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first_imgThere was an article in Sports Illustrated about a process of tracking the stress that throwing a baseball puts on a pitcher’s arm, shoulder, and the whole body for that matter.  This system is called Motus Pro. Once it is hooked up to a pitcher’s body it will record acceleration and rotation and the bio-mechanics of a player as he throws a ball.  They get a kinetic chain of action all the way from the shoulder stress to the point where the pitcher’s toe hits the ground and the hand releases the ball.The information from this will hopefully reduce the need for Tommy John surgery which has become so prevalent.  The ligaments in the elbow will benefit by understanding the action that this system reveals on those ligaments that allow the arm to work.  I know this is so technical that unless you have some form of medical degree it is impossible to explain it any clearer.  If it does what they hope it will do, maybe elbow surgery will be rare, and hopefully, even forgotten in the future.last_img read more

Area Wrestling Sectional Results At Greensburg And Jennings County

first_imgWrestling Sectional Results At South Dearborn.106 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Jacob Lee of Franklin County2nd Place – Shane Lonneman of Milan3rd Place – Spencer Gordon of Lawrenceburg4th Place – Matthew Bertram of Rushville5th Place – Tyler Schneider of East Central6th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached1st Place MatchJacob Lee (Franklin County) 29-9, Fr. over Shane Lonneman (Milan) 36-9, Fr. (Fall 1:58).3rd Place MatchSpencer Gordon (Lawrenceburg) 23-18, So. over Matthew Bertram (Rushville) 15-11, Fr. (Dec 15-11).5th Place MatchTyler Schneider (East Central) 21-15, Fr. over Forfeit Forfeit () 2-4, . (For.).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit () 2-4, . over () , . (Bye).113 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Lowell Joya of Rushville2nd Place – Garrett Condo of Milan3rd Place – Ethan Harris of Connersville4th Place – James (Aaron) Morehead of South Dearborn5th Place – Trevor Hampson of Franklin County6th Place – Nate Jacobs of Lawrenceburg1st Place MatchLowell Joya (Rushville) 31-7, Fr. over Garrett Condo (Milan) 28-16, Fr. (Dec 12-7).3rd Place MatchEthan Harris (Connersville) 21-16, Jr. over James (Aaron) Morehead (South Dearborn) 18-24, Fr. (Fall 3:36).5th Place MatchTrevor Hampson (Franklin County) 16-23, Fr. over Nate Jacobs (Lawrenceburg) 23-21, Jr. (Dec 3-2).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (East Central) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).120 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Austin Boggs of South Dearborn2nd Place – Dylan Myers of Milan3rd Place – Garrett Condo of Franklin County4th Place – Kasey Carr of East Central5th Place – Zek Phillips of Rushville6th Place – Blaze Lamb of Union County1st Place MatchAustin Boggs (South Dearborn) 34-5, So. over Dylan Myers (Milan) 36-8, Jr. (Fall 1:14).3rd Place MatchGarrett Condo (Franklin County) 28-13, So. over Kasey Carr (East Central) 20-14, Fr. (Dec 3-1).5th Place MatchZek Phillips (Rushville) 14-9, So. over Blaze Lamb (Union County) 26-16, Fr. (Fall 0:46).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Batesville) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).126 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Adam Negangard of East Central2nd Place – Michael Deal of Batesville3rd Place – Garrett Walton of South Dearborn4th Place – Jake Loos of Franklin County5th Place – Randy Collyer of Rushville6th Place – Rusty Phillips of Milan1st Place MatchAdam Negangard (East Central) 28-7, So. over Michael Deal (Batesville) 22-7, Sr. (Dec 4-1).3rd Place MatchGarrett Walton (South Dearborn) 34-9, Jr. over Jake Loos (Franklin County) 16-11, Fr. (Fall 2:36).5th Place MatchRandy Collyer (Rushville) 18-17, Sr. over Rusty Phillips (Milan) 22-20, Fr. (Fall 3:26).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Union County) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).132 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Cainan Schaefer of South Dearborn2nd Place – Stevie Browning of Franklin County3rd Place – JT Linkel of Batesville4th Place – Zack Wilburn of Milan5th Place – Zak Bill of Lawrenceburg6th Place – Brandon Thompson of East Central1st Place MatchCainan Schaefer (South Dearborn) 42-0, Sr. over Stevie Browning (Franklin County) 18-7, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).3rd Place MatchJT Linkel (Batesville) 28-11, Fr. over Zack Wilburn (Milan) 30-15, So. (Fall 2:28).5th Place MatchZak Bill (Lawrenceburg) 14-27, Fr. over Brandon Thompson (East Central) 10-20, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Union County) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).138 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Dyllion Humbert of Franklin County2nd Place – Zach Otto of South Dearborn3rd Place – Jacob Redd of Connersville4th Place – Andrew Roberts of Lawrenceburg5th Place – Jon Vincent of Batesville6th Place – Casey Burdette of Milan1st Place MatchDyllion Humbert (Franklin County) 37-3, Jr. over Zach Otto (South Dearborn) 32-10, So. (Dec 7-1).3rd Place MatchJacob Redd (Connersville) 25-7, Jr. over Andrew Roberts (Lawrenceburg) 28-16, So. (Fall 2:53).5th Place MatchJon Vincent (Batesville) 10-11, So. over Casey Burdette (Milan) 21-21, Fr. (Fall 2:12).