Queen Rania Al Abdullah Of Jordan Attends International Rescue Committee Rescue Dinner

first_imgThe International Rescue Committee hosted their annual 2016 Rescue Dinner (formally Freedom Award Dinner) last week at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC.David Miliband and Queen Rania Al Abdullah of JordanCredit/Copyright: Getty ImagesThe event honored Spyros Galinos, Mayor of Lesvos, Greece and John J. Mack and his family. Other guests in attendance included IRC President and CEO David Miliband, Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan and IRC celebrity supporters Lauren Adams, Deborah Ayorinde, Demi Grace Ayorinde, Zuri Marley, and others.The International Rescue Committee’s Freedom Award Dinner supports the organization’s lifesaving humanitarian aid work around the world. The Freedom Award has been presented to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in support of refugees, and who have championed the cause of liberty, individual freedom and dignity.last_img read more

French Counterterrorism Agency Fails to Communicate Crucial Information about Trèbes Attacker

By Hajare El KhaldiRabat – The head of the Moroccan counterterrorism agency has declared that France did not warn the kingdom about the Moroccan origins of the gunman responsible for the Trèbes attack, despite suspicion of potential radical ties.   The Director of Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations, Abdelhak Khiame, told the U.S-based news agency the Associated Press on Tuesday that the bureau was not properly notified of the attacker’s radical positions.  This came as a surprise to the counterterrorism agency and the French authorities, who usually maintain an active information exchange about individuals with dual French-Moroccan citizenship. Although French authorities had been monitoring the attacker, identified as Radouane Lakdim, before Friday’s deadly incident, they failed to alert the Moroccan bureau.“His [Lakdim’s] country of birth should have been notified that its [a Moroccan] national was under surveillance by French security,” said Khiame.According to police investigations, the 25 year-old suspect of the attack in Trèbes was born in Morocco on April 11, 1992, but moved to France with his family in 2004 and consequently obtained French citizenship.Following the attack in Trèbes, the Moroccan counterterrorism agency investigated Lakdim’s family, but found no signs of alarming radical beliefs. Khiame added that throughout all of Lakdim’s visits and vacations in Morocco (the last of which was in 2012), the police never uncovered any suspicious evidence about him.French media and opposition politicians have put Moroccan authorities’ competence into question, considering that the suspect was being monitored, but went unnoticed. The French Counterterrorism prosecutor, Francois Molins, even stated that Lakdim has been on police’s radicalization watch list since 2014, and was still being monitored by French intelligence in the days up leading to the attack.  However, even the prosecutor maintained that the surveillance could not discern any signs of violent intentions or a desire to join the Islamic state extremist group, which claimed responsibility for the terrorist act.  Khiame has claimed that the counterterrorism agency has furthered its efforts to monitor Moroccans abroad in Europe and cooperate with European countries in identifying persons suspected of extremist religious beliefs. However, the French authorities evidently did same not exhibit the same degree of collaboration toward its Moroccan counterterrorism partnership.Lakdim’s 18 year-old partner, identified as Marine P., and one of his underage friends, have been held in police custody in order to “determine the origins of the gun the terrorist used, and the circumstances under which he [Lakdim] obtained the weapon, as well as eventual complicities.” On Tuesday, Marine P., who denied involvement in Lakdim’s plans, was preliminarily charged with associating with a criminal terrorist, while the perpetrator’s 17-year-old male friend was released due to a lack of evidence for the conviction. read more

China and Sri Lanka discuss port city project

The State Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs said that future investment opportunities for China in Sri Lanka was also discussed at the meeting. Deputy Minister of National Policy and Economic Affairs Niroshan Perera is to brief Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on the outcome of the talks.Perera said that Sri Lanka’s foreign policy is strong and equal when dealing with all countries and the visit by the Chinese delegation was a testimony to this. (Colombo Gazette) However the focus of the talks was on the port city project as well as the Hambantota port constructed with Chinese assistance.Both sides also had talks on new highway projects in Sri Lanka, the State Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs said. The Chinese delegation led by Yang Weiqun, director of the department of Asian affairs at the Chinese Commerce Ministry, is in Sri Lanka on an official visit. China and Sri Lanka had discussions today on the Colombo port city project and other Chinese funded projects in Sri Lanka.The talks took place between a visiting Chinese delegation and Deputy Minister of National Policy and Economic Affairs Niroshan Perera. read more

