouTube provides users with interactive experiences that can help them make big decisions, in this case buying a $40,000 vehicle. Dilworth said he also has been using YouTube to show what life is like in the Navy, another client. Real sailors are encouraged to post videos on YouTube, ranging from the humorous and goofy to the serious and sincere. About 3,000 videos on YouTube now chronicle a range of service experiences, potentially drawing in recruits. “We can’t do this anywhere else,” Dilworth said. This is great for the Navy’s recruiting efforts, but it’s also another example of how Google’s battle with major copyright owners could muck up its efforts to make money. That’s because sailors, like other YouTube users, often mix copyrighted content, especially music, into their videos. In most cases, it is illegal to do this without permission from copyright holders. Google and YouTube have agreed to install filters that can flag copyrighted material as part of deals with several major record companies. The filters, however, haven’t been turned on. This illustrates yet another challenge for Google: Will users stay around after the site goes legit? “I think Google may have underestimated the amount of challenge all this copyright problem was going to cause,” said Josh Bernoff, a vice president of Forrester Research. Google is holding 12.5percent of YouTube’s purchase price – around $200million – in escrow to cover legal liabilities. If the court finds Google liable for infringement, would it be enough? Brian Pitz, an analyst with Bank of America Equity Research, calculated that advertising revenue for the 1.5billion copies of Viacom clips streamed by YouTube would have amounted to just $30million. But a judgment against Google could lead to other lawsuits. Already there are several copyright suits pending against Google in addition to Viacom. YouTube has tried to manage its risk by signing agreements with 1,000 media partners – but the deals don’t cover the site’s broad array of content. There is also the question of millions of dollars in bandwidth expenses. While experts such as Dave Burstein, editor of DSL Prime, say Google’s network is remarkably efficient, companies such as Joost and BitTorrent that use peer-to-peer technology to deliver movies and videos can do so at far lower cost. All the complications aside, some analysts say Google is rich enough to afford to have YouTube fail. What the company can’t afford, they say, is a prolonged period of YouTube-induced distraction. “The biggest risk related to YouTube, in our view, may actually be whether it is keeping Google management from focusing on the core search business,” Lehman Brother’s analyst Doug Anmuth wrote in a recent note. Then there is the competing view. “If anyone can monetize online video well, it should be Google,” Anmuth concluded. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Gor boosts hopes of creating CAF CL history

first_img0Shares0000Gor Mahia fans celebrating after thrashing Lobi Stars of Nigeria 3-1 in the CAF Champions League first leg First Round at Kasarani Stadium. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYANAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 17 – Gor Mahia could become the first Kenyan club to reach the CAF Champions League group phase after defeating Lobi Stars of Nigeria 3-1 on Sunday in a 2018/2019 round-of-30 first leg at the Moi International Sports Center Kasarani. It was a better-than-expected result for the Kenyan outfit after they struggled to overcome Nyasa Big Bullets of Malawi in the preliminary round, scraping through on post-match penalties. The overall outcome could hinge on whether Gor can score an away goal in Nigeria this Saturday to cancel the one Lobi snatched in east Africa.Kenyan clubs have failed to reach the group stage since its introduction in 1997, but Gor came close last year by losing 1-0 overall to eventual champions Esperance of Tunisia.Rwandan Jacques Tuyisenge gave Gor a sixth-minute lead in Nairobi that Samuel Onyango increased midway through the first half.Samuel Kadiri pulled one goal back for Lobi only for Onyango to net again before half-time with the last goal of the match.-Other results-Gor Mahia striker Jacques Tuyisenge against Lobi Stars defender Itodo Cletus. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYAFive former winners of the competition were in action and four won at home while the other drew away.V Club of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the 1973 champions, look set for the group stage after hammering minnows Bantu of Lesotho 4-1 in Kinshasa.Jean-Marc Makusu, runner-up in the CAF Confederation Golden Boot race last season with 11 goals, bagged a brace for the Congolese.Tunisians Club Africain, who were African champions 27 years ago, came from behind to defeat Al Hilal of Sudan 3-1 in the Tunis suburb of Rades.The hosts had the narrowest of leads until Oussema Darragi scored a potentially crucial third goal one minute into stoppage time.Ismaily, whose 1969 triumph was the first in the competition by an Egyptian club, won 2-0 at home to Coton Sport of Cameroon with Baher el Mohamadi and Karim Bambo scoring.Five-time African champions TP Mazembe of DR Congo managed only a 1-0 win over Zambian club Zesco United in Lubumbashi with an early Jackson Muleka goal separating the sides.Mamelodi Sundowns, who two years ago became the second South African winners of the Champions League, drew 0-0 away to Al Ahly Benghazi of Libya in Cairo.Benghazi were forced to move the fixture to the Egyptian capital because of militia violence in their country.AS Otoho of Congo Brazzaville, who shocked 2018 semi-finalists Primeiro Agosto of Angola in the preliminary round, were held 1-1 at home by FC Platinum of Zimbabwe.Mamane Cisse gave the hosts an 18th-minute lead in the northern town of Owando and Lameck Namho levelled three minutes after half-time.The 15 second legs are scheduled for this Saturday and Sunday while defending champions Esperance of Tunisia received a bye into the December 28 group draw.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Whittier mayor criticized for divulging library plan