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit () 1-2, . over () , . (Bye).145 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Mike Humbert of Franklin County2nd Place – Brady Gosnell of Connersville3rd Place – Gabe Lane of East Central4th Place – Andrew Roth of Lawrenceburg5th Place – Jacob Rohrig of Milan6th Place – Braden Weston of Union County1st Place MatchMike Humbert (Franklin County) 30-7, Sr. over Brady Gosnell (Connersville) 28-11, Sr. (Dec 6-0).3rd Place MatchGabe Lane (East Central) 30-5, Jr. over Andrew Roth (Lawrenceburg) 35-8, Fr. (Fall 1:52).5th Place MatchJacob Rohrig (Milan) 17-6, So. over Braden Weston (Union County) 11-32, Fr. (Fall 4:40).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Rushville) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).152 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Andrew Negangard of East Central2nd Place – Tucker Coffman of Union County3rd Place – Grant Suding of Franklin County4th Place – Adam Brinkman of Milan5th Place – Cameron Reed of South Dearborn6th Place – Jaylan Halcomb of Connersville1st Place MatchAndrew Negangard (East Central) 35-1, Sr. over Tucker Coffman (Union County) 36-7, So. (Dec 7-2).3rd Place MatchGrant Suding (Franklin County) 22-8, So. over Adam Brinkman (Milan) 38-7, Sr. (2-OT 2-1).5th Place MatchCameron Reed (South Dearborn) 26-19, Jr. over Jaylan Halcomb (Connersville) 12-8, Sr. (MD 12-2).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Rushville) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).160 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Ryan Mitts of East Central2nd Place – Colton Massey of Connersville3rd Place – David Rabius of Lawrenceburg4th Place – Logan Miles of Milan5th Place – Logan Bohman of Franklin County6th Place – Marcus Vaughn of Rushville1st Place MatchRyan Mitts (East Central) 32-7, Sr. over Colton Massey (Connersville) 25-11, So. (Fall 0:43).3rd Place MatchDavid Rabius (Lawrenceburg) 20-19, Jr. over Logan Miles (Milan) 30-14, Jr. (Fall 3:32).5th Place MatchLogan Bohman (Franklin County) 20-19, Jr. over Marcus Vaughn (Rushville) 15-19, Fr. (Fall 4:58).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Union County) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).170 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Jake Ruberg of Lawrenceburg2nd Place – Jake Orschell of Franklin County3rd Place – Justin Wickersham of Milan4th Place – Ethan Chase of South Dearborn5th Place – Kuyler Cramer of East Central6th Place – Jayden Murray of Connersville1st Place MatchJake Ruberg (Lawrenceburg) 35-2, Sr. over Jake Orschell (Franklin County) 19-7, Sr. (Fall 0:46).3rd Place MatchJustin Wickersham (Milan) 16-10, Jr. over Ethan Chase (South Dearborn) 16-30, Jr. (Dec 8-5).5th Place MatchKuyler Cramer (East Central) 7-16, Sr. over Jayden Murray (Connersville) 18-8, Fr. (Inj. 0:00).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit () 1-2, . over () , . (Bye).182 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Michael Bohman of Franklin County2nd Place – Jonah Rolfes of Lawrenceburg3rd Place – Jaykeb Thorp of Rushville4th Place – Aaron Mitts of East Central5th Place – Luke Utterback of South Dearborn6th Place – Karl Hoffrogge of Milan1st Place MatchMichael Bohman (Franklin County) 33-10, Jr. over Jonah Rolfes (Lawrenceburg) 38-4, Jr. (Dec 3-2).3rd Place MatchJaykeb Thorp (Rushville) 35-6, Sr. over Aaron Mitts (East Central) 14-13, Sr. (Dec 3-2).5th Place MatchLuke Utterback (South Dearborn) 17-8, Jr. over Karl Hoffrogge (Milan) 33-12, Sr. (Fall 0:47).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Union County) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).195 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Sam Tibbetts of Lawrenceburg2nd Place – Brandon Sturm of Rushville3rd Place – John Rohrig of Milan4th Place – Trevor Snipes of East Central5th Place – Kyle Krause of Franklin County6th Place – Kelly Barnes of South Dearborn1st Place MatchSam Tibbetts (Lawrenceburg) 26-5, Sr. over Brandon Sturm (Rushville) 25-9, Jr. (Dec 2-1).3rd Place MatchJohn Rohrig (Milan) 33-7, Jr. over Trevor Snipes (East Central) 24-13, Jr. (Fall 3:24).5th Place MatchKyle Krause (Franklin County) 21-17, Sr. over Kelly Barnes (South Dearborn) 5-8, Jr. (Fall 1:54).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Union County) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).220 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Mason Parris of Lawrenceburg2nd Place – Blake Ripperger of Franklin County3rd Place – Dylan Rohn of Connersville4th Place – Zach Dick of South Dearborn5th Place – Jon Kurtz of Batesville6th Place – Joe Haarmeyer of Union County1st Place MatchMason Parris (Lawrenceburg) 42-0, Jr. over Blake Ripperger (Franklin County) 32-7, Sr. (Fall 1:23).3rd Place MatchDylan Rohn (Connersville) 30-10, Jr. over Zach Dick (South Dearborn) 30-15, So. (Dec 6-4).5th Place MatchJon Kurtz (Batesville) 12-7, Sr. over Joe Haarmeyer (Union County) 22-21, Sr. (Dec 4-1).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (East Central) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).285 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Tyler Selm of Franklin County2nd Place – Clark Minges of East Central3rd Place – Brandon Carpenter of South Dearborn4th Place – Justin Rice of Lawrenceburg5th Place – Zach McQueen of Connersville6th Place – Max Foutch of Batesville1st Place MatchTyler Selm (Franklin County) 36-4, Sr. over Clark Minges (East Central) 28-9, Sr. (Dec 1-0).3rd Place MatchBrandon Carpenter (South Dearborn) 34-15, Sr. over Justin Rice (Lawrenceburg) 11-13, Jr. (Dec 4-3).5th Place MatchZach McQueen (Connersville) 11-19, Jr. over Max Foutch (Batesville) 7-18, Fr. (Fall 1:07).