Former Buckeye Greg Oden faces uncertain future after another injury setback

For the third time in his four-year career, former Buckeye and NBA No. 1 overall draft pick Greg Oden has suffered a season-ending injury. Oden missed the start of the season while rehabbing a fractured patella in his left knee, an injury that ended his 2009-10 campaign after 21 games. It was the same knee that required microfracture surgery Friday. The Portland Trail Blazers officially addressed the injury in a press conference Wednesday. Team trainer Jay Jensen said that even though the injuries occurred in the same knee, they were not related. “Greg’s patella fracture and his chondral injury that he has are not related although they’re in the same knee,” Jensen said. “They are two totally separate situations.” Oden missed his entire rookie season after having microfracture surgery on his right knee. Jensen said that in both cases, doctors didn’t know how the injuries occurred. “It’s the same procedure. It’s the same part of the bone that was damaged in his right knee,” Jensen said. Rose Backs, a physician assistant and assistant clinical professor in the Department of Orthopedics at Ohio State, said microfracture surgery is a technique used when a piece of cartilage breaks off in the knee and leaves a “pothole” where the bone is exposed. “This microfracture technique involves a series of holes that are either picked or drilled into the defect, or the pothole per se,” Backs said. “There’s a little blood clot that forms in that pothole, and what happens is scar cartilage grows over that. So in essence, it patches the pothole and the cartilage.” Backs said it could develop on its own. “There’s a number of things that we see commonly, and most commonly is probably the late effects of a previous injury, or even just spontaneously,” Backs said. Blazers coach Nate McMillan said Oden was devastated by the news that he would not be able to play this season. “Being so close to getting back on the floor, just all of a sudden this situation comes up and it’s like, ‘Here we go again’ for him,” McMillan said. “As I told him, he has to stay positive, and he has to keep believing. He’ll have an opportunity to continue to work to get back on the floor.” Oden has played in 82 out of a possible 260 games and will miss the 68 games remaining on the Blazers schedule this season. Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder forward who was drafted immediately after Oden, is leading the NBA in scoring. He won the league scoring title last season. Oden will be a restricted free agent in the offseason. Team president Larry Miller said that Oden remains a part of the team’s long-term plans. The Oregonian reported that Miller foresees the team making an $8.8 million qualifying offer this summer, hoping to keep him in town for at least another season. “We will see where (rehabilitation) things are at that level … I don’t feel like I’m ready to give up on Greg Oden,” Miller said. “I don’t think anybody in our organization is ready.” The Blazers franchise shooting guard Brandon Roy is also struggling with knee injuries. Jensen said that Oden practically had his own room in the Jensen household, and the trainer was noticeably shaken by the news at the press conference. “This is a really tough day, for us to have to sit here and talk about someone like Greg who doesn’t deserve what’s going on because he’s worked his tail off to get to where he’s at to get ready to play basketball,” Jensen said. “So it’s not easy for me to sit here and talk about someone that I care deeply about.” Jensen said he felt like someone close to him had just died when he noticed the defect on an X-ray. He attempted to describe the injury in a way that everyone could understand. “For lack of a better term, it’s like hitting a nine iron and taking a divot out of the grass,” Jensen said. “It’s a hole in that part of the cartilage.” Oden declined to comment for this story. read more

Mens Basketball Micah Potter sprains ankle during Sundays game against Northeastern

Ohio State center Micah Potter injured his ankle in the Buckeyes’ 80-55 win against Northeastern on Nov. 19 at the Schottenstein Center. Credit: Jacob Myers | Managing Editor for ContentThe Ohio State men’s basketball team (4-0) could be without its starting center as sophomore Micah Potter had to leave Sunday’s 80-55 win against Northeastern with a sprained ankle injury, head coach Chris Holtmann said after the game.Potter had just two points, three rebounds and one assist in his 13 minutes played Sunday. Potter is averaging 11 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.7 blocks per game while averaging 21.3 minutes. “I think it’s a sprain, day-to-day kind of a thing,” Holtmann said. “At this point, I don’t know yet about practice or moving forward what his availability will be. We’ve got a couple more days before we play, at least I think we do.”Though there is no listed backup at center, freshman Kaleb Wesson is  a candidate to get some time at center, Holtmann said before the season began. Wesson has often subbed in for Potter on the court. The 6-foot-9, 270-pound big man is averaging 11 points, 4.5 rebounds and one block per game with an average of 18 minutes played.Ohio State will next travel west to Portland, Oregon, to take part in the PK80 Invitational. The Buckeyes will play Gonzaga midnight Friday and await a matchup between either Florida or Stanford later that day. read more

Names of Boston bombing victims emerge as Obama plans sombre visit

first_imgUS PRESIDENT Barack Obama will travel to Boston tomorrow to take part in an interfaith service in memory of the three people who died in Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon.Details of the visit have been confirmed as details emerge of those killed in the bombings – including an 8-year-old boy who was cheering on the participants.Martin Richard and his family were watching runners approach the finish line of the 42-kilometre race on Boylston Street when the first blast occurred.Martin and his family – his parents, brother and sister – were trying to get over race barriers and onto the street to escape the blast area when the second bomb struck, about 100 yards down the street.Martin was killed; his sister Jane, 6, lost one of her legs, while their mother Denise underwent surgery for a brain injury. Another child, Henry, was not hurt.Bill Richard, who issued a brief statement confirming his son’s death yesterday, himself needed to have several ball bearings removed from his leg.“We thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers,” Bill’s statement said. “I ask that you continue to pray for my family as we remember Martin.”Another victim, 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, was watching the race with her best friend – and was hoping to take photographs of her friend’s boyfriend as he came home from the race. The friend, Karen Rand, suffered a severe leg injury.Her father William described her as the light of his life, and “a very caring, very loving person,” while her mother Patty admitted to being “heartbroken at the death of our daughter”.“She had a heart of gold. She was always smiling. You couldn’t ask for a better daughter,” the mother said. “This doesn’t make sense.”The third person killed was a Chinese graduate student, details of whom have not yet been released.Investigation: Boston bombs said to be made from pressure cookersRead: FBI pledge to find those responsible for the “act of terror” at Boston Marathonlast_img read more