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m.“I’m in my 14th year and I’ve never seen anybody on this council call the newspaper with their plan on something this important to the community,” Nordbak said. “I hope that in the future anybody who sits on this council will have (their proposal) agendized and then have a discussion.” Also critical were council members Joe Vinatieri and Cathy Warner. The subject of discussion was Monday’s Whittier Daily News article in which Newcomer proposed a $37.5 million plan to finance a new library at the 3.4-acre city-owned Alpha Beta property on Hadley Street between Comstock and Milton avenues. Newcomer proposed a plan relying on a new federal tax credit plan, using leftover city housing credits, a willingness to pay for a new parking structure and giving away for free the Alpha Beta property. In the story, Nordbak and Councilman Bob Henderson were quoted as saying the plan is too risky and premature. Nordbak said he didn’t mind Newcomer coming up with the idea. “I applaud the mayor for sitting at home and coming up with the plan,” he said. “I just wish he or anybody else would bring it here first.” Newcomer said he didn’t think he did anything wrong, saying that many of the elements of his plan had been discussed in prior council meetings. “I didn’t initiate the call to the newspaper,” he said. “The newspaper had said, `People say it can’t be done.’ I said it can be done. I was trying to answer the question, `Can it be done.”‘ Newcomer also said he went to staff to make sure his facts were correct. “It was not my intent to cause problems,” he said. “It was my intent to share information on an issue that needed clarifying.” Newcomer said that he just can’t go to council members and discuss the plan outside of a council meeting because of the Ralph M. Brown Act. Council members are only allowed to discuss policy items with each other during a council meeting. Doing it with more than one is called a serial meeting and is illegal. Warner said she was “shocked” upon reading the story. “It did overwhelm me a little bit,” she said. “I have received several calls from citizens who were very concerned.” Vinatieri also was critical. “I’m big-time into team,” he said. “It concerned me from that standpoint. I’d encourage us not to get in front of any project, but work collaboratively as a team.” Newcomer said he agrees that council members should work together. “I’m confused about how sharing information with the public isn’t being collaborative,” he said. “Maybe we can have more discussions as a City Council.” (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3022 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! • For full fire coverage vist the Special Section. WHITTIER – All Mayor Owen Newcomer thought he was doing when he talked to the newspaper was present a plan on how the city could afford a new library. Not so, said three council members at the end of the council meeting late Tuesday. “I was very disappointed the first thing I heard about the mayor’s plan was from the newspaper,” said Councilman Greg Nordbak. last_img