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Milan) 0-1, . over () , . (Bye).Wrestling Sectional Results At Jennings County.106 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Camden Spears of Madison2nd Place – Morgan Smith of Columbus North3rd Place – David Tucker of Brown County4th Place – Jeremy Clark of Columbus East5th Place – Isaiah Pichardo of Seymour6th Place – Teagan Johnson of Jennings County1st Place MatchCamden Spears (Madison) 31-10, So. over Morgan Smith (Columbus North) 32-11, So. (TF-1.5 5:13 (19-4)).3rd Place MatchDavid Tucker (Brown County) 30-7, Fr. over Jeremy Clark (Columbus East) 16-9, So. (Fall 4:25).5th Place MatchIsaiah Pichardo (Seymour) 29-11, So. over Teagan Johnson (Jennings County) 18-21, Fr. (MD 12-0).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Southwestern (Hanover)) 0-1, . (DFF).113 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Victor Antunez of Jennings County2nd Place – Camden Rose of Greensburg3rd Place – Joey Gordon of Columbus East4th Place – Keandre Watson of Columbus North5th Place – Owen Chandler of Seymour6th Place – Jacob Skirvin of Madison1st Place MatchVictor Antunez (Jennings County) 34-4, Jr. over Camden Rose (Greensburg) 29-6, So. (Fall 1:06).3rd Place MatchJoey Gordon (Columbus East) 20-18, Fr. over Keandre Watson (Columbus North) 20-18, Fr. (2-OT 6-5).5th Place MatchOwen Chandler (Seymour) 32-6, Fr. over Jacob Skirvin (Madison) 20-7, Fr. (Fall 2:41).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit () 2-2, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Southwestern (Hanover)) 0-1, . (DFF).120 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Cayden Rooks of Columbus East2nd Place – Lane Wells of Greensburg3rd Place – Justin Ruddick of Seymour4th Place – Job Lawson of Brown County5th Place – Daunte O`Banion of Madison6th Place – Kyle Nugent of Jennings County1st Place MatchCayden Rooks (Columbus East) 35-1, So. over Lane Wells (Greensburg) 13-3, Jr. (TF-1.5 5:41 (17-1)).3rd Place MatchJustin Ruddick (Seymour) 24-5, So. over Job Lawson (Brown County) 19-6, Sr. (Dec 4-0).5th Place MatchDaunte O`Banion (Madison) 29-15, So. over Kyle Nugent (Jennings County) 12-11, Fr. (Dec 2-0).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Southwestern (Hanover)) 0-1, . (DFF).126 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Graham Rooks of Columbus East2nd Place – Dalton Craig of Jennings County3rd Place – John Shuffitt of Seymour4th Place – Bryce Denton of Brown County5th Place – Eli McGillian of Madison6th Place – Dylan Gauck of Greensburg1st Place MatchGraham Rooks (Columbus East) 35-0, Jr. over Dalton Craig (Jennings County) 31-4, Jr. (Fall 3:50).3rd Place MatchJohn Shuffitt (Seymour) 30-11, Sr. over Bryce Denton (Brown County) 21-17, So. (Dec 8-2).5th Place MatchEli McGillian (Madison) 18-24, Fr. over Dylan Gauck (Greensburg) 3-7, Fr. (Fall 2:11).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Scottsburg) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Southwestern (Hanover)) 0-1, . (DFF).132 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Dawson Combest of Columbus East2nd Place – David Shuffitt of Seymour3rd Place – Keegan Ray of Switzerland County4th Place – Kevin Romero of Greensburg5th Place – Mitchell Cline of Southwestern (Hanover)6th Place – Xavier Barberis of Jennings County1st Place MatchDawson Combest (Columbus East) 35-1, Jr. over David Shuffitt (Seymour) 29-8, Sr. (TF-1.5 5:32 (25-10)).3rd Place MatchKeegan Ray (Switzerland County) 25-12, Sr. over Kevin Romero (Greensburg) 12-7, . (Dec 4-2).5th Place MatchMitchell Cline (Southwestern (Hanover)) 30-13, Fr. over Xavier Barberis (Jennings County) 14-16, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:39 (19-2)).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit () 2-2, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Brown County) 0-1, . (DFF).138 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Jake Schoenegge of Columbus East2nd Place – Brandon Penegar of Seymour3rd Place – Adam Anderson of Southwestern (Hanover)4th Place – Eric Lowe of Greensburg5th Place – Blake Hardesty of Jennings County6th Place – Ben Rygiel of Brown County1st Place MatchJake Schoenegge (Columbus East) 33-5, So. over Brandon Penegar (Seymour) 26-4, So. (Fall 1:26).3rd Place MatchAdam Anderson (Southwestern (Hanover)) 32-12, So. over Eric Lowe (Greensburg) 9-16, Fr. (Fall 2:23).5th Place MatchBlake Hardesty (Jennings County) 8-6, Fr. over Ben Rygiel (Brown County) 8-19, Jr. (Dec 8-4).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Columbus North) 0-1, . (DFF).145 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Brooks Wathen of Jennings County2nd Place – Corban Pollitt of Columbus East3rd Place – Evan Bullock of Brown County4th Place – Curtis Collins of Greensburg5th Place – Cheaney Reichenbacker of Seymour6th Place – Brandon Sexton of Scottsburg1st Place MatchBrooks Wathen (Jennings County) 39-4, So. over Corban Pollitt (Columbus East) 28-10, Jr. (Dec 3-1).3rd Place MatchEvan Bullock (Brown County) 33-5, Sr. over Curtis Collins (Greensburg) 18-8, Jr. (MD 16-7).5th Place MatchCheaney Reichenbacker (Seymour) 23-11, Sr. over Brandon Sexton (Scottsburg) 33-9, Jr. (MD 9-1).