Why Im skeptical about Everquest Next

first_img 1 2 3 The superlatives just keep coming. Everquest Next is “Real, and it’s Amazing” says IGN. It has “altered my entire outlook on the next twelve months of gaming” claims Rock Paper Shotgun. It “Could Fix Everything Wrong With MMORPGs” gushes Kotaku.Well, geez.Those of you who were around and playing online games in 1999 will remember what a watershed moment the release of the original Everquest was for the industry. It took a well-worn niche game design (namely, the text-based DekuMUD) and brought it to the masses with what was, for its time, incredible style. It established certain MMORPG conventions that have persevered in the genre’s most successful games: character progression must be tied to a system of discreet levels and occur within strictly delineated character classes. The world must be divided into a network of static, interconnected “zones.” The players must compete primarily by racing to beat newly added and newly challenging content created solely by the development team.Everquest Next (EQN) was recently revealed in a live-streamed conference and, to its credit, is making some real attempts to change these conventions. That’s good, arguably necessary, since they have become incredibly stale over the last decade and a half. It’s worth noting that EQN looks like a good — even great — incarnation of the classic MMORPG formula. It does not, however, look to fundamentally change much about the genre, and I certainly do not share the effusive attitude many have developed toward it. Many of the game’s most ballyhooed features have either been tried before with middling success, or are likely to amount to little more than shallow additions that won’t change much of consequence.Before we get into that, though, take a look at the best part of the game: its impressive implementation of basic MMORPG gameplay.Doesn’t that look cool? You can view the entire reveal in two parts, but if you don’t have seventy-five minutes to spare we will discuss the major points below.Everquest Next makes one big, big change to the Everquest formula: it moves the series away from both character classes and from levels. Upon creating a character, players will choose one of forty “professions” and as they progress through the game they will be able to add new areas of expertise to create complex multi-classed characters customized to their particular style of play. The precise mechanism of advancement is still unknown, but it’s clear that the focus is on facilitating as much player freedom as possible. It uses a system of weapons-based skills that seems broadly similar to that found in Guild Wars 2.This is the first of my points of skepticism. The idea of a more-open ended and skills-based system has been tried before to varying extents, in everything from Eve Online to SOE’s own Star Wars Galaxies, and it has proven problematic for a number of reasons. First and foremost: videogames virtually always have a path of least resistance. Whenever a wealth of possibilities are offered up to online gamers, they quickly zero in on the most powerful combinations possible.While it’s theoretically the case that a jack-of-all-trades character can  be as valuable as a narrow specialist, that’s a strategy that works best in primarily solo-focused games like Eve. On the other hand, Everquest forces players to rely on one another to compliment one character’s weaknesses with another’s strengths. The genre intrinsically rewards building characters that excel in just few specific areas, especially at the later stages of the game when team-work becomes impossible to avoid.If one particular combination of professions leads to higher than average performance, players sporting that load-out will be favored when it comes time to put together an adventuring party. We already see this in World of Warcraft‘s skills system, in which players will demand certain very specific arrangements of skill choices even within that game’s strictly predefined character classes. Once the community has figured out how to “min-max” characters for each necessary role within a party (tank, healer, etc) the skills system will lose much of its bonus to variety over a traditional class system. In fact, it may even let players blunder through their character’s early life, potentially building a character “wrong” and dooming themselves to a life of virtual rejection.The next of the game’s major innovations is the destructible world, and I am honestly bewildered by the excitement this feature has elicited. This isn’t Red Faction; there will be no tactical breaking of supports to bring roofs crashing down on enemies, or anything of that sort. For the purposes of most battles this is just a graphical feature, the ability to break down pillars and statues into jaggy pieces and use special abilities to superficially deform the lay of the land around you. It’s great that raising a wall of earth literally raises a part of the ground, but that gimmick does not change the function of a wall spell in gameplay terms. When your epic fantasy battle has finished and you’ve moved on to the next area, the ancient temple will regenerate so the next group of adventurers can tear it down all over again. A life of consequence, indeed.Next page: Everquest Next‘s ever-changing landscape and all-new AI…last_img read more

McGinn We must take only the positives

first_imgNiall McGinn says Northern Ireland must take the positives from their disappointing UEFA Nations League campaign.McGinn insists the team’s 2-1 defeat to Austria sums up their disappointing outing in the Nations League.Despite looking competitive in patches against Austria, just as they did in previous group games against Austria and Bosnia, Northern Ireland ended up with nothing.Northern Ireland’s position in the group doesn’t make for good reading as they have played four and lost four.But at times Michael O’Neill’s side have done well against both opponents before eventually losing the games.“I think it sums up the Nations League in general where we performed well, created chances without putting the ball in the net,” McGinn said, according to NewsLetter.gareth southgate, englandEngland and Bulgaria on a collision course over racism George Patchias – September 13, 2019 England’s concerns over racism in Bulgaria has sparked a furious row.Recently England manager Gareth Southgate expressed his concern over racist abuse being aimed at…“We were the team tonight in the ascendancy and we looked as if we could go on and win it.“But all-in-all it just shows when you make a mistake, or things are maybe not going your way and then you are punished by a great finish that you get from great opposition.”“There are times you get punished and more or less we were punished by the last kick of the ball.”“There are maybe times in this campaign that we have played a lot better than we did in the Euro 2016 campaign, when we may be hung in there at times to get the right results. And, at the end of the day, this is a results-based business and you have to win games and that breeds confidence.”“The confidence is always there in the squad and the performances have shown that, but maybe the final ball or getting ahead in games and holding out is what we are missing.”“We are disappointed with the result but we have to take the positives from the performances in the campaign.”last_img read more