first_imgShay Given has urged anyone thinking about registering a team for Relay for Life Donegal 2014 to “make the commitment today”.Shay shows his support for Relay for LifeThe former Republic of Ireland goalkeeper said being a member of any team can be a memorable and rewarding experience.But he added “Being a Relay for Life Donegal team member takes memorable and rewarding to a whole new/different level”. The Lifford man said people he knows who have participated at the events over the past two years who have told him about their fulfillment at taking part.Shay said “Surely to experience this first hand must be truly incredible?”Astonishingly, according to the successful goalkeeper, “20 people each week are diagnosed with cancer; that’s why the Relay for Life Donegal committee believes there are 1000 reasons to Relay”.Shay asks everyone reading this article to consider their reasons to Relay. “If you feel you have at least one reason to Relay, then contact Nicola Mc Bride or any committee member in order to get registered today. With so many people being diagnosed with cancer in Donegal, it is essential to have funding in place that will ensure delivery of key services when required”.Last year Relay for Life Donegal raised a staggering €320,728 for research.In addition, €328,225 was spent by The Irish Cancer Society on cancer services in Donegal.Without assistance The Irish Cancer Society would find it impossible to provide vital services; such as care to drive, nursing services, financial aid, helpline calls, counselling, survivors supporting survivors, youth programmes, cancer support centres, booklets and leaflets, etc.Shay highlights that “all proceeds raised from Relay for Life Donegal 2014, will be spent on providing vital cancer services in Donegal” and urges the public to “please call Nicola on 086 8880399 or email, email, or contact any committee member”. SHAY PLEADS WITH PEOPLE TO GET A TEAM FOR ‘RELAY FOR LIFE’ was last modified: April 18th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalRelay for LifeShay GivenTeamslast_img read more

Pulitzer Prize winners list

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl eventINVESTIGATIVE REPORTING – Susan Schmidt, James V. Grimaldi and R. Jeffrey Smith of The Washington Post. EXPLANATORY REPORTING – David Finkel of The Washington Post. BEAT REPORTING – Dana Priest of The Washington Post. NATIONAL REPORTING – Two Prizes: James Risen and Eric Lichtblau of The New York Times and the staffs of The San Diego Union-Tribune and Copley News Service. INTERNATIONAL REPORTING – Joseph Kahn and Jim Yardley of The New York Times. FEATURE WRITING – Jim Sheeler of the Rocky Mountain News of Denver, Colo. COMMENTARY – Nicholas D. Kristof of The New York Times. CRITICISM – Robin Givhan of The Washington Post. EDITORIAL WRITING – Rick Attig and Doug Bates of The (Portland) Oregonian. EDITORIAL CARTOONING – Mike Luckovich of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. BREAKING NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY – Staff of The Dallas Morning News. FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – Todd Heisler of the Rocky Mountain News of Denver, Colo. ARTS FICTION – “March,” by Geraldine Brooks (Viking) DRAMA – No Award HISTORY – “Polio: An American Story,” by David M. Oshinsky (Oxford University Press) BIOGRAPHY – “American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer,” by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin (Alfred A. Knopf) POETRY – “Late Wife,” by Claudia Emerson (Louisiana State University Press) GENERAL NON-FICTION – “Imperial Reckoning: The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya,” by Caroline Elkins (Henry Holt) MUSIC – Piano Concerto: `Chiavi in Mano,’ by Yehudi Wyner (Associated Music Publishers) SPECIAL CITATIONS Edmund S. Morgan, honored for what Pulitzer officials described as “his creative and deeply influential body of work as an American historian that spans the last half century.” Thelonious Monk, honored posthumously for “a body of distinguished and innovative musical composition that has had a significant and enduring impact on the evolution of jazz.”160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The 2006 Pulitzer Prize winners, announced Monday: JOURNALISM: PUBLIC SERVICE – Two Prizes: The Sun Herald of South Mississippi and The Times-Picayune of New Orleans. BREAKING NEWS REPORTING – Staff of The Times-Picayune of New Orleans. last_img