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Columbus North) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-1, . (DFF).152 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Andy Davidson of Columbus East2nd Place – Zack Newton of Seymour3rd Place – Gabe Bennett of Madison4th Place – Harlan Mikesell of Southwestern (Hanover)5th Place – Nathan Deiwert of Greensburg6th Place – Jacoby Trotter of Jennings County1st Place MatchAndy Davidson (Columbus East) 27-8, Jr. over Zack Newton (Seymour) 30-7, Fr. (MD 13-2).3rd Place MatchGabe Bennett (Madison) 24-10, Jr. over Harlan Mikesell (Southwestern (Hanover)) 28-15, Sr. (Dec 5-1).5th Place MatchNathan Deiwert (Greensburg) 20-12, Jr. over Jacoby Trotter (Jennings County) 10-13, Sr. (Dec 7-4).Cons. Champ MatchChristian Fouts (Brown County) 9-25, So. over Forfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-2, . (For.).160 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Zane Beineke of Jennings County2nd Place – Jesse Hunter of Greensburg3rd Place – Jacob Rotert of Seymour4th Place – Brendan Stadtmiller of Columbus East5th Place – Mitchell Adcock of Southwestern (Hanover)6th Place – Nick Holt of Columbus North1st Place MatchZane Beineke (Jennings County) 34-7, Jr. over Jesse Hunter (Greensburg) 27-7, Jr. (Fall 1:49).3rd Place MatchJacob Rotert (Seymour) 11-12, Fr. over Brendan Stadtmiller (Columbus East) 5-14, So. (Dec 9-5).5th Place MatchMitchell Adcock (Southwestern (Hanover)) 30-14, Fr. over Nick Holt (Columbus North) 14-24, Fr. (Dec 2-0).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Brown County) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-1, . (DFF).170 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Andrew Chapman of Columbus North2nd Place – Hunter Dickmeyer of Columbus East3rd Place – Alex Skelton of Jennings County4th Place – Bradan Thomasma of Seymour5th Place – Mark Hedges of Southwestern (Hanover)6th Place – Ethan Schafer of Madison1st Place MatchAndrew Chapman (Columbus North) 30-6, Jr. over Hunter Dickmeyer (Columbus East) 20-16, So. (Fall 3:25).3rd Place MatchAlex Skelton (Jennings County) 23-19, Sr. over Bradan Thomasma (Seymour) 25-9, Sr. (Dec 10-7).5th Place MatchMark Hedges (Southwestern (Hanover)) 24-11, So. over Ethan Schafer (Madison) 24-18, Jr. (Fall 3:37).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Switzerland County) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Brown County) 0-1, . (DFF).182 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Brigham Kleinhenz of Columbus North2nd Place – Sam Woolf of Jennings County3rd Place – Lane Goode of Columbus East4th Place – Leo Pena of Seymour5th Place – Levi Mullins of Brown County6th Place – Bryan Sizemore of Scottsburg1st Place MatchBrigham Kleinhenz (Columbus North) 19-4, Jr. over Sam Woolf (Jennings County) 31-14, Sr. (Dec 9-2).3rd Place MatchLane Goode (Columbus East) 21-11, Jr. over Leo Pena (Seymour) 18-13, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:00 (16-0)).5th Place MatchLevi Mullins (Brown County) 20-19, Jr. over Bryan Sizemore (Scottsburg) 22-23, So. (Dec 6-5).Cons. Champ MatchJosu Argoitia (Southwestern (Hanover)) 12-21, Sr. over Cody Wilson (Switzerland County) 15-13, Sr. (DFF).195 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Josh Larson of Columbus North2nd Place – Kevin Corrales of Seymour3rd Place – Jacob Bolte of Columbus East4th Place – James Jump of Jennings County5th Place – Logan Kent of Madison6th Place – Jacob Perrine of Southwestern (Hanover)1st Place MatchJosh Larson (Columbus North) 35-4, Sr. over Kevin Corrales (Seymour) 29-10, So. (Dec 8-3).3rd Place MatchJacob Bolte (Columbus East) 21-17, So. over James Jump (Jennings County) 22-18, Sr. (Dec 1-0).5th Place MatchLogan Kent (Madison) 25-11, Jr. over Jacob Perrine (Southwestern (Hanover)) 30-14, Sr. (Dec 4-3).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Greensburg) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Brown County) 0-1, . (DFF).220 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Austin Sheckles of Columbus East2nd Place – Dalton Miller of Seymour3rd Place – Eric Leach of Madison4th Place – Steven Spray of Southwestern (Hanover)5th Place – Shon Warner of Jennings County6th Place – Alex Powers of Switzerland County1st Place MatchAustin Sheckles (Columbus East) 33-5, Sr. over Dalton Miller (Seymour) 27-8, Sr. (Dec 4-1).3rd Place MatchEric Leach (Madison) 23-19, So. over Steven Spray (Southwestern (Hanover)) 2-2, Sr. (Dec 6-0).5th Place MatchShon Warner (Jennings County) 16-20, So. over Alex Powers (Switzerland County) 11-15, Sr. (Fall 3:48).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Scottsburg) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Greensburg) 0-1, . (DFF).285 ResultsGuaranteed Places1st Place – Dylan Cain of Greensburg2nd Place – Brendan Sutton of Jennings County3rd Place – Zachary McIntosh of Southwestern (Hanover)4th Place – Dalton Anderson of Columbus East5th Place – Otto Kling of Madison6th Place – Scotty Callahan of Scottsburg1st Place MatchDylan Cain (Greensburg) 29-3, Sr. over Brendan Sutton (Jennings County) 23-2, Sr. (Dec 6-3).3rd Place MatchZachary McIntosh (Southwestern (Hanover)) 21-9, Sr. over Dalton Anderson (Columbus East) 18-19, So. (Fall 3:42).5th Place MatchOtto Kling (Madison) 28-12, Jr. over Scotty Callahan (Scottsburg) 27-18, Sr. (Dec 5-2).Cons. Champ MatchForfeit Forfeit (Columbus North) 0-1, . over Forfeit Forfeit (Seymour) 0-1, . (DFF).last_img