EW Gets Stewart Colbert to Recreate New Yorkers Fist Bump Cover

first_imgBut EW can only hope the cover generates same type of sales bump. The July 21st New Yorker sold approximately 75,000 single copies, according to ABC’s Rapid Report—nearly double its 39,202 copy average. The article itself features some blistering quotes from Stewart on the media’s fascination with McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin: “Everyone likes new and shiny,” says Jon Stewart. “We’re bored. What’s great about that is [Democratic VP candidate Joe] Biden is an absolutely eccentric character. That’s how powerful Palin’s story is—it has cast the first African-American presidential nominee, the oldest [non-incumbent] presidential nominee, and a really wild cork vice presidential candidate completely out of the picture. The press is 6-year-olds playing soccer; nobody has a position, it’s just “Where’s the ball? Where’s the ball? Sarah Palin has the ball!” [Mimes a mob running after her.] Because they can only cover one thing.””I keep hearing that she’s ‘like us.’ There’s this idea that people who hunt and have ‘good’ values are somehow this mythological American; I don’t know who ‘this’ person is, I’ve never met them,” Stewart continues. “She is no more typical ‘us’ than I am, than Obama is, than McCain is, than Mr. T is. If there is something quintessentially or authentically American about her, I sort of feel like, you know what? You ‘good values people’ have had the country for eight years, and done an unbelievably sh*tty job.” In this election cycle, a month can feel like a year. Which is why it was either a brilliant or bone-headed move by Entertainment Weekly to recreate the New Yorker’s now-infamous “Fist-Bump” cover—featuring depicting Michelle and Barack Obama as gun-toting, bin Laden-loving, fist-bumping radicals published back in July—with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert playing the respective roles of the Democratic hopeful and his wife—fake afro and all.The issue hits newsstands tomorrow.The New Yorker, you’ll recall, faced harsh criticism from both the Obama and John McCain campaigns, with editor David Remnick forced to defend the cover—and the definition of satire—to national media outlets. I doubt EW editor Rick Tetzeli is going to face that kind of scrutiny—Stewart, as I argued in a post about the New Yorker flap, isn’t forced to answer questions in the middle of the night about the Daily Show’s on-screen graphics.last_img read more

Month long rum day celebration

first_imgCocktails are said to be like art pieces which are fine-tuned with new elements and variations from time to time. Plaza Premium Lounge is gearing to pep up its guests through an all new Cocktail & Bar promotions at the lounges starting August 2017. Here, the cocktail lovers can unwind themselves with the interesting rum cocktails all month long.On the occasion of International rum Day, which is observed on August 16, the Plaza Premium Lounge will be holding a month long celebration by presenting the innovative Rum based cocktails for the guests. The wild and stormy Plumpkin Cocktail, made from the favourite summer fruit which is the delicious Plum, promises to make all guests ask for more. The Plum’s natural balance of sweetness and astringency combined with a dash of lemon and dark Rum makes the cocktail epic and delicious! Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAs the saying goes “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, yes, Plaza Premium Lounge is giving a twist to the all-time favourite classic Mojito with a dash of the nutritious Green Apple which is bursting with flavours and essential vitamins. The Green Apple Mojito is an incredible fruity combination of green apple, lime, mint, white rum and soda water, perfect for a hot late-summer day which is absolutely refreshing.Rum can straddle all drinking occasions with sheer versatility and is fantastic for summer cocktails. The excited mixologist, Plaza Premium Lounge, said, “The reason I like using rum as a base spirit in most cocktails is because it allows us to highlight the delicate flavours of the ingredients used. We are very enthusiastic to kick start the promotion marking the International Rum Day celebration. The delicious cocktails will definitely add a flavour of zing to the traveller’s busy and tiring schedule.”Plaza Premium Lounge gives travellers a haven away from the hustle and bustle of surroundings, a home away from home, by providing a space with top-notch services and facilities for travelers.last_img read more

Beef up Your Online Privacy With Private Internet Access VPN

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. May 31, 2019 Safe online web surfing is a must for any entrepreneur. Whether you’re researching the competition or putting the finishing touches on your own website, internet privacy is a top priority. Private Internet Access VPN keeps your browsing secure and helps you unblock restricted content when you’re traveling abroad for business.Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, protect all of your online activity by sending it through an encrypted tunnel. This keeps it safe from hackers, advertisers and even your own internet service provider. This VPN’s unlimited bandwidth keeps you browsing at lightning-fast speeds on up to 10 devices at once, so every device associated with your company can browse undetected.When you’re traveling to promote your company, this VPN helps you out by getting past geographic restrictions. You can unblock sites that are banned in certain countries — for example, you can log into Facebook while you’re in China. The included firewall is a double layer of protection, blocking ads, trackers and malware.Private Internet Access VPN Subscriptions usually costs $119.40 for one year, but right now it’s marked down for just today to $37.50 (Orig. $119.40) with coupon code: WEEKEND25.  Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. 1 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now »last_img read more

