These people booked a window seat but sat next to this instead

first_imgThese people booked a window seat but sat next to this instead @Qantas Seat 9A…Window Seat…#wheresmywindow? I’m pretty claustrophobic and this really didn’t help. QF547— Schipffy (@schipffy) February 20, 2017 Share Posted by Thanks @united! I paid for upgrade for a window seat, and THERE. IS. NO. WINDOW! #10F #wheresmywindow— cant tell you (@trashmoneyyy) March 21, 2017 LONDON — You’d think that when booking a window seat on a plane, you’re guaranteed the one defining feature of that seat – a window. But alas, in an era where “no-frills” increasingly means new lows for the airline industry, even windows aren’t a sure thing anymore.A new hashtag has been making the rounds on social media these days to describe the latest gripe of ripped-off fliers. #wheresmywindow is being used by unfortunate passengers who were stuck sitting next to a windowless wall, despite having booked a window seat.According to the YouTube channel Today I Found Out, which investigated the issue last October, airlines are adding more rows of seats to aircraft to raise revenue. As a result, some rows are left without windows, an unfortunate by-product in the race towards competitive airfares.Most of the tweets poked fun of the respective airlines and were kept on the humourous side. Check out some of our favourites:My seat has no window. maybe that’s extra? #wheresmywindow #missingwindow #windowawarenessday— Alistair Bates (@realAlistairB) July 21, 2017 Friday, September 15, 2017 Travelweek Group << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img

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