Bundesliga set to resume behind closed doors

first_imgRelatedPosts COVID-19: NCAA to revoke erring airlines licence over non-compliance Club’s server collapses over ticket demand for first Bundesliga game in 11 years FRSC to Schools: We’ll arrest, prosecute drivers who flout COVID-19 rules The German Bundesliga is gearing up to resume behind closed doors in May, subject to government approval.Teams in the country’s top two tiers have already returned to training as the country begins to relax some of its social distancing restrictions imposed to limit the spread of coronavirus. They are now working towards completing the remainder of the 2019-20 campaign by June 30, the German Football League (DFL) said in a statement released on Thursday.Completing the season would mean German clubs could receive scheduled payments from broadcast partners, though the DFL statement admitted that if the season cannot restart or is forced to stop again, it could lead to further economic difficulties for German football.The return to action will be underpinned by a rigorous testing programme, in a country which has been praised for its high level of testing compared to the United Kingdom and other European countries.The DFL headed off criticism that its planned testing programme would impinge on testing in other settings, saying what it was preparing for would account for only 0.4 per cent of overall test capacity in the country. The DFL said it will also contribute 500,000 euros to the health ministry to increase testing volume in care homes.Personnel inside and outside stadiums on matchdays will be “reduced to a minimum” – a maximum of 213 inside a stadium for a Bundesliga game. In addition, a further 109 would be permitted outside, including law enforcement officials.Tags: BundesligaCOVID-19last_img read more