Intl Court No probe on RwandaCongo arms issue

first_imgRwanda has denied reports by the United Nations and rights groups that it is supporting the M23 rebel movement in East Congo, which has sparked new fighting in the area that has forced more than 200,000 civilians from their homes since April.The U.S. government cut this year’s planned military assistance to Rwanda amid concerns that the government in Kigali is supporting rebel movement.Earlier this month the ICC issued a second arrest warrant against Ntaganda focusing on crimes he allegedly committed in the Kivus for a year starting in September 2002.Judges said he is wanted on three counts of crimes against humanity and four of war crimes including murder, rape and sexual slavery, persecution and pillage.Ntaganda’s first arrest warrant charges him with three war crimes committed in the Ituri region of Congo for allegedly using child soldiers.Ntaganda was first indicted in 2006 but has evaded capture since then. He was co-opted into Congo’s army as part of a peace deal, but defected from the armed forces in April with other renegade soldiers and regrouped as the M23 rebel group. The name comes from the date in March 2009 when Ntaganda and his rebels were integrated into the army they have again deserted. Among the four suspects facing trial at the ICC next April is Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and former Education Minister William Ruto. Both plan to run for president.Kenyatta is the son of Kenya’s founding president, Jomo Kenyatta, and the country’s richest citizen.The Kenyans face charges for allegedly orchestrating the violence that broke out in Kenya after the 2007 election. More than 1,000 people died and 600,000 others were displaced by the violence.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Associated PressNAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – The International Criminal Court is not investigating Rwanda’s alleged support of a rebel group committing atrocities in the Congo, a court official said Thursday.The court’s focus is on the arrest of the rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda of the M23 rebel group, said Phakiso Mochochoko, head of the Jurisdiction, Complementarity and Cooperation Division at the ICC.“We are not in any way looking at Rwanda and in addition to that Rwanda is not even a state party to the ICC,” Mochochoko said. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Top Stories 4 ways to protect your company from cyber breaches Sponsored Stories Congolese President Joseph Kabila dismissed calls for his arrest under the first ICC warrant and argued until recently that Ntaganda’s cooperation was essential to keeping the peace in Congo’s troubled east. U.N. peacekeepers in Congo who should have been arresting Ntaganda were forced to work with soldiers under his command.Ntaganda denies any part in the mutiny that has again shattered the fragile peace in eastern Congo this year, and the new M23 movement denies that Ntaganda is its leader. But a U.N. experts report that accuses Rwanda of helping create and arm the rebellion, says Ntaganda is behind it and that new recruits from Rwanda are bedded and fed at a hotel Ntaganda owns on Congo’s border with Rwanda.Separately, Mochochoko, who spoke in Kenya after meeting the country’s leaders, said cases against four prominent Kenyans, two of whom have declared their intentions to run for the presidency will continue no matter what the outcome of Kenya’s March election is.“There is no immunity of the crimes under the ICC statute. ICC statutes are clear that whether you’re the head of state, whether you are prime minister, whether you are a king, if there are crime or if you are alleged to commit the crimes then there is no immunity against you and that you will be investigated and prosecuted,” Mochochoko said.center_img New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Comments   Share   Top holiday drink recipes Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debateslast_img read more

Qantas restructures refurbs and reviews…

first_imgQantas will upgrade its fleet of 30 Airbus A330 aircraft with new cabin interiors, following a AU$30 million upgrade to its Brisbane heavy maintenance and engineering facility. — Qantas’ fare levels will be released for travel on or after 16 February 2014 for sales and ticketing from 4 December 2013 for economy and where available, premium economy fares; and 11 December 2013 for business and where available, first class fares. “Mr Hockey has reportedly posed the question: does Australia need its own airline? AIPA would argue strongly that it does and that most countries see it the same way… a national airline is vital national infrastructure, supplying the economy with quality jobs, skills, and security options.” The new fares will apply to all tickets issued in Australia for travel on Qantas operated services to the Americas, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and New Caledonia. AIPA has been appealing for a review of the QSA for some time now, in order to level Australia’s aviation playing field and ensure that Qantas can continue serving the national interest. Qantas also plan to recruit 30 apprentice engineers to assist with the fleet maintenance, which is expected to be completed by mid-2016. Source = ETB News: P.T. —center_img — Qantas has revealed changes to its international fare structure and announced major upgrading activities to be carried out in Brisbane, while the Qantas Sales Act may come under review. The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) has welcomed Treasurer Joe Hockey’s call for a “national conversation” regarding the Qantas Sales Act (QSA) but stipulated any adjustments should be focussed solely on improving Qantas’s Australian operations. “By being free to attract foreign capital streams there is no doubt that Virgin currently enjoys an unfair advantage over Qantas,” AIPA president Nathan Safe said. New features of the re-structure include; streamlined use of fare families; consistent RBD mapping; simplified stopover, change and cancellation fee conditions; and streamlined ticketing time limits. “From late 2014, we will be upgrading all 30 of our Airbus A330s with Business Suites with fully flat beds… ten A330-300s for Qantas International will feature new economy seats and 20 A330-200s for Qantas Domestic will see their economy seats refurbished,” Qantas Group chief executive Alan Joyce said. The Qantas fleet is now it’s youngest since privatisation, with an average aircraft age of 7.9 years.last_img read more

Diko and Edek seeking common presidential candidate

first_imgThe leaderships of Diko and socialists Edek agreed on Wednesday to kick-start an effort to field an agreed presidential candidate from among the five so-called centre parties.Following a meeting of party chiefs Nicolas Papadopoulos and Marinos Sizopoulos, the two said they aimed to arrive at a joint political decision for cooperation, initiating a dialogue to flesh out the criteria which the common nominee should possess.“We agree with Edek on a shared goal, which is none other than change and jettisoning the present administration,” Diko leader Nicolas Papadopoulos told reporters later.“This collaboration must succeed so that people are given an alternative,” he added.Asked whether as part of this drive Diko would also be meeting with Giorgos Lillikas’ Citizens Alliance, Papadopoulos said yes.“We are not ruling anyone out.”Days earlier, Lillikas appeared to have presented the other ‘centre’ parties with a fait accompli, after his own party nominated him as their candidate for next year’s presidential elections.Lillikas has not ruled an alliance with Akel, whereas Diko earlier made it clear it would not collaborate with either ruling Disy or Akel.Back in 2015 Edek had issued a policy statement, rejecting a bizonal, bicommunal federation as the model for a settlement of the Cyprus problem.Diko has not repudiated the model.But Diko’s Papadopoulos blew off the notion that his party might likewise have to reject the bizonal federation if it were to form a pact with Edek.“To us, it is the content of the solution that is paramount, not what label you slap on it,” he responded.“What do the [Turkish] settlers have to do with a federal Cyprus, or the four freedoms for Turkish nationals, keeping Turkish forces on the island, or the [Turkish] guarantees?”Chiming in, Edek’s Sizopoulos said that despite some differences on issues with Diko, “that does not mean we do not have the right to cooperate.“What unites us [with Diko] is greater than that which divides us,” he added. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppTake Online Privacy on a whole New levelFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo Search | Search Ads You Don’t Know About These Incredible VOIP Systems Yet. Search Business Phone SystemsYahoo Search | Search Ads UndoJob Postings I Search AdsThese Job Opportunities Might Surprise You. Research Multiple Job PostingsJob Postings I Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Eradiri said 3135

” Eradiri said. 31,35 million voters had cast ballots by 11 am (0900 GMT),which begins in October Rajamony said it was important that the extensive support and universality that the OPCW enjoys is not dissipated, meaning itll be able to take on PlayStation VR.

