Acapulco once a playground for AList celebs has

first_imgAcapulco, once a playground for A-List celebs, has earned the title of Mexico’s most violent city for the fifth consecutive year (in 2016), yet the city’s Mayor, Evodio Velázquez, is talking up tourism, claiming 2015 also saw hotel occupancy at over 90% and that he’s confident 2016 will yield similar results.An article by Nathaniel Parish Flannery in The Guardian reports a press conference with the following exchange between Velázquez and a reporter:“My government is working to stop crime. I’ll keep working. Acapulco is a city with complications – it has to be accepted. But today we’re at over 90% hotel occupancy. People love Acapulco.”A reporter yells out: “Has the protective barrier around the tourism zone failed?”“I think we have to reinforce it,” Velázquez says. “We have to review and strengthen it.”“Will there be an effect from the Playa Angosta incident?”“The port is still an option for tourists,” the mayor replies. “We won’t take a step backwards. We’ll keep going.”Despite the Mayor’s confidence, Flannery finds a different story when he asks the manager of the Mirador hotel, Melchor Gonzalez, how many US tourists are currently staying at the hotel.“Right now, today, let me see … I don’t think I have one,” says Gonzalez. “Today Acapulco is mostly national [Mexican] tourism. Foreign tourism still isn’t recovering.”Read the full article here.Image: During 2016 almost 500 people have been killed in Acapulco. Photograph: John Moore/Getty Images mexicotourismlast_img read more