Kompany: I’m fine

first_img Speaking to Belgian TV station RTBF he said: “All is well. Before the game I informed the coach of a few glitches. He decided to spare me and bring me off.” If there was a night to take a player off with nothing to worry about, this was it. Minnows Andorra offered no resistance as Marc Wilmots’ side ran out 6-0 winners. Kevin De Bruyne and Dries Mertens scored twice each, with Nacer Chadli and on-loan Liverpool striker Divock Origi getting the others. Belgium next face Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kompany added: “We did everything we needed to. “In a game like this we must not underestimate the opponent. I am hoping the win will have a good impact on the goal difference. “I am very positive and satisfied with the result and the performance of the team.” The defender limped out of Belgium’s win over Andorra on Friday in the 56th minute and had strapping on his leg. The fitness of Kompany is seen as imperative to City’s success at home and abroad, but he insists all is fine ahead of important clashes in the Premier and Champions League. Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has calmed worries about his fitness.center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Monk cracks whip after United win

first_img “Last week we had the chance to create history by doing the double over United, now we can get to 40 points. That’s worth fighting for. “Then the goal after that will be 47 points [Swansea’s best in the Premier League] and it’s a question of how much you are willing to sacrifice to try to achieve that. “But I have no doubts about the players having seen their faces in training this week, and now we have to make sure we transfer that into the game.” Monk changed his customary 4-3-3 system last week to match United’s midfield diamond and admits it is a formation he might use again in the future. “We will see what we do at the weekend but it is great to have something to turn to,” Monk said. “We did it in short spells last season, but you have to understand it before you can use it. “You have to train it before you use it but some teams will just change in games having not trained it. “It might work but it will be more effective if the players understand it and maybe the diamond is something we can use again in the future.” Monk’s men completed Swansea’s first-ever league double over United last weekend with a 2-1 victory at the Liberty Stadium but the rookie boss insists there has been no basking in that achievement on the training ground. “I have been quite hard on the players this week to make sure we maintain our standards and our focus,” Monk said. “The biggest reason we did so well last week was because the whole group were so focused through the week, we pushed each other all week and you saw the outcome of that on the Saturday. “We have to try to do the same every week and that’s difficult – but that’s why I have been hard on the players this week. “I have pushed them and demanded a lot from them and that gives us a better chance of reproducing last week’s performance. “All good teams produce it consistently and that’s what we have to aim for, it’s about trying to back up a fantastic win with another performance.” Swansea know victory at Turf Moor on Saturday will take them to the treasured 40-point mark – the tally usually considered to guarantee another season in the Barclays Premier League. It would also represent the quickest time that Swansea have reached 40 points in their Premier League history, beating the mark set by Michael Laudrup’s side two seasons ago by one game. “The motivation comes from within sometimes and I constantly talk about standards and what we need to try to do in every game,” Monk said. “We have the chance to get to 40 points quicker than the club have ever done before. Swansea manager Garry Monk admits he has pushed his players hard for Burnley this week after their historic victory over Manchester United. Press Associationlast_img read more

Boca Raton teen dead after deadly crash

first_imgA teenager is dead following a single-vehicle crash on I-95.According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 16-year-old Douglas Przybyszewski was traveling northbound on I-95 in a silver Cadillac around 2:30 a.m. when, for unknown reasons, he lost control of his car, swerved to the right, and hit the wall at the Congress Avenue overpass.Przybyszewski was declared dead at the scene of the crash.Reports say alcohol was not a factor.No other information is available at this time.last_img

No formula to stop Messi, says Valencia’s Prandelli

first_img(REUTERS)-Valencia coach Cesare Prandelli has conceded there is no point trying stop Lionel Messi as he prepares to face the in-form Barcelona talisman when his side host the La Liga champions today.Former Italy coach Prandelli got off to a winning start in his first game in charge of the struggling six-times La Liga champions, overseeing a 2-1 win at Sporting Gijon to move clear of the relegation zone.Prandelli, set for his first game at the Mestalla stadium, admitted he was facing an impossible task to tame a rampant Messi, who scored a hat-trick in Barcelona’s 4-0 thrashing of Manchester City in the Champions League on Wednesday.“I will sleep very well because I know there is no formula to stop Messi, he is magnificent,” Prandelli told a news conference on Friday.“Messi is fantasy football, he is what every child dreams about, because he is proof that when you have character, determination and talent you can make history. All the children in the world want to be Messi and I’m proud to face him.”Barcelona are fourth in the La Liga standings on 16 points, two behind leaders Atletico Madrid while Valencia are 14th on nine.“We’ll need to maintain concentration throughout the game and be organised tactically. Whenever we lose the ball we need to press Barca quickly,” Prandelli added.”When you face Barcelona you know you’re going to suffer, but in certain moments of the game we have to know how to make them suffer.”last_img read more