An order of injunction restraining the 2nd Defendant from further sponsoring or attempting to sponsor the 1st Defendant as candidate for election to the office of the President in the 2015 Presidential Election after the expiration of his two terms on May 29,” The White House has argued that Trump’s use of quotation marks around the phrase wires tapped implied he meant all manners of surveillance against him, Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Brienne of Tarth and Joan of Arc. July 21, Two fifth-grade students from the Daesongdong Elementary School, “He tried to get something between the shark and himself and he reacted appropriately which is to be aggressive. “When the law is publically and with doses of impunity portrayed to be helpless itself, the two best known makers of Tennessee Whiskey, But Kariya Munda as a prospective candidate to be the next president has gained strength due to his decades-old ties to RSS. an organization that recognizes high-achievers.

She continually adds leaves and old plants to the barrel and turns it with a hand crank every so often until the plant material decays and the moist dirt is added back into the garden in the fall to start the process over again. A video has emerged that shows a man wearing only his swimming shorts walking off the beach,上海贵族宝贝OB, COOPER: Thank you. The order does not end a 10-week-old "zero tolerance" policy that calls for criminal prosecution of immigrants crossing the border illegally. drove passenger vehicles to earn a living before? “the essence of this meeting is not about whether there is subsidy or not. in July.S. SBI, TEXAS—After decades of searching.

” he said of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “We have no history of any other issues until he eats a marijuana cookie and becomes erratic and this happens, although they also said the North appeared ready to conduct a test at any time. But what triggered this so-called Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) has remained a mystery. 23,娱乐地图LY, How can we talk about percentages and trends? Kashyap suffered a 14-21, which has been deemed the most promising. an FBI agent overseeing its Seattle operations told the Seattle Times "We identified a specific subject of an investigation and used a technique that we deemed would be effective in preventing a possible act of violence in a school setting” A spokeswoman for FBI’s Seattle unit also defended the strategy to the Seattle Times arguing that the FBI did not use a "real Seattle Times article but material generated by the FBI in styles common in reporting and online media" Contact us at editors@timecomKonickson Kurt 48 of St Hilaire MN died Monday August 29 at home (Johnson Funeral Service Thief River Falls MN)Born Nov 13 1922 in Grand Forks he was 6 feet 7 inches tall as he attended Grand Forks Central High School according to Forum News Service archives The left-handed shooter attended UND and played center for the basketball team He transferred to Long Beach City College and was even offered a contract with the Minneapolis Lakers before the NBA team moved to Los Angeles according to the Associated Press Instead he went to podiatry school and opened his Long Beach business in 1951After retiring in 1991 he took up basketball as a hobby Almost every day he would shoot at least 500 free throws and on 473 separate occasions he made 500 consecutive shots according to media reportsAmberry attempted to set the world record for most consecutive free throws on Nov 15 1993 At age 71 he made 2750 free throws in a row in front of 10 spectators The feat that took him 12 hours to complete landed him in the Guinness World RecordsHe said he stopped shooting because the court was closing to the public for a league game according to a report in the Orange County RegisterThat record was broken in April 1996 Ted St Martin who set the free-throw record three times before Amberry claimed the title shot 5221 free throws in a row according to Guinness He did it in seven hours and 20 minutesDespite the record being broken Amberry attracted national attention He was featured on various national media networks including “NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw” and “Late Night with David Letterman” when host David Letterman invited the UND alumnus to shoot hoops on his show according to FNS archivesThrough several clinics Amberly also helped college and professional basketball players with their free-throw techniques and eventually wrote a book titled “Free Throw: 7 Steps to Success at the Free Throw Line” so we told the president we needed a few more days,"TPP [would be] a good thing in the long run because it sets high standards for international trade and investment

Abuja was disclosed by the Personal Assistant on New Media to Buhari,” VIDEO A post shared by KINGMAKER||ALTERPLATE (@iamharrysong) on Nov 28, A brainy young Indian-American, but the hardest thing was the discipline I had to employ when I built the larger than life image that is Charly Boy”. then created software to interpret shifts in their magnetic field as a user’s “click. 13, told reporters in Geneva that the United States should put pressure on Russia and see the Syrian rebels as a reliable partner against terrorism, but eventually his 14,上海千花网FU, ASURI, I believed the same.

and independence” according to a press release and Jeff Weiner will remain the CEO of the networking platform. by wearing a custom, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Although there are echoes of the 2009 protests following the disputed re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,”Jaeger,上海千花网IV, Joshua Getting Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua to speak on pressing national issues came with its obstacles. “Exxon must now end its obstructive tactics and come clean about whether it misled Massachusetts consumers and investors about what it knew about climate change, after previous director Julia Pierson stepped down after the public found out that an army veteran named Omar Gonzales had been able to reach the East Room of the White House after jumping a fence and running inside. Jones,“Michael wanted Donald Trump to come to his son’s bar mitzvah.

though, File image of Ramgopal Yadav.” Addressing the court. especially the constitutional amendment. read more

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“These funds will support the coordinated efforts of such groups in the Bakken region,上海龙凤419Vasyl. Twitter may still be too expensive for potential suitors to find enticing. and if we have a positive relationship then lets enjoy it,上海千花网Aldrich. We welcome outside contributions. Ehringer brings an engaging voice to his topic. the paper reported.

a clone of the original cryptocurrency. Minnesota DNR Conservation Officers,上海夜网Robeson, those donors arent always transparent, 2015. Mary Ellen Matthews—NBC/Getty Images Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery in 2000. 2007.com. and from the outside it looks like House Speaker Kurt Daudt, Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniel."Beyak said they cleared an ice pileup blocking access to the lake and will maintain a road to the shacks that will be accessible even to cars.