Let’s be careful not to forget the fun in sports

first_img“Spittin’ Sports” runs Fridays. To comment on this article email Kenny at or visit Think back to when you were a kid, when you would come home from school and shoot hoops with your friends in your driveway, or wake up on a rainy Saturday morning and put on your soccer jersey and cleats on without a second thought, or when you would spend all day in your fourth grade class trying to contain your excitement as you thought about the Little League game you were going to play under the lights that night, just like the big leaguers.Why did you do all of these things? You didn’t do them because your parents made you. You didn’t do them because your religion said so.You did them because they were fun. You wanted to go out and, as Michael Jordan, beat the Lakers in your backyard (at least I did). You wanted to get out and make that game-saving diving catch in center field because you liked how it felt.But as you grew older, fun seemed to become less and less important — sports became more of an obsession, or just becomes routine.By the time you get to the collegiate level, almost everyone is serious, growling, trash talking and cursing — not smiling, laughing and having fun.Perhaps that’s why it seemed strange to me when, after practice yesterday, I saw junior quarterback Matt Barkley and junior safety T.J. McDonald walking away from the baseball field, where they had gone immediately after practice, shoulder pads in hand, smiling and laughing.I asked McDonald why some of the football players had been taking batting practice. Was it to enhance hand-eye coordination? Was it to strengthen and quicken their upper bodies?No.“It was just for fun,” McDonald said.That’s when it hit me. Other members of the media and I attend football practice so often, analyzing everything that goes on, that we have become brainwashed into thinking about everything from a critical perspective. If the players are doing something, it must be to focus on a skill. Or if they aren’t running until they get sick, something must be wrong.But then I thought about it, and I actually felt ashamed I had thought batting practice was another drill for the safety and quarterback to do. Nope ­— they were just having fun.Ultimately, what’s the point of playing without a sense of enjoyment?I remember the first time I asked myself this. It was at tryouts for the sophomore basketball team in high school. I had played basketball since kindergarten and loved the sport.I was looking forward to tryouts the way a kindergartner looks forward to his birthday. But during the first few days, the fun just got sucked out of the game. I don’t know what happened, but I found myself dreading going to tryouts, something I could barely comprehend. I knew there was no point in continuing, so I quit tryouts there on the spot. Why continue with something I clearly was not enjoying?That’s something I think we all could learn from. Like the football players taking batting practice, we need to do things every day simply because they are fun, and it starts with putting the enjoyment back in sports.last_img read more

Syracuse’s Tommy DeVito makes up-and-down debut

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on September 1, 2018 at 1:27 am Contact Andrew: | @A_E_Graham Comments KALAMAZOO, Mich. — It’s been nearly two years since Tommy DeVito last saw game action. And that was in high school.“It’s been a while since I’ve been out there,” Devito said.On Friday, Syracuse (1-0) debuted the heralded redshirt-freshman late in the first half against Western Michigan (0-1), leading 34-7. But when DeVito exited the game with 5:19 left in the third quarter, SU’s lead was six. Finishing 4-for-9 for 42 yards, DeVito produced three first downs, rushed eight times for 14 yards and was sacked twice. “I just try to stay calm, do my job,” DeVito said. AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe situation DeVito entered was about as perfect as imagined. On Aug. 21, head coach Dino Babers said he decided the starter, but both quarterbacks — Eric Dungey and DeVito would play — depending on the score. Leading by 27 while holding the Broncos to, at that point, one first down, was as good a time as ever. On his first drive, facing 3rd-and-9, DeVito took a page out of Dungey’s book and scampered for 11 yards and the conversion.Consistently, DeVito made more plays with his legs than his arm, avoiding the rush and taking keepers up the middle.“Tommy is probably faster than Dungey,” Babers said.DeVito’s best pass of the night, a 48-yard bomb to Jamal Custis, was wiped out by a penalty. DeVito still linked up with Dontae Strickland on a wheel route up the middle for 22 yards but otherwise was pedestrian in his passing. At times he was inaccurate, too. On a deep out to the right sideline, DeVito missed low and away to Custis. He lobbed a couple overthrows. Trying to convert a 3rd-and-9 on the first series after Western Michigan made it 34-14, DeVito looked left and whipped a pass nowhere in the vicinity of Devin Butler.“I get some reps with the ones,” DeVito said, “but sometimes you get in there and you don’t have the same chemistry as those guys running with the ones.”But the pressing matter during DeVito’s five drives was the rapidly closing margin. While WMU torched the Orange’s defense, SU’s offense stalled out. DeVito stayed in the game, Babers said, because he wanted to see if the quarterback could battle back himself.All the while, Dungey sat on the sidelines and watched. Series after series went by with the margin closing and still, DeVito stayed in.“So I understood what coach was doing,” Dungey said. “I don’t have any harsh feelings about it. I mean, we were winning. As long as we were winning I don’t really care. But once things started getting close, I was in coach’s ear trying to get back in there.”And after DeVito took a sack on third down, leading by just six, Dungey was put back in the next series, and DeVito’s day was done.last_img read more