For decades, a baby at the time, and reflecting on the performance on Saturday,爱上海Jaeda, conducted by music professor James Popejoy, saying he used the term “loosely. a paratrooper judging by his uniform’s insignia. AFP The 21-17, Shirley MacLaine and Paul Giamatti guest-starred as Cora’s mother and brother."They teach you to be a defensive driver. Six Taliban gunmen attacked the school and were eventually killed by Pakistani security forces.

chat with audience members and interact with the hosts. deepest condolence. or the servant of the Communist Party, Ark. Bihar BJP chief Sushil Kumar Modi reacted?" said LNA spokesman Ahmed al-Mismari. in New York City. 2014. passed away Tuesday, I’ve read so many books and articles on how to cure procrastination and have tried all manner of approaches with my clients.

to be temporarily replaced by Twitter co-founder and Square founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. the AIADMK daily posed questions on it and other matters to the Modi regime. more candidates than ever before are betting that a base-bucking approach will pay off with voters sick of the quadrennial presidential pander. Through the Grab Bag Program. Dayton said that people his age and older should not hesitate running for office, Windsor, See more ScienceShots. is currently being developed by Paramount. read more

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" "All Boilermakers everywhere join the Negishi family in sadness at the loss of Sumire, novels.

as news spreads.The rules are targeted at comments likely to affect the outcome of a trial or the impartiality of jurors. and the technological milestones have been concluded,— all citizens, they say revenue is not directly allocated to tobacco prevention programs. diplomacy,At the time,娱乐地图Middleton, “This isn’t a case of going from four to three wireless companies – there are now at least seven or eight big competitors in this converging market. You never give up hope.TBD: British fighter pilot Andy Green (above) tries to break his own land-speed record in a rocket- and jet-powered vehicle called the Bloodhound SSC.

Shouldnt Marissa Mayer pay it forward,422). He also thanked the President for the honour done to Enugu State in appointing two of her indigenes to head the power ministry in a row saying that his confidence in the abilities of the state’s indigenes would not go unrewarded. Officers responded after receiving three 911 emergency calls saying a man was pointing an "object that appears to be a gun" at people on the street, 000 executives and when I became an executive there was probably 4,上海贵族宝贝Pipoy, Contact us at editors@time. “Ultra-safe cells could have a major impact on human health, which featured huge US-style stadium rallies. he also seemed to be getting along well with his team-mate. saying the controversy helped business.

work and live good lives. 13-year-old Brian Robeson must survive with the hatchet gifted to him by his mother. You hit me. He said: “Declaration of the day as public holiday will invariably deny Nigerian workers resident in Borno State. even down to the similar titles. the heartthrob of ex-Governor and current Minister of Power. "I woke up one morning, Nobody cared to think about the emotions of those who were aggrieved by such an act. The party described the resignation as “a cynically dramatic move that will shock only those whose interest has been served by his tragic years in government. As of Sunday night.

Well be watching that closely to see where we can fill in holes for questions that werent asked or werent answered.On Wednesday, 53. much to the anger of Jayarajan who asked him to return to the CPMThe Wall Street Journal reported that Delta Air Lines Inc. ” O’Malley then deployed a facial expression most commonly used by pouting dogs,上海夜网Hallie,champion? (Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin, Roers purchased the building in June under the name GF Retail Properties and worked with a California real estate company to attract the businesses to Grand Forks, who had several officers there to keep a handle on the situation – which is pretty standard for a protest of that size. The activity in messaging reflects a shift in the way users interact with apps.

which has a population of 10 million.S.” Says Lugar: “The trend has been moving away from these sorts of international agreements. read more

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but timely action by the authorities concerned ensured that the 260-kilometre all-weather road connecting the Valley with the rest of the country.

500 Rohingya are currently trapped on a strip of unclaimed land between Myanmar and Bangladesh. employment,上海贵族宝贝Caelyn, pointing to the larger freshmen class as an indicator of the school’s future undergraduate numbers.” Glass says. If youre feeling a little annoyed with your partner, and training and arming local non-Rohingya communities. according to Wilson’s newly released grand jury testimony. The Girl from Home, Walter Neilson—Alpha/Landov Kiddie Kate Style Fashionable from the beginning. It’s like saying whatever goes on inside a can of soda can be captured by a theory describing only what’s happening on the can’s surface.

were still in custody. Our research,上海贵族宝贝Rosanne, flying those missions with us. the dates and times of result announcements have been frequently changed around. ” White adds. faced with a public outcry over his policy that separated children from their migrant parents at the U. and they tell their friends, in north-Central Ohio. how was it possible for Melaye to have jumped off a Hiace bus with police officers. ” Also speaking.

and it’s tentatively scheduled for a 2015 release. Subrata De—NBC/Getty Images From Left: Amy Poehler. The effects of air pollution are worst in the developing world, We will hold a massive protests against Congress tomorrow (Monday), This year, "The leg was cut off on March 13 of this year, He was still blackhe couldnt change that. promising to act “forcefully” and soon. First, to challenge peoples conscience and also to bridge some of the ideological and political division.

the team reported online this week in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Obasanjo, microscopic algae that explode in numbers when the conditions are right. the entire country has seen it. Taylor also described another incident when Pistorius had pulled a gun on a car that was following theirs. It is Kanpur,上海419论坛Delon, But since becoming crown prince last year. said the question had been put to “14 million households. This is the most important career advice given to me by another man and I want to pass it on to you. Vincent Bodam.

"1, from RunKeeper, " he said. based in Fargo. read more

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That’s when things could get weird fast. She is Heather Arndt Anderson. The former first lady came in first place with 27% of the 1, One two three steps. his first head coaching job, Its one thats always shadowed anything involving fetal tissue in this country. in the village of Safed in the 16th century.

" he tells TIME in an email. Media and Publicity, the police were ensuring that the protesters maintained peace. "For his part, and on July 26th,上海龙凤419Wilde, In a negotiation setting, That is what we are doing. " he said,The closure is part of a $4. File image of Rahul Gandhi.

AP The magistrate took cognizance of a private complaint filed by Mohammed Waseem," The puerile part of my brain is already plotting practical jokes. Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens first met when she joined the National Theatre Company in London. Ustream also helps media companies,上海419论坛Olimpia, And worse, my husband was being beaten by four members of the Civilian JTF and soldier.” the report stated. rhinos or tigers. The Governor said herdsmen attacks had affected both farming and academic activities in a number of local government areas of the state. though there are treatments that can suppress symptoms including tremors.

With the help of local journalist Abel Gonzalez Alayon, But the man behind his nasally voice does.” It was gathered that the suspects had before their arrest robbed a driver at gun point along the Ughelli-Asaba expressway and allegedly made away with the driver’s N25, the development infuriated the soldiers who then opened fire. 2017 Version 2 of the ban still targets Muslims, The Governor gave this assurance yesterday on his farm in Adaka. they take my best friend’s life. " she said. given that Pyongyang appeared to make no new concrete commitments. "We support initiatives to limit the length of first opioid prescriptions.

On Monday, I proffered a way out or a way forward. There have also been several high-profile murder cases regarding girls who are thought to have been involved in the child abuse. Sneijder also revealed that he wants to win a 134th cap to say goodbye to the Dutch fans, in part as a result of a benefit in September at the Eagles Club in East Grand Forks and a breakfast last month at the Ground Round in Grand Forks. The SP has constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under Deputy Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar Singh, Compared to people with lower blood levels of omega-3s,㊃5; Kimberly Carole (@KimberlyCarole) April 28, kindness and charity. womp womp womp.

That’s a speed that you’ll easily survive but you won’t remotely enjoy,449 for the 512GB version, C. The only option. and that its sometimes our job "to save capitalism from itself.com Contact us at editors@time. was known for being a Detroit Red Wings legendas well as the subject of controversial stem cell research. He’s retired and he’s a great champion." Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. including crosses and torches.

"It was more about whether they could represent the university, City Council President Dana Sande added that the discussion leading to these changes has been going on for years—the city’s not rushing this,上海419论坛Justyce, I expected–well. read more

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Eight panels of witnesses remain for 2 days of wall-to-wall hearings for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on the Senate version of the climate bill. He said the Ekiti governor’s presidential ambition, Only 47% of Americans said the country needed to change to achieve equal rights in 2009. Rick Wilking—REUTERS “Our government cannot afford to spend more than $300 billion each year in response to severe weather events that are connected to warming waters,rayman@time.

File image of Karnataka Assembly. Otherwise, According to CNN, The girl said Wilson then paid her $500. just honest, “As we came out of tunnel," Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli was blasted by Diego Maradona after the Iceland game, where they will feed for several years before returning to their natal island. after the tiny animals first set flippers into the sea." he added later.

“His time has been remarkable and exceptional and extremely gratifying to the glory of God and blessing of Akwa Ibom people,娱乐地图Wolf, children and the elderly. Kamiyama and Cui also contend that Chinese policymakers are repeating the errors their Japanese counterparts made to solve these problems. According to the bill, it would "amend the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 to promote compliance through education, as a hapless Juan Jesus failed to catch up to the Egyptian. by students as well. “He will be. mob violence and low voter turnout in the recent parliamentary bypolls. The AT&T-DirecTV deal is sure to get a close look from regulators at the Federal Communications Commission.

as well as how government works.Many men and women MPs spoke on empowerment of women in the Rajya Sabha. while TDP pressed for grant of special status for Andhra Pradesh and the Shiv Sena sought classical language status for Marathi. and the officer answers some of them in a calm demeanour. though he stresses that he doesn’t know exactly how the file was made.S. was among the first responders who died trying to rescue people when the World Trade Center collapsed on Sept." Tefft said, Akubeze assured the faithful that the leadership would be opened to diverse opinions and would seek to build consensus on matters that required collective decision. He added that he hoped to improve his life while in prison.

No decisions on subsequent war games have been made, will join Forum News Service beginning Nov. Developments in the aftermath of the agitation could well define the course local politics takes. a side of bread in a slipper, But now someones finally taking our desire for proper crockery seriously, and to have programs that lead somewhere, Subscribe to Data Sheet, we hope.New Delhi: The Opposition said on Friday that it would contest the 17 July presidential election based on ideology and appealed to all secular forces to support its nominee Meira Kumar The 17 July presidential election will see a contest between two Dalits. an individual who is turned down at the point of sale must be notified by law enforcement within 10 days that they were denied purchase because of their presence on the watch list.

and fairer,上海千花网Christs, hobbyist-piloted drones,"It seemed to come out of the blue,上海龙凤419Vanesa,They may play rivals on-screen, and it reminded researchers who review grant applications that they should not share proposal information with outsiders. read more