Steady WR duo Woods, Kupp adapt to change in Rams’ offense

first_imgLast Updated: 11th August, 2020 07:22 IST Steady WR Duo Woods, Kupp Adapt To Change In Rams’ Offense Robert Woods spent his workdays during this bizarre NFL offseason sneaking over fences and through unlocked doors onto the fields and tracks of various Los Angeles-area high schools FOLLOW US First Published: 11th August, 2020 07:22 IST LIVE TV SUBSCRIBE TO US Written Bycenter_img COMMENT WATCH US LIVE Robert Woods spent his workdays during this bizarre NFL offseason sneaking over fences and through unlocked doors onto the fields and tracks of various Los Angeles-area high schools.“You might see a gate open, so you hop on the track and get your work in,” Woods said. “The next day you may see somebody watching you on the track and they’ll say, ‘Hey, what are you doing out here?’ and then find ways to get you off the track. Next thing you know, you’re shooting texts around trying to find another available track.”Woods did some of that sneaky work with Cooper Kupp, his fellow 1,000-yard receiver with the Los Angeles Rams. These COVID-clandestine workouts with Jared Goff and other Rams were both unusual and entertaining.“The regimen really consisted of getting kicked off just about every field here in Thousand Oaks, which was fun,” Kupp said. “If I jumped the fence, I wasn’t supposed to be out there, probably. I just feel like as long as I’m not putting anyone in danger, I was going to … ask for forgiveness instead of permission.”Being star receivers for the Rams didn’t help much in the time of coronavirus, not when the team’s training complex was off limits and high schools weren’t interested in knowingly hosting celebrity workouts.“It worked for Day One, but it went above to somebody, and they got us kicked off,” Woods said with a laugh.Woods and Kupp are one of the NFL’s most prolific and most reliable pass-catching duos of the past three seasons, but the steady receivers are about to get attention that often missed them.With their crisp route-running, sure hands and consistent play, Woods and Kupp both had at least 90 catches and 1,100 yards receiving last season, relentlessly racking up numbers in coach Sean McVay’s offense.After running back Todd Gurley’s release and receiver Brandin Cooks’ departure in a trade by the cost-cutting Rams during the offseason, Woods and Kupp are likely to shoulder extra work and responsibility in the fall. They’re approaching it with the same workmanlike attitude that got them to where they are.“I think we’re not like the flashiest group of receivers,” said Woods, the first Rams receiver to post back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons since Torry Holt in 2007.“But we’re just up there with production — up there with the best, if not the best,” Woods added. “That’s the biggest goal of our whole receiving corps, not only to do what we did last year, but to be even more dominant in the passing game and the running game, to make bigger plays. You know, we break a few tackles, but we want to break them all.”They also don’t have to do an enormous amount of learning this year: The 28-year-old Woods and the 27-year-old Kupp are heading into their fourth seasons in coach Sean McVay’s offense, and that familiarity makes everything easier.“We’ve got such a good rapport at this point, we’re getting to the point where you don’t really have to talk to each other,” said Goff, who has been McVay’s quarterback for all four years. “You kind of just look at each other and you know what each other are thinking.”Woods and Kupp will have help, too. Josh Reynolds is back after three seasons spent largely as the Rams’ fourth receiver, although he stepped up when Kupp went down with a season-ending knee injury in 2018, eventually making three catches in the Super Bowl.The Rams also drafted Florida product Van Jefferson in the second round, proving that this franchise definitely loves a certain type of receiver.Jefferson’s smooth speed, precise route-running and sure hands led to innumerable pre-draft comparisons to none other than Woods and Kupp. General manager Les Snead touted the comparison moments after drafting Jefferson, who had described both veterans as role models for his NFL career even before he knew he would be playing alongside them.Jefferson showed up early in the Thousand Oaks area and participated in some of those not-so-secret Rams workouts, picking the veteran wideouts’ brains for info. McVay is pleased to see Woods and Kupp stepping up to take a new level of responsibility in his offense.“Watching those two and their communication amongst one another or with Jared, it’s really impressive,” McVay said. “In some instances, it’s good as a coach where you can just step back and let them take that autonomy and ownership, because it’s certainly earned.”Image credits: AP Associated Press Television News last_img read more